College Will Utilize New York Alert System in Conjunction with On-Campus Communications Tools

MIDDLETOWN, N.Y. – SUNY Orange will conduct a test of its emergency communications systems between 11 a.m. and Noon on Thursday, Oct. 29 by distributing an array of test messages via New York Alert, as well as the College’s on-campus message board and speaker systems in Middletown, and other internal communication tools.

Students, faculty and staff who have registered for New York Alert can expect to receive emergency notices via text messages, e-mails, phone calls (on cell phones and/or land line phones) and faxes, depending on how many different messaging formats they’ve requested. New York Alert is a statewide communications system that transmits emergency notices and allows residents to sign up for free to receive alerts from a wide range of locations throughout the state.

The test should cause little disruption to normal campus operations. “This is a test” messages will be broadcast from internal and external public address speakers, and shown on indoor scrolling message boards. Neighbors living very close to the College can expect to hear the audio messages that will be broadcast from the external speakers. In addition, SUNY Orange’s cadre of Building Safety Volunteers will utilize their radio communications system in conjunction with the College’s Safety and Security personnel.

Since the beginning of the Fall 2008 semester, College faculty, staff and students who utilize SUNY Orange’s online data access system (Banner) have been required to sign up to receive emergency communications from New York Alert. In all, 5,144 members of the College community are registered to receive emergency notices.

Staff, faculty and students who receive cell phone calls or text messages are encouraged to go about their normal business. There should be no cause for alarm. Those who have registered for New York Alert but do not receive a test message on Oct. 29 should first confirm their registration information via the College’s “MySUNYOrange” website. Folks who do not receive an expected alert, or receive an alert in error, should contact the College via e-mail at

While the College has tested its on-campus systems independently in recent months, the primary goal of this upcoming examination is to coordinate the implementation of its internal communications systems with the simultaneous transmission of a test message via New York Alert. This latest test comes as the College continues to assess its campus-wide readiness to respond to an emergency. In a crisis, the College would employ each of these programs in some fashion.

The College plans to conduct a full-scale test of its New York Alert system once per semester, while it will assess its on-campus systems on a more regular basis.

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Mike Albright
Communications Officer
115 South Street
Middletown, NY 10940