“Defining Moments” Campaign to Benefit Scholarships, Branch Campus, Technology Innovation, Science Center

PHOTO: Defining Moments LogoMIDDLETOWN, N.Y. – SUNY Orange President Dr. William Richards, along with Rich Rowley, chair of the College’s Lead Gift Team, culminated the Educational Foundation’s Leadership Awards Gala Friday night (Oct. 17) by publicly introducing the College’s “Defining Moments” Capital Campaign and announcing a targeted fundraising goal of $25 million.

Rowley, who along with his Lead Gift Team has been pursuing large gifts from prospective donors for the past nine months, also announced that the campaign has raised $16.25 million to date. Money raised from the “Defining Moments” campaign will be used to significantly enhance the College’s scholarship fund, support programming for the planned Newburgh branch campus and assist SUNY Orange with continued implementation of technology in classrooms at both Middletown and Newburgh.

The campaign goal also includes monies that will be dedicated to supporting the creation of a new Science, Engineering and Technology Center that will be built on the Middletown campus, on the site of current Sarah Wells Building. Earlier this year, New York State allocated approximately $19 million toward the new building.

“The potential for this ‘Defining Moments’ campaign is enormous,” Richards said. “The campaign is one way we feel that our really good College can become a great College. It takes time to move from really good to great, but we are going to plug away at it, little by little and with great support from this campaign.

“But, in addition to the resources we get from public sources—the state, the county, and student tuition and fees—there remains a sizeable gap between what we can provide with our current level of public support and what we know is necessary in order to provide really rich learning environments for students,” he added.

“We can demonstrate great potential for new programs, revisions of current programs, upgrades to current facilities and enhancements to student activities. Our scholarship endowment for a college this size should be 10 times the size that it is and we should be offering at least 10 times as much scholarship aid to students every year. The only way we can do that is through a rigorous, thoughtful and never-ceasing campaign.”

Rowley and his wife, Marianne, a 1983 SUNY Orange graduate, were honored during Friday’s gala, receiving the Community Leadership Award. Roberta “Bobbie” Glinton, a 1964 alumna, also received a Community Leadership Award, while Sister Ann Sakac was honored with the Education Leadership Award and Frontier Communications was issued the Business Leadership Award.

Christine King, a 1973 graduate and newly named president and CEO of SMSC, served as keynote speaker. SMSC is a semiconductor company headquartered in Hauppauge, N.Y., with operations in North America, Europe and Asia.

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