SUNY Orange Program Celebrates Diversity and Achievement; Awards Banquet to Honor 650 Orange County students

MIDDLETOWN, N.Y. – SUNY Orange will formally recognize 650 local students attending Orange County schools for their achievements in a variety of educational areas when the College hosts the awards banquet for its 19th annual Sojourner Truth Awards Program at 7 p.m., March 7 in the Physical Education Building. Snow date for the program is 1 p.m. March 8.

The Sojourner Truth Awards Program hails students from grades 6 through 12 who have demonstrated skills in areas such as language arts, mathematics, sciences, performing and media arts, athletics, citizenship, and perseverance/effort. The program aims to promote education in a positive manner and motivate students to consider college as a viable and attainable goal.

Students will receive Sojourner Truth recognition certificates during the awards ceremony, which will also feature entertainment by AndJam Band and the Jubilee Multi-Cultural Arts Dance Group. The Minisink Valley High School Junior ROTC will present the colors while recording artist and soprano saxophonist Jim Nixon performs the national anthem.

Dr. Celia M. Gonzalez, New York State’s deputy comptroller for Diversity Planning and Equity Management will serve as the keynote speaker. Gonzalez was appointed to her current post in 2007. She leads the Division of Diversity Planning and Equity Management, which has oversight responsibilities for the affirmative action, succession planning, cultural awareness and competence, M/WBE procurement and emerging markets units. She joined the Comptroller’s office in 2005 serving as director of Diversity Planning and Management.

Prior to accepting her post within the State Comptroller’s office, she served as deputy director for the Institute of Continuous Learning at SUNY Downstate Medical Center, Brooklyn, N.Y., and as associate vice president for Diversity and Equity Initiatives at Northern Arizona University, Flagstaff, Ariz.

She is a nationally recognized motivational speaker and an expert on cultural diversity and Latino empowerment. In 2006, she was appointed to serve a four-year term on the National Institute of Health’s National Advisory Council on Nursing Education and Practice. In 2007, she was chosen to serve on the New York State Commission on Increasing Diversity in the State Government Workforce.

A native of the South Bronx, Gonzalez earned her associate’s degree from Sullivan County Community College, a bachelor’s degree in psychology from Mount Saint Mary College, a master’s degree in urban and environmental studies from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute and a doctorate in educational administration and supervision from Arizona State University.

Sojourner Truth, for whom the program is named, lived in the mid-Hudson Valley after escaping from slavery. She is hailed as one of the most distinguished and highly regarded women of the 19th century. Born Isabella Bomefree (later spelled Baumfree) about 1797 in Hurley, N.Y., Isabella was sold four times, until she and her daughter were given their freedom in 1828. Isabella spoke low Dutch until she was about 10 years old and never learned to read or

In 1843 she changed her name to Sojourner Truth to better reflect her chosen missions of traveling to show people their sins and telling them what is true. Sojourner Truth is often referred to as one of the most effective and powerful
speech-makers of her time.

Corporate funding for the program and awards banquet comes from presenting sponsor Orange & Rockland Utilities. Supporting sponsors are Provident Bank and Affinity Health Care. To learn more about this program, visit SUNY Orange’s Sojourner Truth web site at www.sunyorange.edu/stap, call the Office for Student Services at 341-4000 or e-mail belen.medina@sunyorange.edu.


2008 Sojourner Truth Award Winners

Orange-Ulser BOCES

Desio Allen (Hudson Valley Career Academies Graduation Option Program), perseverance/effort; Casey Dederick (John A. Flannery High School), perseverance/effort; Alex Dituro (John A. Flannery High School), academic achievement; Kelsey Newlander (John A. Flannery High School), academic achievement; Carlos Sanchez (Orange-Ulster BOCES), perseverance/effort; Dana Sarvaideo (Orange-Ulster BOCES), perseverance/effort; Josue Velazquez (John A. Flannery High School), citizenship.

Chester Union Free School District (all students in high school unless listed otherwise)

Cristina Alfaro, language arts; Luis Alfaro, academic achievement: Kim Boland, language arts; Latazia Cannon (Chester Academy Middle School); mathematics; Jared Charles, prseverance/effort; Crystal England, perseverance/effort; Agustin Erdaide (Middle School), prseverance/effort; Eduardo Flores. academic achievement; Maya Fuentes (Middle School), language arts; Arshley Georges (Middle School), academic achievement; Erica Hernandez, perseverance/effort; Justin Hernandez, mathematics; Matthew Hernandez (Middle School), academic achievement; Danielle Hopkinson, perseverance/effort; Omar Khalidi, language arts; Ronald Lajara, citizenship; Michelle Moore; perseverance/effort; Kelvyn Pacheco, sciences; Bhargav Patel (Middle School), mathematics; Yaroslav Pidvysotski, language arts; Joselyn Rivera (Middle School), sciences; Hirashi Sano, mathematics; Jaylin Savigne (Middle School), mathematics; Jaromir Seabrook (Middle School), sciences; Nicholas Seabrook (Middle School), mathematics;Julie Sebastian (Middle School), citizenship; Matthew Thomas, mathematics; Shanae Thomas, academic achievement; Vinueza Maria (Middle School), perseverance/effort; Ryan Williams (Middle School), perseverance/effort; Alexis Wright, citizenship; Lawrence Young (Middle School), mathematics.

