Event on March 13 Will Honor Orange County Students in Grades 6 Through 12 for Excellence in Selected Areas

MIDDLETOWN, N.Y. – SUNY Orange will celebrate the outstanding achievements of 490 local students attending Orange County schools when the College hosts the awards ceremony for its 25th Sojourner Truth Awards Program at 6 p.m., Friday, March 13 in the Diana Physical Education Center on the Middletown campus.

The Sojourner Truth Awards Programs hails students from grades 6 through 12 who have excelled in areas such as athletics, citizenship, creative arts, diversity, English language arts, foreign languages, perseverance/effort, sciences and technology. The program aims to promote education in a positive manner and motivate students who are from groups that are traditionally under-represented in the college population to consider college as a viable and attainable goal. The honored students will be acknowledged during the awards ceremony.

The evening’s keynote speaker is Roy Paul, a highly sought after commentator specializing in the areas of education, social and economic justice, and the advancement of African Americans in modern pop culture and politics. He made history in the State of New York when, at the age of 19, he became the youngest African American to be elected to public office, earning a seat as a member of the Middletown School Board. He served that organization for five years.

Paul contributes political commentary on a number of on-air networks, including WABC-TV Channel 7 in New York, and is a contributor to In 2013, he was the only person to moderate debates for every city-wide office in New York City – public advocate, city comptroller, speaker of the New York City Council, and two with the candidates running for mayor. It was during that time that he developed a relationship with current New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio.

Public advocacy started for Paul at the age of 16 when he assembled more than 200 signatures of fellow students in an effort to lobby the New York State Legislature to reform its Regents exam system. He later began getting heavily involved with groups like the NAACP (which Paul spearheaded the effort to re-charter in Middletown) as well as Habitat for Humanity, Big Brother/Big Sisters and the Orange County Young Democrats, another group to which Paul was instrumental in its re-chartering.

Additionally, Paul spent three years a board member for RECAP, Inc., a non-profit organization dedicated to helping low-income residents through first-time home buyers programs, substance abuse services, and GED examinations.

As a journalist, Paul has interviewed Dr. Maya Angelou, former NYC mayors Ed Koch and David Dinkins, and Lilly Ledbetter, and has done features on Eartha Kitt, Madam C.J. Walker, and Marcus Garvey. Paul received his bachelor’s degree in political science from Queens College (CUNY) and his master’s in media studies from The New School University in New York.

In addition to speeches and the awards ceremony, the evening’s program will feature a presentation of colors by the Middletown High School Junior ROTC and entertainment by Jim Nixon, a local soprano saxophonist.

Sojourner Truth, for whom the program is named, lived in the mid-Hudson Valley after escaping from slavery. She is hailed as one of the most distinguished and highly regarded women of the 19th century. Born Isabella Bomefree (later spelled Baumfree) about 1797 in Hurley, N.Y., Isabella was sold four times, until she and her daughter were given their freedom in 1828. Isabella spoke low Dutch until she was about 10 years old and never learned to read or

In 1843 she changed her name to Sojourner Truth to better reflect her chosen missions of traveling to show people their sins and telling them what is true. Sojourner Truth is often referred to as one of the most effective and powerful
speech-makers of her time.

Corporate funding for the program and awards ceremony comes from presenting sponsor Orange & Rockland Utilities along with supporting sponsor O’Connor Davies. To learn more about this program, visit SUNY Orange’s Sojourner Truth website, call the Office of Student Services at 341-4000 or e-mail event coordinator Dolores Jones.

2015 Sojourner Truth Award Recipient List

Chester Union Free School District

Jordan Bell (Chester Academy High School), citizenship; Robert Cannon (Chester Academy High School), citizenship; Jose Espada (Chester Academy High School), perseverance/effort; Brandon Evans (Chester Academy High School), perseverance/effort; Zuria Freeman (Chester Academy Middle School), perseverance/effort; Eliana Gonzalez (Chester Academy Middle School), perseverance/effort; Angelina Guzman (Chester Academy Middle School), perseverance/effort; Javon Hicks (Chester Academy High School), mathematics; Christopher Matos (Chester Academy High School), perseverance/effort; Strauss Perilus (Chester Academy Middle School), perseverance/effort; Matthew Saavedra (Chester Academy High School), perseverance/effort.

