End-of-Year Event Allows College to Recognize Academic Achievement, Student Involvement

MIDDLETOWN, N.Y. -- SUNY Orange kicked off its annual end-of-year celebration of student achievements Tuesday evening (May 20) by issuing 180 scholarships and awards during its 55th annual Awards Convocation in the Shepard Student Center cafeteria.

Under the joint supervision of Heather Perfetti, vice president for academic affairs, and Paul Broadie, vice president for student services, SUNY Orange presented 121 academic awards and 59 co-curricular awards. A crowd of more than 300 celebrated as SUNY Orange issued its most prized academic achievement awards, scholarships to graduating students, and club and organizational awards.

Before issuing its own awards, the College recognized its three winners of the SUNY Chancellor’s Award for Student Excellence: Joanna Dykeman, Amanda Quintana and Vivek Sood. The Chancellor’s Award is the highest academic honor that a community college student within the State University of New York can receive.

In addition to accepting her Chancellor’s Award, Quintana, of Newburgh, was presented with the Orange County Community College Memorial Scholarship and received a pair of awards for her involvement in the Boards of Activities on both campuses.

A handful of other students were also among the evening’s top awardees. Accounting graduate Brian Watts, of Middletown, received a pair of scholarships (Max H. Golub and Annette A. Whalen memorial scholarships) and an academic award from the Accounting Department. Joanna Dykeman, of Montgomery, accepted the H. Seeley McClure Memorial Scholarship and was presented with academic awards from the Honors Program along with English and theater awards.

Margaret Damken, of Middletown, won the Christine M. Morrison Scholarship, was selected by the faculty to receive the John B. Parkhurst Creative Writing Award and earned an academic award from the English Department. Emily Fonseca, of Goshen, received three academic awards from the Behavioral Sciences Department for her work in human services, psychology and sociology. Danny Torres, of Newburgh, received the Amy Bull Crist Scholarship, the Criminal Justice Department’s academic award and the Newburgh Student Senate Award.

SUNY Orange will conduct its 64th annual Commencement Ceremony at 5 p.m. Thursday, May 22, on the Alumni Green at the Middletown campus. In the event of inclement weather, the ceremony would be moved indoors to the Edward A. Diana Physical Education Center. For those who are unable to attend the ceremony in person, the event will be streamed live online via the College web site.

George R. “Bucky” Bartlett, Jr. Memorial Scholarship: Megan Cutone
William O. Bell Memorial Scholarship: Travis Dass
Amy Bull Crist Scholarship: Danny Torres
Trustee Edward P. Dougherty Memorial Scholarship: Cheyenne King
Faculty Perpetual Scholarship: Vivek Sood
Max H. Golub Memorial Scholarship: Brian Watts
Odell S. Hathaway Scholarship: Mark Anthony Lewin
David Kotler Memorial Scholarship: Allastar Smith
H. Seeley McClure Memorial Scholarship: Joanna Dykeman
Ivan Medina Memorial Scholarship: William Perez
Christine M. Morrison Scholarship: Margaret Damken
Orange County Community College Memorial Scholarship: Amanda Quintana
The Orange County Society of New York Scholarship: Dnielle Covington
Elizabeth Parkhurst Memorial Scholarship: Rixhers Ajazi
Ruth Pollack Memorial Scholarship: Michelle Conklin
Iris Stedener Memorial Scholarship: Brandy Babcock
Patrick B. Sweeney Annual Scholarship: Lucianne Almonte
Dr. Hannah K. Vuolo Memorial Scholarship: Ebony Brown

Faculty Recommended Scholarships
Christopher J. Basta Memorial Scholarship: Jessica Niewojt
Chris G. Chachis Memorial Scholarship: Michelle Larson
Mary B. Diana Alumni Memorial Physical Education Scholarship: Corrin Lumbrazo
William F. Ehlers Jr. Memorial Scholarship: Ani Coram
Excellence in Architecture Scholarship: Matthew Lung
Jim Lynch Memorial Scholarship: Kayle Ebert
Dr. Cortland Mapes Scholarship: Anthony Aguirre, Andrea Villeda, Alexandra Chiusano
Charles J. Reilly Memorial Business Scholarship: Ashley Appelbaum
Dr. Manuel Rosenblum Theater Scholarship: Michelle Conklin
Annette A. Whalen Memorial Scholarship: Brian Watts

Faculty Recommended Awards
Elant Community Connections Award: Mary St. John
Evening Nursing Graduate Award: Laura Perino
Dean Robert Greenman Award in American Studies: William Perez
John B. Parkhurst Creative Writing Award: Margaret Damken
Physical Education & Recreation Club: The Ed Heitler Award: Frank Bastone
M. June Simpson Nursing Award: Melissa Beck