Cornwall Central School District

Milo Ahenakew (Cornwall Central High School), performing and media arts; Akshita Akshita (Cornwall Central Middle School, sciences; Erinn Atkinson (Middle School), citizenship; Marie Coleman (Middle School), citizenship; Elise Cuevas (High School), sciences; Kevin George (Middle School), language arts; Jonathan Hernandez (High School), mathematics; Jose Antonio Marin Jr. (High School), perseverance/effort; Marques Mayoras (High School), athletics; Christopher Morales (High School), athletics; Ciara O'Neill (Middle School), language arts; Nolan Padilla (High School), language arts; Munizay Paracha (Middle School), sciences; Rumzah Paracha (Middle School), sciences; Amanda Perez (Middle School), academic achievement; Liana Quintanilla (High School), mathematics; Ashley Rodriguez (High School), language arts; Khadijah Ross (High School), mathematics; Gabriela Vazquez (High School), perseverance/effort; Junjie Wang (Middle School), language arts.

Florida Union Free School District (all S.S. Seward Institute)

Naomi Abel, language arts; Nigel Abel, perseverance/effort; Pedro Bigoli, perseverance/effort; Mic-Andre Constable, citizenship; Toniya Durante, mathematics; Shavar Evans, language arts; Brianna Gomez, language arts; Alexandra Lewis, performing and media arts; Gladys Loyas, sciences; Andrew Millan, mathematics; Christina Navarro, performing and media arts; Dana Nevarez, language arts; Leah Nevarez, mathematics; David Oliver, performing and media arts; Katrisha Paul, language arts; Marcus Rencher, mathematics; Andriana Reyes, language arts; Austin Ros, mathematics; Etkin Tekin, citizenship; Jessica Velez, sciences; Maegan Villaverde, performing and media arts.

Goshen Central School District

Nawshin Ahmed (C.J. Hooker Middle School), citizenship; Allegra Anderson (Middle School), citizenship; Darnell Caldwell (Goshen Central High School), athletics; Guadalupe Canete (Middle School), citizenship; Victor Canete (Middle School), citizenship; Eddie Castillo (Middle School), citizenship; Alejandra Chavez (Middle School), citizenship; Bridget Comeau (High School), citizenship; Kelly Comeau (Middle School), citizenship; Christopher Cotto (High School), perseverance/effort; Jennifer Diaz (Middle School), citizenship; Ethan Fogg (Middle School), citizenship; Jonathan Frederick (Middle School), citizenship; Ashley Gordon (Middle School), citizenship; Itzamar Hernandez (Middle School), citizenship; Marissa Hernandez (Middle School), citizenship; Tanesi Huertero (High School), perseverance/effort; Kassandra Keddo-Green (High School), athletics; Phillip Kwon (High School), mathematics; David Mann (High School), perseverance/effort; Mehveen Qureshi (High School), sciences; Keitxa Reyes (Middle School), citizenship; Cynthia Rodriquez (Middle School), citizenship; Ana Romero (Middle School), citizenship; Alexandra Santiago (High School), sciences; Ivana Torres (High School), sciences; Alexandra Zappier (High School), language arts.

Highland Falls-Fort Montgomery Central School District

Maria Aguilar (James I. O'Neill High School), perseverance/effort; Rudy Aguilar (Highland Falls Middle School), perseverance/effort; Yemajha Caraballo (Middle School), performing and media arts; Dylan Copeland (Middle School), performing and media arts; Maria Camilla Estelle (Middle School), academic achievement; Gisselle Fernandez (Middle School), athletics; Saahil Fruitwala (Middle School), mathematics; Thaddeah Harwell (Middle School), citizenship; Benjamin Johnson (High School), language arts; Cinnamon Johnson (High School), sciences; Carolina Leon (Middle School), language arts; Tylesha McDonald (Middle School), academic achievement; John Njoga (Middle School), academic achievement’ Julissa Nuñez (High School), perseverance/effort; Christopher Olave (Middle School), perseverance/effort; Stepheny Ordonez (Middle School), mathematics; Luis Miguel Ortiz (Middle School), perseverance/effort; Ellie Sunakawa (High School), citizenship; Desiree Talley (High School), athletics; Kalli Tetradi (High School), perseverance/effort; Elvin Urena (Middle School), sciences; Christian Van Hoven (Middle School), mathematics; Marques Vaval (Middle School), athletics; Samantha Velasquez (Middle School), perseverance/effort; Serena Weiss (Middle School), citizenship; Julissa Wilson (High School), athletics.

