ENCORE Program Announces Spring 2014 Course Lineup


SUNY Orange Program for Senior Learners Has Membership Openings, Courses Upcoming

MIDDLETOWN, N.Y. – Registration is now open for the Encore program at SUNY Orange, offering senior learners in the Hudson Valley opportunities this Spring to learn about the wildlife of Kenya, the history of the local towns of Cornwall and Walden, the Russian Revolution, and the divide of liberalism and conservatism in American politics.

Encore, a lifelong learning program established for residents ages 50 and older at SUNY Orange, supports high-interest courses in the areas of physical well-being, intellectual challenge, history, culture, current events, travel, creativity and the arts. Courses are generally short-run offerings (comprised of one to four class meetings) and most are held on the College’s Middletown campus.

Most of this Spring’s schedule will be held during April and May. However, several courses are set for an early March start, including “The Layman’s Guide to Quantum Physics” (March 4), “Jazz/Blues in the Hudson Valley” (March 5) and “Volunteering in Israel with CAARI” (March 6). A six-film spring movie series begins March 7.

Classes are taught by topical experts who have a professional background in the subject or have spent many years studying and/or teaching the topic. They are professors and professors emeriti, lawyers, businessmen, artists, musicians, bridge masters, and specialists in the various modes of spiritual and physical well-being. Class sizes are determined by available facilities, course content (lecture/hands-on) and effective learning strategy requirements.

Among the remaining courses on tap for the Fall are: “China in Africa,” “Identity Theft,” “History of Towns,” “Legal Check-up for Seniors,” “Line Dancing,” “Utilitarianism and the Good,” “Kenya/Land and Wildlife,” “Mystery of Edwin Drood,” “The Novel: Fiction-Non Fiction,” “Liberal Versus Conservative in American Politics: The Great Divide,” “Hiking,” “Appalachian Trail,” “More Mystery Ladies,” “Huckleberry Finn: The Great American Novel,” “Bridge” and “Tools for Living Life to the Fullest.”

Membership in Encore is required in order to register for the upcoming courses. Membership dues are $55 per year and Encore has openings available for the remainder of the 2013-14 academic year. For more information, contact Encore at (845) 341-4896 or visit the organization’s web site.

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