Annual Awards Convocation Allows College to Recognize Academic Achievement, Student Involvement

PHOTO: Eneida Post accepts her scholarshipMIDDLETOWN, N.Y. -- With its annual Commencement ceremony approaching in just three days, SUNY Orange kicked off its year-end celebration of students achievements by hosting the College’s 53th annual Awards Convocation in the Shepard Student Center cafeteria on Wednesday evening (May 15).

Under the joint supervision of Heather Perfetti, vice president for academic affairs, and Paul Broadie, vice president for student services, SUNY Orange distributed 160 academic awards and 74 co-curricular awards. A crowd of more than 300 attendees looked on as SUNY Orange issued its most prized academic achievement awards, scholarships to graduating students, and club and organizational awards.

Among the award winners was Kody Andreas of Port Jervis, who accepted an evening-high three scholarships--Iris Stedener Scholarship, Sara K. Worcester Memorial Music Award and the Marvin Feman Music Award--and was presented with the Arts and Communication Department’s Music Program academic achievement award.

PHOTO: Nick ZazziYemissi Kifouly, Diana Parisi and Christina Cassano each received a pair of scholarships. Kifouly, of Middletown, was presented with the Faculty Perpetual Scholarship and the Trustee Edward P. Dougherty Memorial Scholarship while also earning an academic award from the Engineering Department and a commendation for her involvement with Student Senate. Parisi, of Wurtsboro, also received a Dougherty scholarship and a Student Senate award, along with accepting the H. Seeley McClure Memorial Scholarship. Cassano, of Middletown, was recognized for her involvement with the Biology Club and was presented with the Herbert M. Sussman and Dr. Cortland Mapes scholarships.

SUNY Orange will conduct its 63rd annual Commencement Ceremony at 10 a.m. Saturday, May 18, in the Physical Education Building on the Middletown campus. For those who are unable to attend the ceremony in person, the event will be streamed live online via the College web site at

2013 Spring Convocation Award Winners

George R. “Bucky” Bartlett, Jr. Memorial Scholarship: Britney Schoonmaker
William O. Bell Memorial Scholarship: Edward Lukan
Amy Bull Crist Scholarship: Brandee Williams
Trustee Edward P. Dougherty Memorial Scholarship: Yemissi Kifouly, Diana Parisi
Faculty Perpetual Scholarship: Yemissi Kifouly
Max H. Golub Memorial Scholarship Kenneth Grayson
Odell S. Hathaway Scholarship: Francesca Munoz
David Kotler Memorial Scholarship: Nayeli Martinez
H. Seeley McClure Memorial Scholarship: Diana Parisi
Ivan Medina Memorial Scholarship: Betty Lewis
Dr. Edwin H. Miner Memorial Scholarship: Courtney Karecki
Christine M. Morrison Scholarship: Nicholas Zazzi
Orange County Community College Memorial Scholarship: Jessica Bruehert
Orange County Society of New York Scholarship: Jessie DeVuyst
Elizabeth Parkhurst Memorial Scholarship: Yvonne Garofalo
Ruth Pollack Memorial Scholarship: Luis Espana
Iris Stedener Scholarship: Kody Andreas
Patrick B. Sweeney Annual Scholarship: Genesis Ramos
Dr. Hannah K. Vuolo Memorial Scholarship: Eneida Post

Faculty Recommended Scholarships
Christopher J. Basta Memorial Scholarship: Patrick Griffin
Chris G. Chachis Memorial Scholarship: Julia Tyles
George F. Large Scholarship: Darden Byron
Jim Lynch Memorial Scholarship: John Cavalari
Dr. Cortland Mapes Scholarship: Christina Cassano, Anthony Cuomo, Michael Helt, Manpreet Kaur
Audrey A. Reilly Memorial Music Scholarship: Shannon Sansone
Charles Reilly Memorial Business Scholarship: Yasmin Slaughter
Herbert M. Sussman Scholarship: Christina Cassano
Annette A. Whalen Memorial Scholarship: Jason Westbrook

Faculty Recommended Awards
M. June Simpson Nursing Award: Peter Llewellyn
Evening Nursing Graduate Award: Johanna DeSanto
Physical Education & Recreation Club -- The Ed Heitler Award: Tiffany Mendez
Marvin Feman Music Award: Kody Andreas
Max and Herbert Mentor Memorial Retail Management Awards: Timothy Hughes
John B. Parkhurst Creative Writing Award: Emily Wallace
Sara K. Worcester Memorial Music Award: Kody Andreas