Student Club Awards
Apprentice Players: William Rittenhouse
Architecture Club: Danielle Covington, Ryan Dembeck, Doug Forschino, Matt Lung
Billiards Club: Morgan Defosses
Biology Club: Alexandra J. Chiusano, Kellyanne Haarmann
Board of Activities: Amanda Quintana
Business Club: Michael J. DeRubeis, Donna M. Morris-Montgomery, Anand Patel, Alexandria E. Plocharczyk
Chemistry and Physics Club: Karen Barbara Dognon, Douglas Piazza
Communication In Action Club: Ravyn Rivera, Olivia Paris
Computer Club: Noah Magsamen
COTA Club (Changing Outlooks Through Activities): Grace A. Brack, Jennifer Knapp, Marry Ann McGuire Schares
Engineering Club: Matthew Endrizzi, Matthew J. Osbourne
International Club: Donna M. Morris-Montgomery, Caitlin E. Peyton, Ethan C. Porter, Serena L. Prieto
Med Lab Tech Society: Nydia Gonzalez-Huslinger, Dana M. Monteleone, Lindsey S. Wilson
Navigators For Christ: David Jonza, Sarah Paras
Newburgh Board of Activities: Gema Amador-Garcia, Jasmin Flashman, Amanda Quintana, Matthew Romano
Newburgh Business Club: John Jackson, Geovana P. Peralta, Teuta Ramusevic, Steven Sammarco, Damon W. Young
Newburgh Criminal Justice Club: Christina M. Domoulin, Alexandra Otranto, Dezerea T. Rodriguez
Newburgh Student Senate: Jasmin Flashman, Matthew Romano, Danny Torres, Damon W. Young
Newburgh Veteran’s Club: Adam Harrison
Nursing Club: Melissa Beck, Emily Deer, Kerri Hay, Jaqueline N. Knosp
S.A.D.H.A. (Student American Dental Hygiene Association): Kailey Allen, Katherine Mercado, Sheila Rivera
Student Senate: Christopher Sutton
Veteran’s Club: Shane Laden, Lawrence J. Preedom

Departmental Awards (Certificate of Merit, Outstanding Scholastic Achievement)

Honors Program: Joanna J. Dykeman, Sean Harrington

Business, Science, Math and Technology

Biology Department
Biological Science: Ebony Brown, Christopher Mercier, Dylan Simpson

Business Department
Accounting (A.A.S.): Krista Drouin, Irina Embro, George Ponzoni
Accounting (A.S.): Ashley Durbin, Jaclyn Schultz, Brian Watts
Accounting Procedures Certificate: Sara Ghazi Mir Saeid
Business Administration: John Brotherton, Alexandria Plocharczyk, Christopher Wynkoop
Business Management: Nicole Benedetto, Tara Giampaolo, Raymond Rosado
Clerical Office Assistant Certificate: Emily O’Brien
Marketing: Michael Musumeci, Kristi Sisco
Medical Office Assistant: Ana Guallpa, Rebecca Monroe, Jessica Smith

Mathematics Department
Mathematics: Reese Fairchild, Scott McWaters, Julia Stika

Science, Engineering & Architecture Department
Chemistry: Reginald Toussaint
Architecture: Daniel G. Boland, Doug Forschino, Tina Nailor
Engineering: Scott McWatters
Physics: Julia Stika

Liberal Arts

Arts and Communication Department
Art: Christopher A. Parker, Rebecca E. Stephens
Communication: Kyle Miller, Joshua D. Shatesky
Music: Amy C. Baglione, Nicholas J. Sauschuck
Theater: Michelle H. Conklin, Joanna J. Dykeman, Spencer T. Lincoln

English Department
English: Margaret K. Damken, Joanna J. Dykeman, Cheyenne T. King
Philosophy: Maya A. Bolden

Education Department
Early Childhood Development and Care: Sofia Bernardes, Jessica Cheveres, Nina Faitakes
Teaching Careers: Giselle Benitez, Mallory Macken, Eleyna Zappulla

Behavioral Sciences Department
Anthropology: Ani Coram, Rowan Greeves
Human Services: Emily Fonseca
Psychology: Emily Fonseca, Thomas Shooman
Sociology: Emily Fonseca

Criminal Justice Department:
Criminal Justice (A.A.S.): Timothy McLaughlin, Lacey Smalls
Criminal Justice (A.S.): Franklin M. Angel, Christina Domoulin, Danny Torres

Health Professions

Dental Hygiene Department
Dental Hygiene: Eli Foorootany, Alyssa D. Kovalsky, Katherine Nicolaysen

Diagnostic Imaging Department
Radiologic Technology: Tami R. Adams, Scot A. Mackay, James Martorella

Laboratory Technology Department
Medical Laboratory Technology: Corina Escobar, Christine Kelly, Zachary Springer

Movement Science Department
Exercise Studies: Frank Bastone, Kyle Endriss, Jessica Niewojt
Physical Education: Alexi Amarilla, Corrin Lumbrazo, Steven Sabella

Nursing Department:
Nursing: Melissa Beck, Donna Famularo, Nina Clemens

Occupational Therapy Assistant Department
Occupational Therapy Assistant: Lorraine Gallo, Keri Hardy, Magdalena Yastion

Physical Therapist Assistant Department
Physical Therapist Assistant: Danielle Bertone, Emily Norton, Katherine Lewin

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