College Honors Scholars and Athletes During Annual Fall Convocation Ceremony

PHOTO: Scholarship presentation at 2008 SUNY Orange Fall ConvocationMIDDLETOWN, N.Y. – With the Fall semester concluding its second week, SUNY Orange officially celebrated the beginning of the 2008-09 academic year Friday evening (Sept. 5) during its annual Student Scholarship Awards and Recognition Ceremony, held in Orange Hall Theatre.

In all, a total of 100 new and returning students were recognized during the event hosted by the Educational Foundation of SUNY Orange in conjunction with the College’s scholarship committee. The College’s wide array of academic, community service and athletic scholarships were announced by Paul Broadie, SUNY Orange vice president for student services. Karen Miller, a SUNY Orange alumna and president of the Educational Foundation, distributed the recognition gifts.

The award winners, along with family members, friends, classmates and College officials, were welcomed by Vinnie Cazzetta, vice president for institutional advancement. Prior to the recognition of the scholarship winners, brief speeches were delivered by Dr. Joseph Zurovchak, assistant professor of biology, and Andrew Green, an Honors Program student and recipient of the President’s Scholarship for Outstanding Academic Achievement.

The College issues no more than 10 Presidents Scholarships per year. The scholarship covers full tuition for two years and is given to graduates of Orange County high schools who meet stringent academic criteria and have a proven track record of classroom success.

Among the other scholarships presented were a pair of newly minted James Ottaway Jr. Honors Program Scholarships, issued to incoming Honors Program students Kathryn M. Miller and Judith Kaufman. The College’s Honors Program offers highly motivated and talented students opportunities for personal growth, educational discovery and academic achievement through advanced coursework, community service and an independent research project. Its goal is help students build self-confidence by tackling new academic challenges, become leaders on campus and in their community and establish a foundation for success in future academic and professional endeavors.

PHOTO: Student speaker Andrew GreenGreen (left), a second-year business administration student, told the audience, “SUNY Orange offers more than an education, but an experience that will never be forgotten. I came to SUNY Orange because I wanted to. I never thought of going anywhere else. I like the campus, the location and the people. I feel at home here.”

Meanwhile, Zurovchak encouraged the students to concentrate on their studies, but also implored them to consider their own impact on the environment and to seek out methods for preserving the planet.

“We have degraded ecosystems to the point that we have compromised their ability to provide us with the goods and services on which we depend,” Zurovchak said. “In essence, we are sabotaging our life support system. It is imperative that we … use our resources more wisely and in a more sustainable way, ways that do not undermine the very support system upon which we depend. I encourage you to accept this responsibility, to put your skills and new-found knowledge to use in accomplishing this.”

SUNY Orange grants more than $125,000 in scholarships annually via the Educational Foundation. Typically, incoming and returning students are recognized during the Fall Convocation ceremony while graduating students receive their scholarships in May, just prior to Commencement. The vast majority of SUNY Orange scholarships are funded through the generosity of donors and friends of the College.