Middletown School District

Asia Abdur-Rahman (High School), mathematics; Jorge Acevedo (Monhagen Middle School), language arts; Ilsa Ahmed (Twin Towers Middle School), sciences; Jose Alvarez (High School), athletics; Rana Awadallah (Monhagen Middle School), language arts; Iesha Baltimore (High School), perseverance/effort; Tuwanya Barrett-Shantiloo (Monhagen Middle School), perseverance/effort; Danielle Baskerville (High School), mathematics; Andy Benitez (High School), athletics; Maya Bolden (Twin Towers Middle School), perseverance/effort; Michael Carberry (Twin Towers Middle School), academic achievement; Anthony Carrasquillo (High School), academic achievement; Christopher Castro (Monhagen Middle School), mathematics; Erica Chambers (Monhagen Middle School), language arts; Kam Yu Cheng (High School), sciences; Krystal Coleman (High School), academic achievement; Richard Constant (High School), academic achievement; Annecy Cruz (Monhagen Middle School), citizenship; Cierra Cunningham (Monhagen Middle School), language arts; Guadalupe Díaz (High School), sciences; Jasmine Dorceus (High School), perseverance/effort; Nadesia Doute (Monhagen Middle School), perseverance/effort; Jorge Esquivel (Monhagen Middle School), citizenship; Jomari Flores (Twin Towers Middle School), academic achievement; Jessica Freamon (High School), mathematics; Angel Galarza (Twin Towers Middle School), athletics; Jasmyne Gales (High School), academic achievement; Marisol Galicia (High School), academic achievement; Grace Gutierrez (High School), mathematics; Christopher Harris (High School), language arts; Tikkre Hollins (Twin Towers Middle School), performing and media arts; Ava Isaac (High School), sciences; Philip Isidoro (Monhagen Middle School), perseverance/effort; Jelani Julien (Monhagen Middle School), citizenship; Gurpreet Kaur (Twin Towers Middle School), perseverance/effort; Nateama King (High School), perseverance/effort; Kenneth Knapp (High School), perseverance/effort; Traceyann Lafayette (High School), mathematics; Shantel Lewis (High School), perseverance/effort; Sherisse Liburd (High School), perseverance/effort; Jordan Maccalla (High School), perseverance/effort; Martin Maina (High School), perseverance/effort; Silvia Marin (Monhagen Middle School), citizenship; Shauna Martin (High School), perseverance/effort; Kyle Martindale (Twin Towers Middle School), language arts; Edgar Martinez (High School), academic achievement; Sean McMillon (High School), mathematics; Erick Mendoza (Monhagen Middle School), sciences; Jorge Merino (High School), athletics; Laura Mieses (Twin Towers Middle School), perseverance/effort; Isaiah Miller (High School), mathematics; Eileen Neizer (High School), mathematics; Johnny Nieves (High School), perseverance/effort; Alexandra Payne (High School), mathematics; Keijah Perry (Twin Towers Middle School), performing and media arts; Talisa Peterson (High School), language arts; Everett Phillips, Jr. (Twin Towers Middle School), perseverance/effort; Ayanna Prekoh (Twin Towers Middle School), perseverance/effort; Shanice Pryce (High School), mathematics; Dominic Redmond (High School), mathematics; Fabiola Reyes (High School), sciences; Jose De Jesus Rivera (High School), mathematics; Karina Rosas (Monhagen Middle School), perseverance/effort; Janira Samuel (Monhagen Middle School), mathematics; Santos Sanchez (Twin Towers Middle School), language arts; Rafael Santiago (Twin Towers Middle School), sciences; Sahil Sharma (Monhagen Middle School), language arts; Vivek Sood (Twin Towers Middle School), perseverance/effort; Ashley Ten Eyck (Twin Towers Middle School), language arts; Chelsea Tilman (Monhagen Middle School), perseverance/effort; Francisco Torijano-Avila (High School), mathematics; Natalie Torres (High School), language arts; Jonathan Taylor (High School), perseverance/effort; Daryl Tunstall (High School), mathematics; Tatiana Vazquez (High School), mathematics; Alex Velazquez (Monhagen Middle School), mathematics; Daira Veloz (High School), athletics; Jordan Walker (High School), citizenship; Tia Walker (Monhagen Middle School), citizenship; John Waller (Twin Towers Middle School), mathematics; Tamara Walrond (Twin Towers Middle School), citizenship; Antonia White (High School), mathematics; Tariq Wilkins (Twin Towers Middle School), sciences; Carl Williams (High School), citizenship; Sean Williams (High School), citizenship; Dominique  (High School), performing and media arts; Brianna Young (High School), mathematics.

