Students in SUNY Orange Course Will Receive Overview of Consumer Power Generation Technologies

NEWBURGH, N.Y. -- Residents and business owners who wish to lower their energy expenditures will learn how to do so by using new environmentally friendly technologies when SUNY Orange offers its two-session non-credit course “Lowering Energy Bills Through Green Building Practices” Nov. 5 and 7 at the College’s Newburgh campus.

NBC News.com reports that the Environmental Defense Fund indicates three major benefits for businesses that go green: cost savings from energy reductions, increased market share from more competitive products, and managing the risks associated with dependence on fuels such as oil.

Architect Emma Gonzalez-Laders, RA LEED AP, will discuss energy-saving methods to make new and existing buildings more energy efficient with a higher return on investment. Her course will present an overview of consumer power generation technologies--including wind, solar and geothermal--as well as power conservation methods through the use of passive solar design and Net Zero.

Students will also learn what credentialing is available for green buildings and the professionals involved. The class also includes a tour of LEED certified Kaplan Hall.

The class will meet from 6 to 8 p.m. on Tuesday, Nov. 5 and Thursday, Nov. 7 inside Kaplan Hall. The College’s Newburgh campus is located at the eastern end of Broadway, overlooking the Hudson River. Course tuition is $59.

For more information on how SUNY Orange can help businesses become, and remain, more profitable with its Go Green program, contact Linda Ferris at (845) 341-9380 or visit www.sunyorange.edu/ce.

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