Cornwall Central School District

Jason Bailey (Cornwall Central High School), athletics; Giovany Brice (Cornwall Central High School), creative arts; Imari Deas (Cornwall Central High School), diversity; Bruce Dunsmore Guell (Cornwall Central Middle School), citizenship; Zoe Glover (Cornwall Central Middle School), foreign languages; Sydney Hunt (Cornwall Central Middle School), foreign languages; Claire Kelly (Cornwall Central Middle School), mathematics; Akhilesh Kootala (Cornwall Central Middle School), foreign languages; Alicia Porter (Cornwall Central Middle School), perseverance/effort; Kaylin Rodriguez (Cornwall Central Middle School), foreign languages; Kaylee Sanchez (Cornwall Central Middle School), perseverance/effort; Ingrid Taveras (Cornwall Central High School), foreign languages; Sierra Tolbert (Cornwall Central High School), perseverance/effort; Alexander Vega (Cornwall Central High School), perseverance/effort.

Florida Union Free School District (all students S.S. Seward Institute)

Addelis Agosto, foreign languages; Avery Aguas, English language arts; Laura Ann Broadnax, mathematics; Lauren Bullock, citizenship; Lena Bullock, foreign languages; Nicole De Los Santos, foreign languages; Christian Deas, mathematics; Joseph Diaz, sciences; Natasha Duran, foreign languages; Destiny Durante, mathematics; Elijah Gardner, English language arts; Diana Genao, citizenship; Samuel Knecht, creative arts; Kathryn Latimer, perseverance/effort; Jennifer Mendez, creative arts; Liana Pachot, English language arts; Joshua Reyes, technology; Natalie Reyes, English language arts; Cassandra Rodriguez, English language arts; Emmanuel Smalls, creative arts; Nereida Soto, foreign languages; Angela Squillace, foreign languages; Dyondra Stephenson, sciences.

Goshen Central School District

Skye Alexander (C.J. Hooker Middle School), creative arts; Maury Alvarez (Goshen High School), sciences; Melina Anderson (C.J. Hooker Middle School), creative arts; Maya Avery (C.J. Hooker Middle School), foreign languages; Julisa Baez (C.J. Hooker Middle School), perseverance/effort; Siddhi Balamurali (C.J. Hooker Middle School), citizenship; Christian Bernal-Portela (Goshen High School), creative arts; Sean Borden (C.J. Hooker Middle School), citizenship; Jade Bou (C.J. Hooker Middle School), citizenship; Kai Bou (C.J. Hooker Middle School), mathematics; Noemi Burgos (C.J. Hooker Middle School), perseverance/effort; Caryn Clark (C.J. Hooker Middle School), sciences; Ana Cortez (C.J. Hooker Middle School), sciences; Carolina Cruz (C.J. Hooker Middle School), perseverance/effort; Elizabeth Cruz (C.J. Hooker Middle School), mathematics; Nina Gawronski (C.J. Hooker Middle School), mathematics; Susan Griffin (C.J. Hooker Middle School), perseverance/effort; Rashad Hames (C.J. Hooker Middle School), citizenship; Daniel Horrego (C.J. Hooker Middle School), mathematics; Alexus Jean-Francois (Goshen High School), creative arts; Mendel Jeanty (C.J. Hooker Middle School), creative arts; Jenil Kanabar (C.J. Hooker Middle School), English language arts; Rasleen Kaur (C.J. Hooker Middle School), perseverance/effort; Gabriella Lam (Goshen High School), mathematics; Lexi Lamberty (C.J. Hooker Middle School), perseverance/effort; Ada Lara (C.J. Hooker Middle School), perseverance/effort; Kristen Li (Goshen High School), foreign languages; Matthew Lopez (C.J. Hooker Middle School), citizenship; Vivi Lyrintzis (C.J. Hooker Middle School), English language arts; Jabes Martinez (C.J. Hooker Middle School), perseverance/effort; Jasmine Medenard (Goshen High School), athletics; Aaron Morales (Goshen High School), perseverance/effort; Julie Morino (C.J. Hooker Middle School), foreign languages; Ezra Movsas (C.J. Hooker Middle School), perseverance/effort; Theresa Myrthil (C.J. Hooker Middle School), mathematics; Jillette Nazareno (C.J. Hooker Middle School), perseverance/effort; Kevin Palma (C.J. Hooker Middle School), mathematics; Nathali Palma (C.J. Hooker Middle School), perseverance/effort; Angelos Panayotidi (Goshen High School), creative arts; Nicolas Paneto (C.J. Hooker Middle School), citizenship; Brandon Penrod (C.J. Hooker Middle School), perseverance/effort; Cameron Perez (C.J. Hooker Middle School), athletics; Kenda Ramberan (C.J. Hooker Middle School), perseverance/effort; Adam Ramirez (C.J. Hooker Middle School), citizenship; Joel Ramirez (C.J. Hooker Middle School), citizenship; Isabella Rodriguez (C.J. Hooker Middle School), creative arts; Shania Roehrich (C.J. Hooker Middle School), citizenship; Dalia Romero (C.J. Hooker Middle School), citizenship; Erica Santiago (Goshen High School), citizenship; Armaan Singh (C.J. Hooker Middle School), citizenship; Scott Speckman (C.J. Hooker Middle School), mathematics; Kathleen Stamos (Goshen High School), mathematics; Fernando Villamil (Goshen High School), sciences; Michaela Webb (Goshen High School), citizenship; Aaron Wright (C.J. Hooker Middle School), athletics; Adam Zephyr (C.J. Hooker Middle School), perseverance/effort.