Minisink Valley Central School Distrtict

Emmely Aldave (Minisink Valley Middle School), mathematics; Sana Altaf (Middle School), mathematics; Katherine Alvarado (Minisink Valley High School), academic achievement; Jennifer Anderson (High School), academic achievement; Sara Chung (High School), perseverance/effort; Dru Curtis (Middle School), citizenship; Carli Davis (Middle School), language arts; Troy Davis (Middle School), perseverance/effort; Christina DeSantos (Middle School), mathematics; Renee Felter-Rodriquez (Middle School), language arts; Alexis Floyd (Middle School), mathematics; Alexis Forde (Middle School), mathematics; Ryan Hunte (High School), language arts; Monica Jeon (High School), academic achievement; Desmond Johnson (High School), academic achievement; Jazmin Lewis (High School), athletics; Jennifer Lin (Middle School), language arts; Obafunmi Oluwasusi (Middle School), athletics; Brijhae Ortiz (High School), academic achievement; Gye Park (Middle School), perseverance/effort; Stephanie Peña (Middle School), sciences; Lauren Phillips (High School), language arts; Jennifer Polanco (Middle School), athletics; Joshua Rivera (Middle School), mathematics; Garrett Sanders (High School), language arts; Peter Serrano (High School), academic achievement; Aminah Shah (Middle School), sciences; Rhea Singh (Middle School), language arts; Inez Timberger (Middle School), sciences; Renee Watson (Middle School), citizenship.

Monroe-Woodbury Central School District

Elvis Alfonso-Acosta (Monroe-Woodbury High School), language arts; Gabriella Baez (High School), citizenship; Jonathan Luis Caraballo (High School), language arts; Alyssa Diaz (High School), academic achievement; Tyree Dicks (High School), citizenship; Fabienne Dorceus (High School), citizenship; Samantha Estevez (High School), performing and media arts; Dante Gray (Monroe-Woodbury Middle School), citizenship; Yesinia Lopez (Middle School), athletics; Brandon Matos (High School), language arts; Gabriel Mendez (High School), citizenship; Carmen Milian (High School), athletics; Marie Mitchell (High School), citizenship; Nicolette Nuñez (High School), mathematics; Brianna Olamiju (High School), academic achievement; Joshua Ramos (High School), sciences; Omar Rivas (High School), mathematics; Luis Rodriquez (High School), performing and media arts; Amber Scott (High School), language arts; Andrew Serrano (High School), mathematics; Stephanie Torres (High School), academic achievement; Julian White (High School), language arts.

