Dr. Kristine Young Makes @drkrisyoung her Social Media Voice

MIDDLETOWN, N.Y. -- In addition to bringing a fresh leadership style to SUNY Orange when she arrived at the College this summer, President Dr. Kristine Young has added a new communication tool to her repertoire with the unveiling of her own Twitter account on Monday (Aug. 31).

PHOTO: First tweet from Dr. Kristine Young

Seeking to augment the College’s existing online and social media communications vehicles--website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Flickr and Youtube--Young will be using her new Twitter account “@drkrisyoung” to provide her unique insights on College happenings, student and alumni success stories, connections with the greater Hudson Valley community, and the regional and national educational scene.

She also hopes to tweet updates and photos about the College and celebrate faculty, staff and alumni achievements.

“With more than 300 million monthly active users, Twitter is a remarkably timely, innovative and trusted communication tool,” Young said. “I am hoping to tap into just a small percentage of that larger community in order to share, virtually in real time, the many great things going on here at SUNY Orange.

“I’ve been dabbling with my Twitter account during the summer but thought it was appropriate to unveil it on the first day of classes,” Young added. “This account will allow me to offer my own personal and professional take on things, and it should supplement the additional social media platforms that the College already uses to connect with our students, alumni, staff, partners, community members and prospective students.”

Recent statistics show that 34 percent of Twitter users log into the social networking and micro-blogging service more than once per day. The College’s main Twitter account “@SUNY_Orange” has more than 1,500 followers while the SUNY Orange Facebook page listed more than 5,800 likes heading into the Fall 2015 semester. The College also posts videos to its YouTube pages while adding photos to galleries on Flickr and Instragram. SUNY Orange photos on Instragram can be searched by using #sunyorange.

PHOTO: screen shot of Dr. Kristine Young's Twitter page

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