Highland Falls-Fort Montgomery Central School District

Erica Affronti (Highland Falls Intermediate School), English language arts; Peyton Ashley (James I. ONeill High School), English language arts; Britney Brito (Highland Falls Intermediate School), creative arts; Evangeline Bryant (James I. ONeill High School), creative arts; Liza Bueno-Capellan (Highland Falls Intermediate School), perseverance/effort; Franklyn Genao (James I. ONeill High School), perseverance/effort; Dashaun Graham (James I. ONeill High School), athletics; Jaiseeta Hall (James I. ONeill High School), athletics; Ojode Kisienya (Highland Falls Intermediate School), technology; Carmen Lopez (Highland Falls Intermediate School), perseverance/effort; Zahra Marston (James I. ONeill High School), citizenship; Thalia Matthews (James I. ONeill High School), creative arts; Anthony Njoga (Highland Falls Intermediate School), English language arts; Yasmin Rivera (Highland Falls Intermediate School), citizenship; Nathalia Rodriguez (Highland Falls Intermediate School), English language arts; Brandon Salazar (Highland Falls Intermediate School), perseverance/effort; Ruth Sandoval-Urrutia (Highland Falls Intermediate School), English language arts; Zoe Titlebaum (James I. ONeill High School), perseverance/effort; Waleska Torres (Highland Falls Intermediate School), English language arts; Tyrin White (Highland Falls Intermediate School), English language arts.