Newburgh Enlarged City School District

Rayad Alexander (Heritage Junior High School), perseverance/effort; Yaritza Alvarez (Heritage Junior High School), perseverance/effort; Javier Alvarado (Newburgh Free Academy), perseverance/effort; Jennifer Amador-Garcia (Horizons on the Hudson), sciences; Christopher Andre (New Windsor School), athletics; Gerald Arroyo (Horizons on the Hudson), mathematics; Jesus Aviles (Meadow Hill School), mathematics; Tyshawn Bades (South Junior High School), perseverance/effort; Reniya Barrett (Gardnertown Fundamental Magnet School), perseverance/effort; Kimberly Bashvaldo (Heritage Junior High School), citizenship; Gladis Benitez (South Junior High School), citizenship; Christian Bennett (Horizons on the Hudson), performing and media arts; Anayeli Bernal (South Junior High School), language arts; Kayla Blenwald (Fostertown ETC Magnet School), citizenship; Brandon Booker (Heritage Junior High School), academic achievement; Denise Bravo (Newburgh Free Academy), sciences; Tanisha Brown (North Junior High School), perseverance/effort; Alivia Burks (Newburgh Free Academy), perseverance/effort; Jonesha Carr (North Junior High School), citizenship; Raul Castillo (South Junior High School), perseverance/effort; Cindy Castro (Newburgh Free Academy), perseverance/effort; Tanisha Nicole Coicou (North Junior High School), performing and media arts; Chanté Collins (North Junior High School), performing and media arts; Kadiejah Collins (South Junior High School), language arts; Sharon Conejo (Heritage Junior High School), language arts; Alexis Conroy (North Junior High School), perseverance/effort; Lauren Cooke (GAMS Tech Magnet School), perseverance/effort; Chante Coppedge (North Junior High School), athletics; Michael Daniel Corlett (North Junior High School), performing and media arts; Dana Cox (South Junior High School), language arts; Jessica Cruz Ramos (GAMS Tech Magnet School), perseverance/effort; Karen Cruz (South Junior High School), language arts; Yessenia Cuadrado (North Junior High School), perseverance/effort; Melinda Cuello (Newburgh Free Academy), perseverance/effort; Smarthine Daudier (Fostertown ETC Magnet School), perseverance/effort; Amanda Davis (Newburgh Free Academy), perseverance/effort; Kaiya Dixon (South Junior High School), mathematics; Kristen Dorrmann (GAMS Tech Magnet School), citizenship; Matthew David Eason (North Junior High School), citizenship; Sheneikaah Eastman (Heritage Junior High School), mathematics; Radcliffe Eccleston (GAMS Tech Magnet School), mathematics; Shinora Ellis (Heritage Junior High School), perseverance/effort; Corina Escobar (Heritage Junior High School), citizenship; Amber Evans (North Junior High School), perseverance/effort; Chevelle Forrester (South Junior High School), perseverance/effort; Tevin Franklin (Heritage Junior High School), citizenship; Ricardo Frias (Meadow Hill School), perseverance/effort; Oscar Fuentes (Heritage Junior High School), language arts; Anthony Garcia (Fostertown ETC Magnet School), perseverance/effort; Myles Garcia (Gardnertown Fundamental Magnet School), language arts; Jose Giron (South Junior High School), perseverance/effort; Sandra Gomez (Newburgh Free Academy), sciences; Angelica Gonzalez (South Junior High School), perseverance/effort; Demerrick Gordon (Forstertown ETC Magnet School), perseverance/effort; Ge'vontay Grant (Meadow Hill School), perseverance/effort; Abilene Gutierrez (North Junior High School), sciences; Ronny Gutierrez (GAMS Tech Magnet School), perseverance/effort; Simon Gutierrez (Gardnertown Fundamental Magnet School), citizenship; Fatima Hanine (Temple Hill Academy), language arts; Joseph Harris (Temple Hill Academy), perseverance/effort; Toussaint Helm (Heritage Junior High School), academic achievement; Michelle Henderson (Temple Hill Academy), athletics; Ciara Foxx Hernandez (Newburgh Free Academy), perseverance/effort; Rosa Hernandez (Newburgh Free Academy), perseverance/effort; Benny Herrera (Newburgh Free Academy), perseverance/effort; Sandy Herrera (North Junior High School), perseverance/effort; Malaysia Hill (Vails Gate High Tech Magnet School), performing and media arts; Tyrone Hill (Heritage Junior High School), performing and media arts; Shadaijah Holland (Meadow Hill School), perseverance/effort; Matthew Izquierdo (Newburgh Free Academy), citizenship; Rachel Jackson (Gardnertown Fundamental Magnet School), language arts; Joy Johnson (Vails Gate High Tech Magnet School), mathematics; Samara Johnson (Heritage Junior High School), citizenship; Courtney Jones (Meadow Hill School), citizenship; Joseph Frank Julian (Temple Hill Academy), perseverance/effort; Pria Keemer (North Junior High School), perseverance/effort; Kaleem King (South Junior High School), perseverance/effort; Kerrie Landell (Newburgh Free Academy), athletics; Miangelica Laracuente (Heritage Junior High School), citizenship; Dyondria Latimore (South Junior High School), perseverance/effort; Amy Lau (Newburgh Free Academy), perseverance/effort; Darilyn Leach (Newburgh Free Academy), mathematics; Kenneth Lentz (GAMS Tech Magnet School), citizenship; Michael Lewis (South Junior High School), language arts; Rhazianae Lewis (Vails Gate High Tech Magnet School), language arts; Tommy Li (Balmville Elementary School), citizenship; Melchiorri Licciardi (Meadow Hill School), perseverance/effort; Nohelia Lopez (South Junior High School), perseverance/effort; Amanda Nicole Lugo (Fostertown ETC Magnet School), language arts; Markel Lunsford (North Junior High School, sciences; Melissa Maddux (Vails Gate High Tech Magnet School), perseverance/effort; Hyrije Mahmuti (Heritage Junior High School), citizenship; Lauren Maitner (GAMS Tech Magnet School), citizenship; Ksenia Makarova (North Junior High School), perseverance/effort; Andrea Manzo (North Junior High School), citizenship; Isaiah Matos (Balmville Elementary School), citizenship; Kathryn McKenzie (Horizons on the Hudson), sciences; Lorice McKenzie (North Junior High School), performing and media arts; Rene Mejía (South Junior High School), perseverance/effort; Isis Melvin (South Junior High School), language arts; Melinda Mera (South Junior High School), perseverance/effort; Jahimara Meraz (New Windsor School), performing and media arts; Essence Miller (Meadow Hill School), perseverance/effort; Jazmin Mitzin (Temple Hill Academy), mathematics; Malika Monell (GAMS Tech Magnet School); perseverance/effort; Derrick Moody (North Junior High School), perseverance/effort; Dafné Moran (North Junior High School), language arts; Lucía Moreno (Newburgh Free Academy), perseverance/effort; Silvia Moreno (Temple Hill Academy), language arts; Nia Newton (Newburgh Free Academy), language arts; Kyle Oates (Balmville Elementay School), perseverance/effort; Debbie Ocampo (Newburgh Free Academy), mathematics; Jovan O'Neal (North Junior High School), perseverance/effort; John-Michael Ortega (GAMS Tech Magnet School), perseverance/effort; Karina Parsons (South Junior High School), language arts; Gaston Patrocinio (GAMS Tech Magnet School), perseverance/effort; Shayna Peachey (Heritage Junior High School), academic achievement; Christy Pearson (Newburgh Free Academy), perseverance/effort; Andre Clifford Porter (North Junior High School), performing and media arts; Tamara Quiñones (Gardnertown Fundamental Magnet School), citizenship; Wazir Rafeek (Fostertown ETC Magnet School), language arts; Tatianna Ralston (North Junior High School), citizenship; Tiamani Ralston (Gardnertown Fundamental Elementary School), perseverance/effort; Franklin Ramirez (Newburgh Free Academy), perseverance/effort; Dechean Venton Rankine (North Junior High School), performing and media arts; Brenda Raya (South Junior High School), mathematics; Bashiyra Reed (Newburgh Free Academy), citizenship; Antonio Rosas (Meadow Hill School), mathematics; Stanley Saloman (Temple Hill Academy), citizenship; Angel Sanchez (Horizons on the Hudson), athletics; A'Leeyah Russell (Vails Gate High Tech Magnet School), perseverance/effort; Teresa E. Sanchez (Gardnertown Fundamental Magnet School), performing and media arts; Siomara Sanders (Heritage Junior High School), athletics; Gloria Santiago (Newburgh Free Academy), perseverance/effort; Victor Santiago (New Windsor School), citizenship; Benjamin Sayed (Newburgh Free Academy), performing and media arts; Thomas Scott (South Junior High School), language arts; Fredrick Simoni (New Windsor School School), mathematics; Danica Sinclair (Newburgh Free Academy), performing and media arts; Fatima Smith (South Junior High School), language arts; Alexandra Spearman (North Junior High School), perseverance/effort; Noel Spearman (Vails Gate High Tech Magnet School), athletics; Michael Paul Spencer (Newburgh Free Academy), athletics; Aubree Electia Stevens (North Junior High School), sciences; Jalysa Stewart (Newburgh Free Academy), perseverance/effort; Terrence Sturdivant (Newburgh Free Academy), athletics; Desiree Sutton (South Junior High School), perseverance/effort; Julian Torriente (Newburgh Free Academy), perseverance/effort; Emanuel Velazquez (North Junior High School), sciences; Jakelinne Vilchez (Newburgh Free Academy), perseverance/effort; Gina Villachica (New Windsor School), language arts; Daniel Wallace (Gardnertown Fundamental Magnet School), perseverance/effort; Diera Ware (Temple Hill Academy), mathematics; Robert Ware (South Junior High School), perseverance/effort; Renee Wiley-DeGroat (South Junior High School), athletics; Brandy Williams (Meadow Hill School), perseverance/effort; Jalisa Williams (Heritage Junior High School), citizenship; Iyonna Wilson (Heritage Junior High School), perseverance/effort; Lia Zelada (Newburgh Free Academy), athletics.

