Traditional Year-End Event Honors “Best and Brightest” Academicians and Those Involved in Student Activities

PHOTO: Alison Conrad accepts an Honors Program awardMIDDLETOWN, N.Y. – SUNY Orange celebrated its top scholars and most active student leaders on Wednesday evening (May 16), distributing 144 academic awards and 75 co-curricular awards during the College’s 53rd annual Awards Convocation.

The Awards Convocation, hosted by Dr. Heather Perfetti, vice president of academic affairs, has become one of the most anticipated end-of-year events at SUNY Orange, joining Commencement atop the College’s listing of marquee spring ceremonies. A crowd of nearly 400 attended the ceremony where SUNY Orange issued its most prized academic achievement awards, scholarships to graduating students, and club and organizational awards.

Among the award winners was student trustee Erica Cruz, of New Windsor, who earned a pair of prestigious graduating scholarships--the Amy Bull Crist Scholarship and the Trustee Edward P. Dougherty Memorial Scholarship--along with the Student Trustee Award (for her yearlong service to the College’s Board of Trustees). Cruz and Britney Schoonmaker, of Middletown, were feted once again for having received the SUNY Chancellor’s Award for Student Excellence in April.

Nicholas Mania, of Washingtonville, was one of two students presented with the Faculty Perpetual Scholarship, awarded from endowed funds contributed by members of the PHOTO: Crowd observes Awards Convocationfaculty. Mania also received academic awards for excellence in the disciplines of math and physics. Alva Conklin, who accepted the Science, Engineering and Architecture Department’s top academic award in engineering, received a rousing ovation when it was announced that the Campbell Hall resident has also received scholarships and awards totaling $100,000 from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, where he will enroll in the fall.

Marilyn Borth, of Goshen, was recognized for her selection by the SUNY Chancellor’s office as the scholar-athlete of the year for women’s volleyball. She has been on the Dean’s List for four successive semesters as she pursues her degree in liberal arts.

SUNY Orange will conduct its 62nd annual Commencement Ceremony at 10 a.m. Saturday, May 19, on the Alumni Green at the Middletown campus. In the event of inclement weather, the event will be moved indoors to the Physical Education Building.

2012 Spring Convocation Award Winners

George R. “Bucky” Bartlett, Jr. Memorial Scholarship: Dennis Carolan
William O. Bell Memorial Scholarship: Rommel Lasso
Amy Bull Crist Scholarship: Erica Cruz
Trustee Edward P. Dougherty Memorial Scholarship: Erica Cruz
Elant Community Connections Scholarship: Amanda Hetherington
Faculty Annual Scholarship: Matthew Hunger
Faculty Perpetual Scholarship: Meghan Lamontagne
Max H. Golub Memorial Scholarship: Gustavo Torres
Odell S. Hathaway Scholarship: Christopher Kielczewski
David Kotler Memorial Scholarship: Christopher Rosa-Malave
H. Seeley McClure Memorial Scholarship: Monika Laskowska
Ivan Medina Memorial Scholarship: Yaritza Barbosa
Christine M. Morrison Scholarship: Cindy Mosquera
Orange County Community College Memorial Scholarship: Adrian Bone
Orange County Society of New York Scholarship: Christopher Rosa-Malave
Elizabeth Parkhurst Memorial Scholarship: Barbara Force
Iris Stedener Scholarship: Bryan Labarbera
Patrcik B. Sweeney Annual Scholarship: Heather Ouellette
Dr. Hannah K. Vuolo Memorial Scholarship: Krunal Parmar

Faculty Recommended Scholarships and Awards
Christopher J. Basta Memorial Scholarship: Rebecca Yntema
Chris G. Chachis Memorial Scholarship: John Jonas
Mary B. Diana Alumni Memorial Physical Education Scholarship: Samantha Manley
William F. Ehlers Jr. Memorial Scholarship: Leah Sweeney
George F. Large Scholarship: James Ramus, Pamela Valle
Dr. Cortland Mapes Scholarship: Ali Immel
Audrey A. Reilly Memorial Music Scholarship: Jacqueline Henshaw
Charles Reilly Memorial Business Scholarship: Afeshia Williams
Herbert M. Sussman Scholarship: Nicholas Knibbs
Annette A. Whalen Memorial Scholarship: Lucia Carbajal
Evening Nursing Graduate Award: Jessica McGrail
Marvin Feman Music AwardL: Joseph Johnson
Dean Robert Greenman Award in American Studies: Tyler Picard
Max and Herbert Mentor Memorial Retail Management Awards: Elizabeth Saunders
John B. Parkhurst Creative Writing Award: Allison Castore
Physical Education & Recreation Club: The Ed Heitler Award: Eric Vandeweert
M. June Simpson Nursing Award: Kelly Garrity
Student Trustee Award: Erica Cruz