Enlarged City School District of Middletown

Kiara Abreu (Monhagen Middle School), creative arts; Martin Aguilar (Middletown High School), mathematics; Justin Alexander (Monhagen Middle School), perseverance/effort; Robert Alexis (Middletown High School), perseverance/effort; Rose Alicea (Middletown High School), mathematics; Patrick Angerame (Middletown High School), mathematics; Elijah Babb (Twin Towers Middle School), creative arts; Jose Bautista (Twin Towers Middle School), citizenship; Darius Berry (Middletown High School), sciences; Diora Janae Blackwell (Twin Towers Middle School), mathematics; Taylor Bochman (Middletown High School), mathematics; Rachel Bogdanski (Monhagen Middle School), creative arts; Danielle Boucher (Monhagen Middle School), English language arts; Rebecca Brech (Middletown High School), mathematics; Princess Brooks (Twin Towers Middle School), perseverance/effort; Lindsey Brown (Middletown High School), mathematics; Madison Bruning (Middletown High School), mathematics; Joseph Brunning (Middletown High School), mathematics; Kabir Burgos (Twin Towers Middle School), sciences; Jordan Cabrera (Twin Towers Middle School), citizenship; Erick Candelaria (Monhagen Middle School), citizenship; Ashley Chavez (Twin Towers Middle School), English language arts; Danny Chen (Monhagen Middle School), creative arts; Christy Cheng (Middletown High School), mathematics; Michelle Clara (Monhagen Middle School), creative arts; Erikka Custis (Middletown High School), perseverance/effort; Cierra Deveaux (Middletown High School), perseverance/effort; Elizabeth Diaz (Middletown High School), sciences; Felice Dong (Monhagen Middle School), English language arts; Milton Dorceus (Middletown High School), mathematics; Oluwaseyi Fadairo (Twin Towers Middle School), mathematics; Aaron Faison (Middletown High School), perseverance/effort; Mia Felix (Middletown High School), citizenship; Yifan Gao (Middletown High School), mathematics; Kassandra Garnere (Middletown High School), mathematics; Javon Gillis (Monhagen Middle School), perseverance/effort; Amy Gonzalez (Middletown High School), mathematics; Ashley Gonzalez (Middletown High School), mathematics; Ke-Yara Greene (Middletown High School), perseverance/effort; Grace Guh (Middletown High School), sciences; Ali Hasan (Middletown High School), mathematics; Hamza Hasan (Middletown High School), sciences; Fernando Hernandez (Twin Towers Middle School), perseverance/effort; Miguel Hernandez-Chacon (Twin Towers Middle School), citizenship; Spencer Hogan (Middletown High School), mathematics; Ashley Howard (Twin Towers Middle School), perseverance/effort; Nevaeh Jackson (Twin Towers Middle School), citizenship; Tyler Jetjomlong (Middletown High School), mathematics; Xavier Johnson (Monhagen Middle School), English language arts; Iyana Latour-Smalls (Twin Towers Middle School), perseverance/effort; Nadia Leonard (Monhagen Middle School), sciences; Jayson Lopez (Monhagen Middle School), citizenship; Dana Lynch (Monhagen Middle School), perseverance/effort; Micahla Marner (Twin Towers Middle School), English language arts; Renee Marner (Middletown High School), sciences; Gianna McGrath (Twin Towers Middle School), perseverance/effort; Daniela Mejia (Monhagen Middle School), perseverance/effort; Tatianna Montalvo (Middletown High School), citizenship; Tyshawn Moody (Monhagen Middle School), mathematics; Alexis Oppong (Middletown High School), sciences; Eric Parker (Monhagen Middle School), perseverance/effort; Jasmyn Patterson (Middletown High School), citizenship; Jeffrey Perez (Middletown High School), citizenship; Mariela Pichardo (Middletown High School), mathematics; Araceli Reyes (Monhagen Middle School), English language arts; Kieave Reynolds (Middletown High School), perseverance/effort; Christian Rivera (Monhagen Middle School), citizenship; Noela Rivera (Middletown High School), perseverance/effort; Angelina Rodriguez (Twin Towers Middle School), creative arts; Kevin Romero (Middletown High School), perseverance/effort; Jennifer Saint Surin (Middletown High School), mathematics; Maria Salazar (Monhagen Middle School), English language arts; Jasselin Sanchez (Middletown High School), perseverance/effort; Samantha Sanders (Middletown High School), mathematics; Rokia Sangare (Twin Towers Middle School), technology; Courtney Seymore-Watson (Middletown High School), mathematics; Denzell Smallwood (Middletown High School), technology; Abigail Solano (Twin Towers Middle School), foreign languages; Angel Star (Twin Towers Middle School), English language arts; Allan Sun (Middletown High School), sciences; Nabhan Tariq (Monhagen Middle School), sciences; Shaquom Thorpe (Middletown High School), perseverance/effort; Christian Torres (Middletown High School), sciences; Julian Vargas Rivera (Twin Towers Middle School), perseverance/effort; Carlos Vazquez (Middletown High School), mathematics; Vanesa Wagnova (Middletown High School), mathematics; Devon Walker (Twin Towers Middle School), sciences; Trayvell Walker (Twin Towers Middle School), creative arts; Donte Walter (Middletown High School), mathematics; Christopher White (Middletown High School), athletics; Rochelle Williams (Middletown High School), athletics; Shanice Williams (Middletown High School), sciences; Caroline Woodward (Middletown High School), mathematics.