Jon Antonucci (Harold L. Mamelok Memorial Scholarship)
Christopher Arakas (Thomas C. Walts Memorial Scholarship)
Carolyn Behler (Chris Schmid Athletic Scholarship)
Corey Booth (Athletic Scholarship)
Vicki Boucher-Parisella (Harold F. Ripley Scholarship)
Peter Bradley (Chris Schmid Athletic Scholarship)
Matt Butenhoff (Chris Schmid Athletic Scholarship)
Kelsey Byrne (Ruth Curtis Memorial Music Award)
Anna Callender (Ada DeGeus Alumni Nursing Scholarship)
Heather Carey (George F. Shepard Outstanding Alumni Citizenship Scholarship)
Sandra Carlino (Kathryn Murphy Memorial Scholarship, Shepard and Edna Pryluck Scholarship, Paula Cooper Memorial Scholarship)
Judith Carr (Robert B. and Joan M. Rowley Memorial Scholarship)
Alice Curtis (Desmond Memorial Scholarship)
Cindy Castro (Christopher and Ellen Byrne Scholarship)
Harry Correa (Presidents Scholarship for Outstanding Academic Achievement)
Colleen Decker (Athletic Scholarship)
Joseph DeLucia (Jack Goldstein Alumni Memorial Scholarship, Charles J. Klingman Memorial Scholarship, Robert B. and Joan M. Rowley Memorial Scholarship)
Alysa Diaz (Max Menter Memorial Scholarship)
Jordan Dillard (Athletic Scholarship)
Lori Ann Farrell (John J. Bonacic Public Service Scholarship)
Julien Gago-Viel (Presidents Scholarship for Outstanding Academic Achievement)
Chelsea Gallager (Chris Schmid Athletic Scholarship)
Kerrilyn Gannon (Athletic Scholarship)
Jessica Garcia (Ottaway Scholarship, Daniel Molloy Memorial Scholarship)
Kara Garnere (Athletic Scholarship)
Daniel Garrett (Elizabeth Parkhurst Memorial Scholarship)
Cynthia Gaston (Athletic Scholarship)
Sonya Gendelman (Dr. Harold W. Morgans Scholarship, Shepard and Edna Pryluck Scholarship, N.Y. State Federation of Home Bureaus Scholarship)
Devaughn Gibson (Athletic Scholarship)
Barry Gilmour (James Holmbraker Memorial Award)
Avital Gombiner (Ottaway Scholarship, Margaret B. and Frank L. Howe Memorial Scholarship, Roberta Bernstein Scholarship)
Andrew Green (Presidents Scholarship for Outstanding Academic Achievement)
Carol A. Gregory (Grant in Aid Scholarship)
Kathryn Gulak (Presidents Scholarship for Outstanding Academic Achievement)
Jeremy Harter (Athletic Scholarship)
Kristina Hasbrouck (Athletic Scholarship)
James Hegmann (Athletic Scholarship)
Rosa Hernandez (Christopher and Ellen Byrne Scholarship)
Kim Hoeffner (SUNY Orange Madrigal Singers Scholarship)
Christina Iwanow (Presidents Scholarship for Outstanding Academic Achievement)
Diane Jacobs (Judelson, Giordano & Siegel, P.C. Accounting Scholarship, Faculty Perpetual Scholarship)
Deborah Jainarain (Ottaway Scholarship, Louise Hultgren Memorial Scholarship)
Jennifer Kaluszweski (Athletic Scholarship)
Judith Kaufman (James Ottaway Jr. Honors Program Scholarship)
Shenekwa Kellman (Athletic Scholarship)
Ashley Kersting (Athletic Scholarship)
Kenneth Krause (Dr. Paul and Ida Lipschutz Scholarship)
Steven Lamica (Dr. Paul and Ida Lipschutz Scholarship, Orange Sullivan Chapter NYS Society of Professional Engineers)
Chris LaPenna (Athletic Scholarship)
Danielle Licursi (Jack Polletts Memorial Scholarship, Coldwell Banker Currier and Lazier Realtors Scholarship, Dr. Edwin H. Miner Memorial Scholarship, Judelson, Giordano & Siegel, P.C. Accounting Scholarship)
Joseph Maffucci (Ottaway Scholarship, Congelosi Family in Memory of Solowinski Family Scholarship)
James Maloney (Athletic Scholarship)
Sean Marsiglia (Athletic Scholarship)
Anthony Martin (Athletic Scholarship)
Christina Martinez (Grace Reynolds Memorial Scholarship)
Kaycee McGovern (Athletic Scholarship)
Sandra McGowan (Chris Schmid Athletic Scholarship)
Devin Meikle (Chris Schmid Athletic Scholarship)
Eric Melendez (Athletic Scholarship)
Jason Miedema (Presidents Scholarship for Outstanding Academic Achievement)
Carmen Milian (Athletic Scholarship)
Kathryn M. Miller (James Ottaway Jr. Honors Program Scholarship)
Argelia Morales (Peter Alberghini Inspirational Scholarship)
Nadia Morreale (Judelson, Giordano & Siegel, P.C. Accounting Scholarship, Faculty Perpetual Scholarship)
Sean Morris (Chris Schmid Athletic Scholarship)
Vanessa Mow (Margaret Botti Dental Hygiene Scholarship, Dr. Andrew Godwin Dental Hygiene Scholarship, Gertrude and Reuben Mokotoff Scholarship, Boyd Foundation Scholarship)
Danielle Palermo (Athletic Scholarship)
Hannah Pouch (Jesse A. Bookstaver Memorial Scholarship, Faculty Annual Scholarship, Edwin J. & Rachel Dietz Scholarship, Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial Scholarship)
Stefan Powers (Ruth K. and Steve Taffin Memorial Nursing Scholarship)
Anthony Presto (Chris Chachis Sportsmanship Alumni Memorial Scholarship)
Thomas P. Quinn (Presidents Scholarship for Outstanding Academic Achievement)
Alyssa Raldiris (Chris Schmid Athletic Scholarship)
Justin Randolph (SUNY Orange Madrigal Singers Scholarship)
Christine Reiner (Presidents Scholarship for Outstanding Academic Achievement)
Gabriela Renna (Frances C. Marks Scholarship)
Ashlee Renwick (Chris Chachis Sportsmanship Alumni Memorial Scholarship)
Raul Reyes (George F. Shepard Outstanding Alumni Citizenship Scholarship)
Lawrence Robinson (Walter Brown Scholarship, Ruth Kassel Scholarship)
Christopher Roney (Presidents Scholarship for Outstanding Academic Achievement)
Brenda Rosas (Christopher and Ellen Byrne Scholarship)
Cindy Rose (Presidents Scholarship for Outstanding Academic Achievement)
Mitchell Saler (Presidents Scholarship for Outstanding Academic Achievement)
Mark Schaper (Chris Schmid Athletic Scholarship)
Clementina Schettini (Jack Goldstein Alumni Memorial Scholarship)
Kristen Schork (Presidents Scholarship for Outstanding Academic Achievement)
Keith Slesinski (Presidents Scholarship for Outstanding Academic Achievement)
Anu Sood (Middletown Kiwanis Club Scholarship)
Daniel Sweetman (John J. McMahon Leadership Scholarship, Charles C. and Vivian Chappell Scholarship)
Jessica Sweetman (Bertha and Nathan Mark Memorial Scholarship)
Geoffrey Swyka (Presidents Scholarship for Outstanding Academic Achievement)
Frank Tetler (Marie Ann Dulzer Communication and Theater Scholarship)
Wendy Thompson-Mejias (Lauren Keely Memorial Scholarship for Returning Adult Students, Ottaway Scholarship)
Cameron Tidd (H. Seeley McClure Memorial Scholarship, John F. Kennedy Memorial Scholarship)
Ryan Toth (Charles C. and Vivian Chappell Scholarship) Stephanie Tucciarone (Middletown Rotary Club Scholarship)
Christine Tyler (Peter Alberghini Inspirational Scholarship)
Blake Williams (Chris Schmid Athletic Scholarship)
Joy Zelada (Charles Toole Memorial Music Award)
Lia Zelada (Christopher and Ellen Byrne Scholarship)
Lisa Zylberberg (Marge Harrington Memorial Scholarship)


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