Student Club Awards
Architecture Club: Kayla Rodriguez, Pamela Valle
SUNY Scholar-Athlete Award: Marilyn Borth (women’s vollebyall)
SUNY Orange Male Athlete of the Year: Ryan McNeill-Moses (men’s basketball)
Female Athlete of the Year: Amber Butenhoff (women’s softball)
Female Athlete of the Year: Brittani Romanelli (women’s basketball)
Biology Club: Ali Immel, Joshua Lawrence
Board of Activities: Terina Jackson, Nicole Kolvenbach, Allison Reid, Erica Santiago, Jonathan Taylor
Business Club: Frank Deguzman, Jacqueline Perito, Damaine Sanders
Chemistry and Physics Club: Susan Horvath, Stacey Milliard
Computer Club: Nicola Costagliola
COTA Club (Changing Outlooks Through Activities): Ashley Decker, Monica Gordon, Brendan Gould, Helen Spann
Criminal Justice Club: Christopher Jones, Theresa Padget, Diana Parisi, Jessica Spears
Engineering Club: Thomas Hall, Ashley Muller, Robert Zaccagnino
Future Teachers Association: Christopher Kielczewski
Gay-Straight Alliance: Danielle Brown, Theresa Padget, Raquel Reyes, Jessica Spears
International Club: Murray McKernan, Tatheer Shah, Akil Svitzer, Jane Warrington
Living Waters Christian Club: Ciera Hillery
Martial Arts Club: Robert Pritchard, Andrew Rainford
Math & Computing Club: Charles Guardino, Daniel Sgro
Medical Laboratory Technology Society: Carmela Bianchi, Emily Hughes, Alyson Rutigliano, Teresa Stanton
Newburgh Board of Activities: Janise Lewis, Jimmy Mera, Saziye Mustafa, Heather Padilla Seaton
Newburgh Business Club: Olga Adan, Tyrell Ashley, Billy Barefoot, Jason Westbrook
Newburgh Criminal Justice Club: Lauren Hyde, Betty Lewis, David Solis, Antoinette Soriano
Newburgh Student Senate: James Hill, Jimmy Mera, Heather Padilla Seaton, Jason Westbrook
Nursing Club: Kelli Addison, Brittany Hascoat, Meghan Lamontagne, Dawn Woods
S.A.D.H.A. (Student American Dental Hygiene Association): Lynda Arms, Cailin Brigman, Alyssa Dorfman
Student Senate: Michael Auld, John Ingigneri
Wrestling Club: Gregory Quinn, Joshua Young

Departmental Awards (Certificate of Merit, Outstanding Scholastic Achievement)

Honors Program: Alison Conrad, Barbara Force, Britney Schoonmaker

Business, Math, Science & Technology

Applied Technologies Department
Computer Information Technology - Networking: Kerry Lyon, Andres Murillo, Robert Pritchard
Computer Science: Matthew Hunger, Kyle Moore, Stephen Toth
Cyber Security: Brenden Bloom, Anthony Bucci
Electrical Technology - Telecommunications: Michael Mead, Matthew Zavodsky, Barry Zielinski

Biology Department
Biology: Ali Immel, Nicholas Knibbs, Joshua Lawrence

Business Department
Accounting A.A.S.: Olga Adan, Heather Broadfoot, Claudia Van Oordt
Accounting A.S.: Lucia Carbajal, Murray McKernan, Trisha Pizzo
Business Administration: Christopher Beck, Alexander Kemp, Bradley Miller
Business Management: Diane Boland, Geraldine Delaney, Julia Stika
Marketing: Jacqueline Perito, Elizabeth Saunders
Medical Office Assistant: Amanda Cooper, Rosa Guallpa, Afeshia Williams
Office Technologies: Brandon Dennison, Saziye Mustafa

Mathematics Department
Mathematics: Nicholas Mania, Paweenut Sukarome, Deborah Swyka

Science, Engineering & Architecture Department
Architectural Technology: Martin Grabowski, Tim Locus, Kayla Rodriguez
Engineering: Michael Auld, Alva Conklin
Physics: Adrian Bone, Nicholas Mania

Liberal Arts

Arts and Communication Department
Art: Emily Brown, Thomas Jordan, Lorraine McGinnis
Communication: Jacqueline Conklin, Rebecca Paulino, Robert Polhamus III
Music: Alyssa Anastasio, Kody Andreas, Peter Stika
Theatre: Shelly Kornher, Amanda Perez, Nicole Ryan

Behavioral Sciences Department
Anthropology: Sean Seary
Human Services: Jessenya Wiand
Psychology: Jason Matthes
Sociology: Jessenya Wiand

Criminal Justice Department
Criminal Justice A.A.S.: Crystal Decker, Antoinette Soriano, Kevin Walter
Criminal Justice A.S.: Alisha Estrada, Lauren Hyde, Raymond Klopchin

Education Department
Early Childhood Development and Care: Jenafer Duffie, Jacqueline Ingrassia, Denise Lupano
Teaching Careers: Aryn Bates, Daniel Garrison, Cassandra Rossetti

English Department
English: Alison Castore, Evan Chorm, Alvaro Farias Martinez

Global Studies Department
Economics: Mike Ballerine, Andrew Bertorelli, Ilire Vucetaj
History: Antonio Cipriani, Kyle Paskewitz

Health Professions

Dental Hygiene Department
Dental Hygiene: Baisha Ji, Nannerl Kriek, Tiffany Robinson

Diagnostic Imaging
Radiologic Technology: David Gustafson, Rachelle Prezioso, Nancy Wolbeck

Laboratory Technology Department
Medical Laboratory Technology: Julie Celentano, Andrea Mignini, Alyson Rutigliano

Movement Science Department
Exercise Studies: John Jonas, James Simpson, Rebecca Yntema
Physical Education: Richard Heins, Eric Vanderweert, Norville Yearwood

Nursing Department
Nursing: Susan Graf, Meghan Lamontagne, Samantha Stanaway

Occupational Therapy Assistant Department
Occupational Therapy Assistant: Tara Koppel, Meghan Murphy, Patricia Tannachion

Physical Therapist Assistant Department
Physical Therapist Assistant: Rebecca Hundley, Amanda Ko, Laura Unson

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