Minisink Valley Central School District

Abdiel Anderson (Minisink Valley High School), foreign languages; Catina Audain (Minisink Valley High School), citizenship; Tyrell Audain (Minisink Valley Middle School), foreign languages; Ketevan Chkheidze (Minisink Valley High School), perseverance/effort; Dalton Chu (Minisink Valley High School), citizenship; Saige Colon (Minisink Valley Middle School), foreign languages; Anaya Cruz (Minisink Valley High School), citizenship; Gabriella Esposito (Minisink Valley Middle School), foreign languages; Chaz Hamilton (Minisink Valley High School), diversity; Julia Henriques (Minisink Valley Middle School), citizenship; Vyanna Hill (Minisink Valley High School), perseverance/effort; Michael Horner (Minisink Valley Middle School), foreign languages; Vanessa Jones (Minisink Valley High School), English language arts; Garth Joseph (Minisink Valley High School), citizenship; Leila Khoufaify (Minisink Valley Middle School), sciences; Mukoko Kinzonzi (Minisink Valley Middle School), sciences; Remi Land (Minisink Valley Middle School), sciences; Isaiah Long (Minisink Valley Middle School), sciences; Alexandra Marton (Minisink Valley Middle School), mathematics; Tia Monique Millwood (Minisink Valley Middle School), foreign languages; Deont'e Moore (Minisink Valley High School), athletics; Angelina Nieves (Minisink Valley Middle School), citizenship; Jhovanny Olivares (Minisink Valley Middle School), foreign languages; Gianna Ortiz (Minisink Valley High School), diversity; Logan Reggio (Minisink Valley High School), perseverance/effort; Nicholas Rivera (Minisink Valley Middle School), sciences; Kaitlyn Rojas (Minisink Valley Middle School), citizenship; Jayda Roman (Minisink Valley Middle School), citizenship; Alexandria Sasso (Minisink Valley High School), foreign languages; Mia Vizcaino (Minisink Valley Middle School), English language arts.

Monroe-Woodbury Central School District

Olivia Aine (Monroe-Woodbury High School), perseverance/effort; Annabelle Alpar (Monroe-Woodbury Middle School), perseverance/effort; Jeremiah Barrow (Monroe-Woodbury High School), English language arts; Rudolph Boateng (Monroe-Woodbury High School), English language arts; Marisa Davila (Monroe-Woodbury High School), perseverance/effort; Devon DeJesus (Monroe-Woodbury High School), English language arts; Gabrielle Fairfax (Monroe-Woodbury High School), English language arts; Stephanie Garcia (Monroe-Woodbury High School), perseverance/effort; Christian Huerta (Monroe-Woodbury High School), citizenship; Rhea Kaw (Monroe-Woodbury Middle School), English language arts; Madeline Martinez (Monroe-Woodbury Middle School), perseverance/effort; Jeremiah Pagan (Monroe-Woodbury Middle School), citizenship; Zamia Rodriguez (Monroe-Woodbury Middle School), citizenship; Brian Sano (Monroe-Woodbury High School), English language arts; Shelby Seth (Monroe-Woodbury High School), English language arts; Taylor Silvera-Marlowe (Monroe-Woodbury High School), English language arts; Alyssa Sollazzo (Monroe-Woodbury High School), perseverance/effort; Jennifer Tecpanecatl (Monroe-Woodbury Middle School), perseverance/effort; Elizabeth Varela (Monroe-Woodbury High School), perseverance/effort; Jonathan Vargas (Monroe-Woodbury High School), perseverance/effort; Sabriyya Wilson (Monroe-Woodbury High School), English language arts.

Newburgh Central School District

Jacqueline Aquino (South Middle School), English language arts; Graciela Bautista (Newburgh Free Academy), technology; Shanice Bennett (Newburgh Free Academy), citizenship; Adriana Brown (Newburgh Free Academy), citizenship; Na'zir Burks (Meadow Hill Global Explorations School), perseverance/effort; Michell Carino (Meadow Hill Global Explorations School), sciences; Jeremy Charles (Newburgh Free Academy), diversity; Christian Coston (Newburgh Free Academy), perseverance/effort; Rebecca Ferguson (Meadow Hill Global Explorations School), diversity; Citlali Garcia (Newburgh Free Academy), citizenship; Blaise Guerriero (Newburgh Free Academy), citizenship; Heaven King (Temple Hill Academy Elementary School), creative arts; Sandrique Knight (Meadow Hill Global Explorations School), citizenship; Laura Majano (Newburgh Free Academy), English language arts; Jazlyn Martinez Lopez (Meadow Hill Global Explorations School), mathematics; Dalia Mendez (South Middle School), English language arts; Mario Pineda (Newburgh Free Academy), foreign languages; Rinoa Rivera (South Middle School), sciences; Tykeem Selby (Meadow Hill Global Explorations School), citizenship; Alyssa Similton (Meadow Hill Global Explorations School), English language arts; Nelson Suarez (Meadow Hill Global Explorations School), perseverance/effort; Autumn Yeagley (Meadow Hill Global Explorations School), perseverance/effort.

