Government Personnel to Participate in Professional Development Training Presented by SUNY Orange

PHOTO: Dr. William Richards and Edward DianaGOSHEN, N.Y. – County Executive Edward A. Diana; James O’Donnell, Orange County administrative officer; SUNY Orange President Dr. William Richards; Orange County Department heads; Donald Green, coordinator of Business Solutions and Professional Development at SUNY Orange; and Robert Meisel, principal consultant at RMM Quality Consulting have announced the recent contract with Orange County Government to provide Lean Six Sigma professional development training to county government personnel.

The announcement came during an afternoon press conference at the Orange County government offices. The first round of Lean Six Sigma training will begin at 9 a.m. on Wednesday, Sept. 23.

“The Lean Six Sigma professional development and training methodologies focus on customer satisfaction and improved performance that are applicable to administration, customer service, finance, manufacturing, supply chain, healthcare, government and education. Lean Six Sigma is geared to use project management to drive results,” Diana said. “I have always said we are a customer service driven entity and we believe this training program will greatly enhance our employees’ efficiencies, production and interaction with our customers: the residents of Orange County.”

“We are very pleased that Orange County Government has contracted with our Business Solutions and Professional Development team to provide training to County employees,” said Dr. William Richards, SUNY Orange president. “One of the many ways we believe the College can be a significant contributor to the community is via workforce training, whether folks are coming to us to learn new skills through continuing education courses or we are working with business clients to help their existing workforce improve efficiency and productivity.

“It is important for SUNY Orange to establish and build meaningful partnerships. While we are so closely aligned with the County as our sponsor, we look forward to continued collaborations with the County in the areas of workforce training and professional development.”

Six Sigma and Lean Six Sigma are two business improvement initiatives that have received much attention and publicity in the last decade. Each incorporates a philosophy, a methodology and a toolkit to help organizations improve their business results, and each has resulted in significant documented quantifiable financial impacts upon those organizations that have implemented them. When used together, they combine to accelerate those financial impacts.

Under the auspices of SUNY Orange, Lean Six Sigma principal consultant Meisel will conduct all training activities and follow-up sessions. Meisel has served as principal consultant at RMM Quality Consulting since 2006, working with manufacturing companies, healthcare insurers, government agencies and not-for-profit organizations to implement Lean Six Sigma methodology. Prior to that, he was instrumental in implementing Lean Six Sigma globally for Eastman Kodak Company, headquartered in Rochester, N.Y. He oversaw the training that was credited with generating more than $500 million in cost-cutting and productivity increases at Eastman Kodak.

According to Meisel, management support, involvement and leadership are all critical to the success of a Lean Six Sigma initiative. Managers must champion the efforts and establish a culture of change conducive to the work at hand. They are integral in the selection of both the improvement projects and the candidates for the training. Managers ensure that appropriate resources are allocated to the improvement projects, are personally involved in project reviews, help break down barriers and obstacles, and are essential to the approval of the projects at their conclusion.

County Commissioners and other staff members will participate in a two-day training session to prepare them for their role. The project team members will then receive 10 days of training in which they will learn and practice the tools they need to complete their improvement projects. Following the training, Meisel will coach these teams to help ensure their success.

For more information, contact Donald Green, coordinator of Business Solutions and Professional Development at SUNY Orange, at (845) 341-4718.


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