Pine Bush Central School District

Amanda Allspach (Crispell Middle School), citizenship; Katlyn Amin (Circleville Middle School), academic achievement; Jeremy Batis (Crispell Middle School), language arts; Megan Battle (Crispell Middle School), sciences; Kahlil Bonneau (Crispell Middle School), perseverance/effort; Brianna Brooks (Circleville Middle School), academic achievement; Brian Brown (Pine Bush High School), citizenship; Enoch Elijah Byrd (Crispell Middle School), language arts; Brian Casillas (Crispell Middle School), perseverance/effort; Karl Casseus (Crispell Middle School), mathematics; Esther Chao (Circleville Middle School), language arts; Austin Custodio (Crispell Middle School), sciences; Brenda Davis (High School), perseverance/effort; Rich Delacruz (Crispell Middle School), perseverance/effort; Gabby Dizon (Crispell Middle School), language arts; Grace Eskew (Crispell Middle School),.mathematics; Tajh Evans (High School), language arts; Simone Francis (High School), language arts; Diana Gallego (High School), sciences; Andreia Galo (Circleville Middle School), citizenship; Terrence Gray (Circleville Middle School), academic achievement; Brian Guzman (Crispell Middle School), athletics; Jonathon Guzman (Circleville Middle School), mathematics; Shiana Herron (Circleville Middle School), language arts; Nijah Huggins (High School), perseverance/effort; Melinda Huseinovic (Crispell Middle School), perseverance/effort; Opeyemi Ifafore (High School), academic achievement; Leiquan Jeremiah (High School), academic achievement; Trevor Lewis (High School), academic achievement; Carl Long (Crispell Middle School), athletics; Phillip Lopez (Crispell Middle School), citizenship; Lia Martin (Crispell Middle School), citizenship; Kervin Mathieu (High School), academic achievement; Cassie Megna (Crispell Middle School), language arts; Jeremy Morrison (High School), perseverance/effort; Kevin Murray (Circleville Middle School), mathematics; Juliette Nelson (High School), performing and media arts; Marie Newball (Crispell Middle School), mathematics; Joemé Ortega (Crispell Middle School), citizenship; Julia Palacios (High School), perseverance/effort; Malaika Palacios (Circleville Middle School), language arts; Taryn Penebaker (Crispell Middle School), sciences; Larissa Pierre (Crispell Middle School), language arts; Kobie Pinkins (High School), academic achievement; Kayla Plummer (Crispell Middle School), language arts; Julissa Quezada (Crispell Middle School), sciences; Shanice Ramsay (Circleville Middle School), perseverance/effort; Richard Reid (Crispell Middle School), perseverance/effort; Hasani Robbins (High School), performing and media arts; Jazz Sanchez (Crispell Middle School), citizenship; Gino Souffrant (High School), academic achievement; Zina Teague (High School), academic achievement; Deaunte Timmons (Circleville Middle School), sciences; Takana Tubo (High School), sciences; Marcel Tucker (High School), language arts; Korina Wall (Crispell Middle School), citizenship; Tiana Waller (High School), sciences; Rebecca Warbington (Circleville Middle School), citizenship; Maya Williams (High School), language arts; Tommy Lee Winston (High School), language arts.