Orange-Ulster BOCES (all students Orange-Ulster BOCES)

Dorothy Baldwin, perseverance/effort; Colton Caven, mathematics; Michael Donley, athletics; Matthew Duzick, English language arts; Thya Ellis, perseverance/effort; Vincent Gambetti, technology; Hernan Hernandez, perseverance/effort; Tyler Krummack, English language arts; Athena Martinez, sciences; Reanna Morrell, perseverance/effort; Joyce Robinson, diversity; Jaylon Santiago, citizenship; Matthew Smith, perseverance/effort; Alyssa Sollazzo, citizenship; Samantha Sullivan, perseverance/effort; Johnni-Rose Szambel, diversity; Brandon Vazquez, technology; Craig White, creative arts.

Pine Bush Central School District

Jonny Aguilar (Circleville Middle School), creative arts; Stephen Alaba (Circleville Middle School), citizenship; Brandon Almonte (Circleville Middle School), sciences; Amalia Arais-Hambleton (Crispell Middle School), mathematics; Abmarie Arroyo (Circleville Middle School), perseverance/effort; Jaden Bjaelker (Circleville Middle School), citizenship; Melody Bush (Crispell Middle School), citizenship; Jezebel Cantres (Circleville Middle School), diversity; Brendan Colas (Circleville Middle School), citizenship; John De George (Pine Bush High School), foreign languages; Bryan DeAnda (Crispell Middle School), citizenship; Blake DelaCruz (Crispell Middle School), English language arts; Aliyah Dunkley (Circleville Middle School), English language arts; Kavita Elana (Circleville Middle School), English language arts; Lissa Elzey (Pine Bush High School), mathematics; Feguens Etienne (Pine Bush High School), sciences; Kemie Etienne (Circleville Middle School), perseverance/effort; Camilla Fermanian-Mejia (Pine Bush High School), foreign languages; Gilda Gilles (Circleville Middle School), perseverance/effort; Kevin Godinez (Crispell Middle School), perseverance/effort; Te'a Griffith (Circleville Middle School), athletics; Nayely Gutierrez (Crispell Middle School), citizenship; Arianna Hart (Crispell Middle School), citizenship; Elijah Johnson (Circleville Middle School), sciences; Dataya Jones (Circleville Middle School), perseverance/effort; Destiny Keitt (Circleville Middle School), sciences; Nathanael Linton (Pine Bush High School), citizenship; Donovan Long (Circleville Middle School), creative arts; Ayden Maldonado (Crispell Middle School), citizenship; Sarah Marc (Pine Bush High School), mathematics; Karina Martinez (Crispell Middle School), diversity; Ashley Mathieu (Circleville Middle School), English language arts; Shakura Mckenzie (Circleville Middle School), perseverance/effort; Isaiah Michel (Circleville Middle School), creative arts; Abel Molina (Pine Bush High School), English language arts; Matthew Monsour (Circleville Middle School), technology; Tatiana Palacios (Circleville Middle School), sciences; Taylor Perez (Circleville Middle School), citizenship; Destiny Pierce (Crispell Middle School), citizenship; Jalissa Quintana (Pine Bush High School), perseverance/effort; Liliana Ramirez (Circleville Middle School), English language arts; Dejana Richards (Circleville Middle School), citizenship; Devontae Robinson (Circleville Middle School), perseverance/effort; Amber Rodriguez (Circleville Middle School), creative arts; Andres Santiago (Crispell Middle School), foreign languages; Laina Silliman (Crispell Middle School), English language arts; Harjot Singh (Circleville Middle School), perseverance/effort; Mahalla Snowden (Crispell Middle School), creative arts; Catherine Solis (Circleville Middle School), mathematics; Arjun Somnarain (Crispell Middle School), mathematics; Allen Terry (Crispell Middle School), citizenship; Deonte Thompson (Circleville Middle School), athletics; Eduardo Ticorral (Circleville Middle School), perseverance/effort; Kaitlyn Tulangow (Crispell Middle School), perseverance/effort; Lorenzo Washington (Circleville Middle School), mathematics; Tiana Watson (Circleville Middle School), mathematics; Hannah Wright (Crispell Middle School), citizenship; Rebecca Zettwoch (Pine Bush High School), citizenship.

