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Do you like to figure out how pieces and parts go together? Do you spend time thinking about how rooms and spaces can be arranged? Do you find yourself glued to the Do-It-Yourself television shows? Can you visualize yourself working as part of an architectural team?

If so, consider taking a harder look at SUNY Orange’s Architectural Technology Program.
As Orange County, and our entire region, continues to grow, opportunities are favorable for careers in building-related fields. The SUNY Orange Architectural Technology Program is dedicated to providing an educational experience that prepares students for professional workplace conditions, arms them with relevant and state-of-the-art training using industry-driven technology, and introduces students to many aspects of the building professions, thereby preparing them for several options after two years of study.

Why study Architectural Technology?

Architecture is everywhere. We spend the majority of our time living and working in buildings, walking or driving from building to building, being entertained in buildings, and even admiring buildings. From historic restoration and renovation to brand new development projects to long-term facilities management, building projects take a great deal of planning and designing. At each stage, architectural team members document their plans, prepare drawings and reports, and communicate with consultants.
Graduates make careers, most often as CAD operators, in many different building-related fields: architectural firms, engineering firms, building product manufacturers, governmental agencies, general contracting firms, institutional facilities, specialty consultant firms, and kitchen and bath consultants.

Why study Architectural Technology at SUNY Orange?

The answer is simple: a highly effective learning community at an affordable cost. The combination of lecture and lab format for most courses gives students a foundation upon which to build and hands on learning experiences that are designed to simulate actual workplace projects. A curriculum that is responsive to workplace and industry-driven demands is offered in a state of the art CAD lab. Students learn valuable skills that make them competitive in the workforce and receive the breadth needed to connect the dots between topics and specialties.

Employment and Transfer Opportunities

• The College’s two-year program offers courses in five broad categories, creating a foundational knowledge base applicable to entry-level work or transfer to upper division colleges and universities.
• Upon graduation, students will leave with a digital portfolio that uses the latest software to document their work, enabling graduates to join architectural and building-related teams as productive and versatile members or to transfer into architecture schools.
• In a state-of-the-art lab, coursework incorporates computer graphics, virtual and physical model building, along with sketching and presentation skills, and projects that deal with real sites in the local community. Emphasis is on in-depth projects.
• For those who intend to transfer, getting your start at SUNY Orange may be a wise choice. We are currently working on transfer articulation agreements with several upper division schools of architecture.

To learn more, contact Stacey Moegenburg at (845) 341-4555 or with questions on architecturally related careers and how you can get your start at SUNY Orange now!

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