Port Jervis City School District

Diamond Avant (Anna S. Kuhl Elementary School), performing and media arts; Jermone Bethea (Port Jervis Middle School), performing and media arts; Justice Bethea (Hamilton Bicentennial Elementary School), language arts; Marcus Burbridge (Port Jervis High School), athletics; Tajh-javon Burton (Middle School), performing and media arts; Kalissa Caesar (Middle School), performing and media arts; Bryanna Cortez (Middle School), language arts; Vanessa Cummings (High School), mathematics; Anthony Dipsingh (Middle School), performing and media arts; Christina Ellanson (Hamilton Bicentennial Elementary School), performing and media arts; Rashaad Escamilla (Anna S. Kuhl Elementary School), sciences; Nicholas Evans (Hamilton Bicentennial Elementary School), performing and media arts; Rebecca Falcon (High School), performing and media arts; Isaiah Gillian (High School), academic achievement; Niambi Green (Hamilton Bicentennial Elementary School), perseverance/effort; Nashana Hansford (High School), academic achievement; Robert Knight Jr. (Middle School), mathematics; Elijah Lewis (Middle School), athletics; Gwendolyn Lewis (High School), language arts; Frank Liranzo (Hamilton Bicentennial Elementary School), perseverance/effort; Melissa Louis-Jaques (High School), language arts; Kenneth Lunford (Middle School), citizenship; Malik Miller (Middle School), athletics; Tiyonna Miller (Middle School), language arts; Travarn Miller (High School), mathematics; Chanel Morrissey (High School), perseverance/effort; Lashaunda Morrissey (High School), perseverance/effort; Dobromila Pokorny (High School), performing and media arts; Omary Powerful (Middle School), citizenship; Sarah Quiñones (Middle School), mathematics; Diamond Ragland (High School), language arts; Christian Rodriguez (Middle School), athletics; Lionel Samalot (High School), sciences; Sally Santiago (Middle School), sciences; Rebecca Serrano (High School), perseverance/effort; Tajhee Shearn (Anna S. Kuhl Elementary School), citizenship; Tyrique Shearn (High School), performing and media arts; Reixenet Sheppard (Anna S. Kuhl Elementary School), performing and media arts; Charles Thompson II (High School), sciences; River Torres (Middle School), perseverance/effort; Jane Vasquez (High School), perseverance/effort; Namarie Vasquez (High School), mathematics.

Tuxedo Union Free School District

Marvette Hairston (George F. Baker Tuxedo High School), perseverance/effort.