Port Jervis Central School District

Sacia Ashe (Port Jervis Middle School), English language arts; Carisa Barrientos (Anna S. Kuhl Elementary School), English language arts; Anthony Booth (Anna S. Kuhl Elementary School), creative arts; Cynthia Bowen (Hamilton Bicentennial Elementary School), citizenship; Noah Brown (Anna S. Kuhl Elementary School), perseverance/effort; Dymonique Burke (Port Jervis High School), athletics; Tristan Burton (Port Jervis High School), perseverance/effort; Kaylah Butts Quarshie (Port Jervis High School), perseverance/effort; Taina Casellas (Port Jervis Middle School), English language arts; Oumou Cisse (Port Jervis High School), citizenship; Dana Clarke (Port Jervis Middle School), English language arts; Kyla Clarke (Hamilton Bicentennial Elementary School), citizenship; Selena Corey (Port Jervis Middle School), perseverance/effort; Tishawn Featherstone (Hamilton Bicentennial Elementary School), perseverance/effort; Ariana Francois (Port Jervis High School), citizenship; Solomon Hart (Hamilton Bicentennial Elementary School), perseverance/effort; Jammy Hong (Anna S. Kuhl Elementary School), perseverance/effort; Eryn Keys (Port Jervis Middle School), perseverance/effort; Alissa Lewis (Port Jervis High School), perseverance/effort; Alexa Llucemo (Hamilton Bicentennial Elementary School), perseverance/effort; Kevin McLaughlin (Hamilton Bicentennial Elementary School), perseverance/effort; Denya Moore (Anna S. Kuhl Elementary School), creative arts; Nayeli Nash (Hamilton Bicentennial Elementary School), perseverance/effort; Romin Perez (Hamilton Bicentennial Elementary School), perseverance/effort; Jayda Reese (Port Jervis High School), perseverance/effort; Emilia Ricciardi (Port Jervis High School), creative arts; Elisa Rivera (Hamilton Bicentennial Elementary School), creative arts; Joel Rivera (Port Jervis Middle School), citizenship; Nicholas Rodriguez (Anna S. Kuhl Elementary School), perseverance/effort; Lauryn Rodriquez (Port Jervis High School), perseverance/effort; Kassandra Salazar (Port Jervis High School), athletics; Annaliese Santoro (Hamilton Bicentennial Elementary School), perseverance/effort; Gabriela Santoro (Port Jervis High School), creative arts; Marcus Serrano (Anna S. Kuhl Elementary School), perseverance/effort; Elijah Shearn (Anna S. Kuhl Elementary School), perseverance/effort; Salissa Small (Anna S. Kuhl Elementary School), citizenship; Elijah Succi (Hamilton Bicentennial Elementary School), mathematics; Rusong Sun (Anna S. Kuhl Elementary School), mathematics; Yao Sun (Port Jervis High School), English language arts; Mariah Watson (Port Jervis High School), mathematics; Arabia Williams (Port Jervis High School), foreign languages; Khari Williams (Port Jervis High School), citizenship.

Valley Central School District

Austin Abreu (Valley Central Middle School), citizenship; Erin Bermudez (Valley Central High School), citizenship; LoRen Bryan (Valley Central High School), perseverance/effort; Sipho Hampela (Valley Central High School), perseverance/effort; Quinn Parker (Valley Central Middle School), perseverance/effort; Nekecia Valentine-Walters (Valley Central High School), perseverance/effort; Billie Walters (Valley Central High School), citizenship; George Walters (Valley Central High School), perseverance/effort.

Warwick Valley Central School District

Kaamal Cenot (Warwick Valley High School), perseverance/effort; Samantha Delgado (Warwick Valley High School), citizenship; Emily Justiniano (Warwick Valley High School), perseverance/effort.