Student Club Awards
Apprentice Players: Darren Blot, William Rittenhouse, Shannah Saravia
Architecture Club: Stephania Hernandez
Billiards Club: Andre Thompson
Biology Club: Christina Cassano, Kellyanne Haarmann, Dionne Jones, Durell Marshall
Board of Activities: Zuri Beadle, Autumn R. Clark, Saritza St. Thomas, Monica Weinrich
Business Club: Matthew Aberasturi, Jennifer Bowling, Yvonne Garofalo, Crista O’Brien
Chemistry and Physics Club: Darlene Deligny, Phillip Stack
Computer Club: Stacy Giannetto, Russell Hammond, Sulejman Usic
COTA Club (Changing Outlooks Through Activities): Julie Chevola, Samantha Conklin, Patsy Doris, Kaitlyn Sardo
Engineering Club: Kyle Dieterle, Brittney Flaherty, Jake Kalish
Future Teachers Association: Amanda Carr, Jeanell Del Rosario
International Club: Christopher Alexander, Osbourne Davis, Fred Eugene
Living Waters Christian Club: Fiona Barrett, Angie Cardona, Ciera Hillery, Dylan Simpson
Martial Arts Club: Andrew Rainford
Math & Computing Club: Bryan Patterson, Edward Pryor
Navigators For Christ: Michelle Conklin, Robert Conti, David Jonza, Sarah Paras
Newburgh Board of Activities: Alex De La Rosa, Anton Jerez, Lindsay McGuire, Amanda Quintana, Matt Romano
Newburgh Business Club: Alessandro Biolsi, Sandra Finnerty, Courtney Woodberry
Newburgh Criminal Justice Club: Betty A. Lewis, Dezerea Rodriguez, David Solis
Newburgh Nursing Club: Jenna Miller, Afia Nazeer, Rogia Rosemberg-Rucker
Newburgh Student Senate: Alex De La Rosa, Adam Harrison, Amanda Quintana, Danny Torres
Physical Therapist Assistant Club: Kerriann Minogue, Rita Palladino, Larissa Swartz, Aaron Zimmerman
S.A.D.H.A. (Student American Dental Hygiene Association): Jeanine Altro, Melissa Clemente, Laurie Herzog, Destiny Hinkley
Student Senate: Brittney Flaherty, Yemissi Kifouly, Diana Parisi

Departmental Awards (Certificate of Merit, Outstanding Scholastic Achievement)

Honors Program: Jessica Bruehert, Courtney Karecki, Nicholas Zazzi

Applied Technologies Department
Computer Science : Justin Cody, Anthony Garcia, Edward Pryor
Cyber Security: Wayne Bianchetta, Stacy Giannetto, Federick Petrone
Electrical Technology - Telecommunications: Steven A Paradies
Networking: Russell Hammond, Jhesse Lamb, Sulejman Usic

Business Department
Accounting A.A.S.: Christopher Balbuena, Ellen Malecot, Brandee Williams
Accounting A.S.: Christopher Byrne, Andres Torres, Jason Westbrook
Accounting Procedures Certificate: Sara Ghazi Mir Saeid
Business Administration: Jessie DeVuyst, Vivek Sood, Dustin Vellenga
Business Management: Timothy Hughes, Sherri Moor-Lindo, Rebecca O’Dell
Clerical Office Assistant Certificate: Karina Ramirez
Marketing: Christopher Keosky, Joel Woodley
Medical Office Assistant: Hanauni Champion, Yasmin Slaughter, Lourdes Toro

Mathematics Department
Mathematics: Tiana Freiberger, Joseph Konecko, Brandee Williams

Science, Engineering & Architecture Department
Chemistry: Alejandra Nakamura, Brian Ruperti
Engineering: Jake Kalish, Yemissi Kifouly
Physics: Matthew Fama, Daniel Ingenito

Arts and Communication Department
Art: Matthew Blose, Kathryn Lindstrom, Ashley Van De Weert
Communication: Hanna Greenfield, Christopher Parker, Justin M. Rodriguez
Music: James Aaron, Kody Andreas, Peter Stika
Theatre: Shelly Kornher

Behavioral Sciences Department
Anthropology: Daisy Cowit
Human Services: Sonia Garcia
Sociology: Jennifer Rowe

Criminal Justice Department
Criminal Justice A.A.S.: Susan Fraumeni, Deserea T. Rodriguez, Kathryn Zambetti
Criminal Justice A.S.: Betty Lewis, Robert Maxcy, Diana Parisi

English Department
English: Thomas Bowen, Mara Capalbo, Brandon Lundgren
Philosophy: Christine Urio

Education Department
Early Childhood Development and Care: Colleen Carroll, Kim Finn, Danielle Tulp
Teaching Careers: Jaleisa Lewis, Brandon Lundgren, Logan Murphy

Global Studies Department
History: Albert Plantamura
Political Science: Victoria Witte

Dental Hygiene Department
Dental Hygiene: Melissa Clemente, Renata Dworak, Destiny Hinkley

Diagnostic Imaging Department
Radiologic Technology: Julie Roper, Anthony Saeli

Laboratory Technology Department
Medical Laboratory Technology: Hershey Herskovits, Jennifer Stein, Joseph Warren

Movement Science Department
Exercise Studies: Michelle Larson, Corrin Lumbrazo, Tiffany Mendez
Physical Education: Frank Bastone, Patrick Griffin

Nursing Department
Nursing: Jessamyn Becker, Jacqueline K. Christmann, Eileen Schug

Occupational Therapy Assistant Department
Occupational Therapy Assistant: Leslie Cosgrove, Loretta Ewing, David Melchionne

Physical Therapist Assistant Department
Physical Therapist Assistant: Joli Behr-Cook, Tara Lalor, Angela Pungella

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