Valley Central School District

Devinn Askew (Valley Central High School), athletics; Ohmaira Barbosa (Valley Central Middle School), language arts; Jestine Betances (High School), perseverance/effort; Elaine Betancourt (High School_, language arts; Deadrianne Billups (Middle School), citizenship; Victor Borges (Middle School), sciences; Christina Couto (Middle School), mathematics; Jeremiah DeJesus (High School), perseverance/effort; Rebecca DeJesus (High School), mathematics; Chaniqua Graham (High School), perseverance/effort; Daquasha Graham (High School), perseverance/effort; Umar Hasan (High School), sciences; Shyasia Howard (High School), language arts; Xavier Lewis (High School), performing and media arts; Joseph Maldonado (High School), language arts; Alexis Mandry (High School), sciences; Courtney Moore (High School), language arts; Nicol Osborne (Middle School), language arts; Veronika Parrilla (High School), perseverance/effort; Nikol Pettine (Middle School), sciences; Caridad Ramirez (High School), language arts; Delia Ramos (High School), mathematics; Jasmine Ramos (High School), perseverance/effort; Stacey Robinson (High School), sciences; Lester Rowland (Middle School), citizenship; Diego Tabarez (High School), perseverance/effort; Zakiya Tomlinson (High School), perseverance/effort; Christine Torres (High School), language arts; Maria Udeke (High School), citizenship; Kerri Washington (High School), language arts; Isaiah Wilson (Middle School), academic achievement; William W. Woodard III (High School), citizenship.

Warwick Valley Central School District

Davidta Brown (Warwick Valley High School), language arts; Deirdre Davis (Warwick Valley Middle School), citizenship; Noel Dibona (Middle School), language arts; Sarah Dickson (High School), perseverance/effort; Rosa Genetti (Middle School), language arts; Brittany Jackson (Middle School), language arts; Sravya Kavuri (Middle School), citizenship; Alyssa Santana (High School), perseverance/effort; Olivia Stewart (High School), perseverance/effort; María Thompson (High School), perseverance/effort; Lauren Wu (Middle School), language arts.

Washingtonville Central School District

Jessica Alicea (Washingtonville High School), sciences; Ira Alquiros Jr. (Washingtonville Middle School), sciences; Amanda Arroyo (High School), language arts; Allison Ayala (High School), performing and media arts; Salina Benitez (High School), mathematics; Aditya Bhagirath (Middle School), language arts; Neha Bhagirth (High School), athletics; Aileen Bidad (Middle School), mathematics; Kathleen Bidad (Middle School), sciences; Mariah Buzzell (Middle School), mathematics; Christina Cerezo (High School), perseverance/effort; Kelley Chan-Fong (High School), language arts; Kayla Chen (Middle School), mathematics; Guadalupe Colangelo (Middle School), language arts; Betina de la Cruz (Middle School), sciences; Jose Gabriel de la Cruz (Middle School), language arts; Destinee DiDomenico (Middle School), language arts; James Dominguez (Middle School), sciences; Kiara Eli (High School), mathematics; Jessica Erondu (Middle School), language arts; Alyssa Fernandez (High School), language arts; Joshua Floyd (Middle School), sciences; Amanda Gonzalez (High School), perseverance/effort; Ana Gonzalez (Middle School), mathematics; Diego Gonzalez (Middle School), mathematics; Kristal Gonzalez (High School), mathematics; Zenaida Gonzalez (High School), citizenship; Jordan Helpley (Middle School), sciences; Michael Hom (Middle School), mathematics; Stephanie Hom (Middle School), sciences; Daniel Irizarry (High School), mathematics; Aaminah Jamal (Middle School), mathematics; Samantha Jimenez (Middle School), language arts; Danielle King (Middle School), language arts; Christina Knowles (Middle School), mathematics; Lauren Knowles (Middle School), sciences; Artan Lajqi (Middle School), language arts; Chynna Lewis (Middle School), mathematics; Miguel (Michael) Liriano (Middle School), mathematics; Adrianna Magarino (High School), performing and media arts; Daniel Magarino (Middle School), mathematics; Amanda Maldonado (High School), performing and media arts; Angelo Mediavilla (Middle School), sciences; Victoria Mendoza (High School), language arts; Carlos Mercado (Middle School), mathematics; David Morales (Middle School), sciences; Raul Morales (Middle School), mathematics; Francesca Muñoz (High School), perseverance/effort; Kayla Nales (High School), performing and media arts; Jyothi Nair (High School), perseverance/effort; Ryan Nguyen (Middle School), mathematics; Samantha Nguyen (Middle School), mathematics; Jenne Norris (High School), citizenship; Christina Ortiz (Middle School), mathematics; Demi Padilla (High School), language arts; Hilary Pagan (Middle School), perseverance/effort; Mala Parmesar (High School), perseverance/effort; Klynt Ramjattan (High School), performing and media arts; D'Yonna Riley (Middle School), mathematics; Jose Rivera (High School), performing and media arts; Elyssa Rodriguez (High School), language arts; Liana Rodriguez (Middle School), sciences; Richard Rodriguez (High School), perseverance/effort; Brett Roman (High School), perseverance/effort; Jhavon Schmidt (Middle School), mathematics; Brianna Serrano (Middle School), sciences; Sarah Shidid (High School), mathematics; Emily Siegel-Solonche (High School), performing and media arts; Amanda Vojta (Middle School), sciences; Raphael Warnon (Middle School), mathematics; Jabari White (High School), mathematics; Karimahi White (Middle School), mathematics; Alyssa Wu (High School), sciences.

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