Washingtonville Central School District

Anthony Acosta (Washingtonville High School), athletics; Justin Alicea (Washingtonville High School), creative arts; Elizabeth Allegro (Washingtonville Middle School), foreign languages; Paige Bacigal (Washingtonville Middle School), foreign languages; Sydney Baez (Washingtonville Middle School), creative arts; Emma Campoverde (Washingtonville Middle School), mathematics; Nina Castillo (Washingtonville Middle School), foreign languages; Arya Chareonlarp (Washingtonville Middle School), foreign languages; Katrina Chin (Washingtonville High School), perseverance/effort; Patricia Ciriaco (Washingtonville Middle School), creative arts; Bethany Colon (Washingtonville Middle School), creative arts; David Dankwah (Washingtonville Middle School), English language arts; Maya Diaz (Washingtonville High School), foreign languages; Dominique DiDomenico (Washingtonville Middle School), English language arts; Shane Fuentecilla (Washingtonville Middle School), mathematics; Samantha Garcia (Washingtonville High School), English language arts; Tyler Garcia (Washingtonville Middle School), sciences; Colleen Garwood (Washingtonville High School), sciences; Gino Giacoio (Washingtonville High School), mathematics; Lively Grace (Washingtonville Middle School), foreign languages; Suresh Hanubal (Washingtonville High School), technology; Jake Helpley (Washingtonville High School), creative arts; Hadley Henry (Washingtonville Middle School), mathematics; Missdollar Jean Charles (Washingtonville Middle School), sciences; Trinity Jones (Washingtonville Middle School), foreign languages; Mia Juliano (Washingtonville High School), creative arts; Azaria Keith (Washingtonville Middle School), English language arts; Alexander Leonty (Washingtonville High School), citizenship; Scott Lerner (Washingtonville High School), foreign languages; Joseph Lim (Washingtonville Middle School), foreign languages; Grace Lively (Washingtonville Middle School), foreign languages; Jingyue (Jessica) Lu (Washingtonville High School), perseverance/effort; Matthew Mahabir (Washingtonville Middle School), athletics; Aedan Mangan (Washingtonville Middle School), athletics; Rojae Manhertz-Patterson (Washingtonville Middle School), foreign languages; Briana Marin (Washingtonville Middle School), mathematics; Alyssa Martin (Washingtonville Middle School), citizenship; Myasia McIntyre (Washingtonville High School), English language arts; Princess Mfum (Washingtonville Middle School), foreign languages; Elissa Miller (Washingtonville Middle School), sciences; Larissa Nguyen (Washingtonville High School), citizenship; Scott Nguyen (Washingtonville High School), perseverance/effort; Matthew Nieves (Washingtonville High School), foreign languages; Oyindamola Ogunlade (Washingtonville High School), sciences; Kylie Oquendo (Washingtonville Middle School), sciences; Yoansy Ortiz (Washingtonville Middle School), creative arts; Lizmari Pena-Perez (Washingtonville High School), perseverance/effort; Bailee Perez (Washingtonville Middle School), sciences; Lylah Phan (Washingtonville Middle School), sciences; Sequoya Polen (Washingtonville High School), perseverance/effort; Jarlyn Quezada (Washingtonville Middle School), sciences; Nicholas Quinones (Washingtonville Middle School), technology; Antonio Ramirez (Washingtonville Middle School), English language arts; Kyza Ramirez (Washingtonville High School), perseverance/effort; Karina Ramos (Washingtonville High School), perseverance/effort; Luke Rhoss (Washingtonville Middle School), sciences; Alejandra Rivera (Washingtonville High School), perseverance/effort; Romaine Robinson (Washingtonville Middle School), English language arts; Laura Rodriguez (Washingtonville High School), perseverance/effort; Desilee Roman (Washingtonville Middle School), sciences; Hannah Sacco (Washingtonville Middle School), English language arts; Nya Sanchez (Washingtonville Middle School), sciences; Shavier Small (Washingtonville Middle School), mathematics; Kyle Velez (Washingtonville Middle School), mathematics; Marisa Vermette (Washingtonville Middle School), sciences; Catherine Vo (Washingtonville Middle School), English language arts; Katerina Whelan (Washingtonville Middle School), English language arts; Mark Whelan (Washingtonville Middle School), sciences; Kaitlin Wood (Washingtonville Middle School), foreign languages; Brianna Zarazuela (Washingtonville High School), foreign languages; Magali Zuniga (Washingtonville Middle School), foreign languages.


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