Group Will Unite to Foster Ongoing Development of Renewable Energy and Energy Sustainability Initiatives

PHOTO: Leaders from HVCFI, SUNY Orange and HVTDC sign agreementMIDDLETOWN, N.Y. – SUNY Orange, the Hudson Valley Technology Development Center and the Hudson Valley Center for Innovation officially formalized a partnership on Friday, Nov. 6 that will foster the ongoing development of a renewable energy and energy sustainability cluster in the Hudson Valley.

This collaboration seeks to unite the technology-specific business acceleration programs of the Center for Innovation (HVCFI) and the economic development expertise of the Technology Development Center (HVTDC) under an educational umbrella provided by the academic and workforce development curricula of SUNY Orange. In addition, the HVCFI will bring its WindPower Initiative (WPI) to the partnership, allowing the group to use the College’s campuses in Middletown and Newburgh as “research laboratories” for the testing and development of reliable wind power technologies.

From this partnership, the three organizations expect to demonstrate and create for local residents career opportunities in the many technological areas related to sustainable programming; accelerate the commercialization of cluster technologies within the community; foster the development of technologically and ecologically (green) specific training and manufacturing expertise in the Hudson Valley; and capitalize on grant opportunities focused on cleantech, alternative and renewable energy, and information technology.

SUNY Orange President Dr. William Richards, HVCFI Managing Director Les Neumann and HVTDC Executive Director Thomas Phillips signed the three-page Memorandum of Understanding on Friday afternoon in the Music Room of the College’s Morrison Hall.

“This partnership with two success-driven organizations–the Hudson Valley Center for Innovation and the Hudson Valley Technology Development Center–will significantly advance the goals of the College to maintain currency in our programs and curricula and, at the same time, give students many opportunities for real-world experiences with advanced technologies,” Richards said. “As an added benefit, we also get to work closely with dedicated professionals like Les Neumann and Tom Phillips.”

“This formal working relationship with SUNY Orange makes a definitive statement about the importance that the College places on developing the next wave of high technology jobs,” Neumann added. “Our partnership will also extend toward developing the curriculum necessary to expose students to many emerging technologies and will also support the close interaction with a myriad of academic institutions and private industry throughout New York State, each of whom is focused on alternative and renewable energy, and its close relationship with information technology in support of sustainable economic growth.”

“This partnership represents a significant step forward for the three organizations to leverage their combined resources to increase services to regional companies, afford vibrant and current opportunities for student learning and improving the overall economic condition of Orange County,” Phillips said.

The group will temporarily occupy office space on the fifth floor of the Tower Building on SUNY Orange’s Newburgh campus. The Tower Building, formerly known as the Key Bank Building, is located at One Washington Center on lower Broadway.


HVCFI: The Hudson Valley Center for Innovation, Inc. (HVCFI) is a not-for-profit New York corporation that actively stimulates the accelerated growth and development of the region’s emerging high-value business and technology development enterprises. The HVCFI provides targeted 21st Century business, academic and technical assistance to early stage alternative and renewable energy and information technology focused companies seeking to accelerate their growth, develop and validate their intellectual properties and initiate aggressive commercialization strategies designed to position themselves for long-term success in the global marketplace. HVCFI differs from standard business incubators and accelerators that provide physical space, shared administrative services, and part-time volunteer executive mentoring by offering enhanced physical and virtual services that are designed to increase the number of jobs created; reduce time needed for a company to become self-sustaining, and increase the probability of that company’s sustained performance over time while encouraging them to remain in the Hudson Valley. The mission of HVCFI’s WPI is to develop distributed wind technologies (DWT) of 50 to 500 kilowatts for use in urban, suburban and densely-populated areas, for commercial, industrial, institutional, and multi-family users. WPI is focused on three primary goals: development of urban wind resource mapping and modeling tools; improving and refining distributed wind technology to upgrade its effectiveness, reliability, performance and cost efficiency in urban wind conditions; and attracting DWT manufacturers to New York for job creation and economic development

HVTDC: The Hudson Valley Technology Development Center (HVTDC) is a non-profit organization funded in part by the New York State Office of Science, Technology and Academic Research (NYSTAR). Founded in 1988, HVTDC also receives funding from the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST). Its mission is to be a high-performance, customer-oriented, continuously improving integrated organization that is viewed by its clients and investors as the premier business support group in the Hudson Valley region. Through the transfer of new technologies and advanced manufacturing practices, and the delivery of business development assistance to small businesses, manufacturers and early-stage technology companies, HVTDC creates new economic opportunities in the region. HVTDC provides hands-on business support services to small manufacturers and early stage technology companies by delivering high-quality, cost-beneficial technical and management services. HVTDC improves the competitiveness of existing small businesses and advances the development of new business opportunities.

SUNY Orange: Orange County Community College has earned its reputation as a pioneer and innovator in meeting the needs of its students and the area it primarily serves. SUNY Orange was the first two-year college in the nation to offer the associate degree nursing program and studies in electron microscopy; and in 1982, the college was the first community college to plan and co-sponsor with local chambers of commerce a business institute. Public and private four-year colleges actively seek SUNY Orange graduates for transfer into baccalaureate programs as third-year students. In cooperation with other educational agencies, the College also presents programs for academically gifted high school seniors, for business and professional people, and by special arrangement with nearby universities for graduate students. Consistent with its mission to meet the higher education needs of students, the College is noted for its commitment to ensuring student success. With the support of caring faculty and staff, each students has the ability to achieve his or her academic and career goals. The College operates campuses in Middletown and Newburgh, as well as satellite locations at Monroe-Woodbury, Port Jervis and Warwick Valley high schools.

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