Associate professor of English at SUNY Orange Discusses Degree Completion

MIDDLETOWN, N.Y. – Today’s Completion Week testimonial video features associate professor of English Anne Sandor (SUNY Orange Class of 1987) discussing her time at SUNY Orange as both a student and professor.

“Because of the opportunities (SUNY Orange) afforded me as a young mother, uncertain of her academic abilities who discovered that she could excel academically, I wanted to give the same experience back to my community and to the students of SUNY Orange. And I can say, over the years, I’ve had nothing but the greatest pleasure watching students thrive as they complete their degrees, move on to their careers and discover themselves as learners.”

Anne Sandor profile

Anne Sandor, associate professor of English and the SUNY Orange Writing Consultancy coordinator, received her associate’s degree from SUNY Orange in 1987.She originally intended to complete the A.A. degree and return to the workforce when her daughter started kindergarten but discovered her academic potential as a student at SUNY Orange and went on to receive a B.A. from Vassar College and an M.F.A. in Creative Writing from Vermont College.

SUNY Orange was a great place to not only learn course-specific work, but to learn how to be a student. As a result of her experiences at SUNY Orange, she had the confidence to apply to Vassar College.Her transfer to Vassar was seamless—they took all of her credits, she received a scholarship and she discovered that her courses at Vassar were comparable to her courses at SUNY Orange.

She is a charter member of the SUNY Orange chapter of Phi Theta Kappa and the Vassar chapter of Phi Beta Kappa.When she was ready to return to the workforce and had decided she wanted to teach, SUNY Orange was the only place she set her sights on.

To provide the same enriching educational opportunities for others has made her 20 years as a professor at SUNY Orange the most enriching work experience of her life.

More about Completion Week

Under the slogan of “Commit. Complete. Compete.” the 37 State University of New York (SUNY) and City University of New York (CUNY) community colleges have set aside this week (Sept. 30 to Oct. 4) to send a simple message: students who complete an associate’s degree have better prospects for jobs, scholarships and transfer to four-year schools.

SUNY Orange will be holding Completion Week kickoff events today (Monday, Sept. 30), with Adam Gleason (Class of 2005) and Christine Henderson (Class of 1999) discussing the importance of degree completion on the Middletown and Newburgh campuses, respectively. Gleason will speak at 11 a.m. in Harriman Hall Room 111 in Middletown while Henderson will appear at 1 p.m. in the Kaplan Hall Great Room in Newburgh.

In addition, staff and student volunteers will be manning “pledge tables” at various locations on both campuses during the week to spread the word about degree completion and to encourage students to pledge to finish their degree.  Printed pledge forms will be available at the tables, but pledges can also be completed online.

Pledge tables can be found at the following locations, dates and times:

Middletown campus

Monday (Sept. 30): Alumni Green (10 a.m. to Noon), Harriman Hall Room 111 (11 a.m. to Noon)

Tuesday (Oct. 1): Shepard Ctr. Cafeteria lobby (10 a.m. to Noon)

Wednesday (Oct. 2): Bio-Tech Building Lobby (5 to 7 p.m.)

Newburgh campus

Monday (Sept. 30): Kaplan Hall Lobby (10 a.m. to Noon), Kaplan Hall Great Room (1 to 2 p.m.)

Tuesday (Oct. 1): Tower Building Lobby (5:30 to 7 p.m.)

Wednesday (Oct. 2): Kaplan Hall Lobby (10 a.m. to Noon)

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