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Have you been thinking about a teaching career? Are you a “natural” working with children?

The SUNY Orange Education Department provides courses for several career paths, and at two years old, is growing quickly as we endeavor to meet educational needs and challenges in Orange County and beyond. As a community college, we are dedicated to presenting relevant opportunities for residents to expand their knowledge, enrich their lives and pursue their dreams. This new department does that in several ways.

Did you know the SUNY Orange Education Department offers these different career programs?

• The two-year A.A.S. career degree in Early Childhood Development and Care prepares you for immediate employment after graduation as a head teacher or assistant in non-public pre-schools, nursery schools or child care centers. Included are more than 240 hours of direct observation or hands-on participation in local early learning sites.
• The two-year JRTEP A.A. or A.S. degree is a special program for those students who plan to transfer to SUNY New Paltz and complete a B.A. or B.S. leading to a New York State (NYS) Teaching Certificate for a career in public school. Between 24 and 80 hours of observation and participation are included.
• The two-year Liberal Arts A.A. or A.S. transfer degree, with the Foundations of Education interest area, has a solid general education foundation and a choice of several Education courses. After graduation from a transfer institution, with a NYS Teaching Certificate you can teach in the public school system.
• The 24-credit Teaching Assistant Certificate meets the NYS requirements for teaching assistants, and all courses also apply toward a degree at SUNY Orange or a four-year institution.
• We partner with more than 90 community agencies who host Education students for “real life” learning.

Educational Trends in the Hudson Valley

SUNY Orange recognizes the importance of offering appropriate programs that match current trends. The Education Department has designed existing and new courses considering these trends:

• The NYS Department of Labor projects the following areas of increased need in education, from now through 2010: 38 percent for pre-K and kindergarten teachers, 23 percent for secondary school teachers, 23 percent for teaching assistants, 16 percent for child care workers, and 12 percent for elementary teachers. Why? Local population increases bring in more children, and baby boomer teachers are retiring.
• Local school districts predict significant increases in pre-K and kindergarten in the next few years. Why? The grandchildren of baby boomers will be enrolling.
• Sadly, rising child abuse and violent school incidents prompted the New York State Education Department to mandate training and certificates for many professionals who interact with children.

In response, SUNY Orange has created transfer teacher prep programs to teach both ends of the education spectrum, early childhood and adolescence, as well as the existing elementary level. A new one-credit course serves as training to receive two New York State-mandated certificates. It has a “drop-in option” for those who only want the certificate training and not a full semester course.

Quality academic and practical courses, effective teaching, excellent preparation and community collaboration combine to make SUNY Orange, and its Education Department, a worthwhile partner for your future. For more information, contact the Education Department at 845-341-4354, or visit

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