SUNY Orange Program Celebrates Diversity and Achievement; Awards Banquet Set for March 9

MIDDLETOWN, N.Y. – SUNY Orange will formally recognize nearly 600 local elementary and secondary school students for their achievements in a variety of educational areas when the College hosts the awards banquet for its 18th annual Sojourner Truth Awards Program at 7 p.m., March 9 in the Physical Education Building.

The Sojourner Truth Awards Program hails students from grades 6 through 12 who have demonstrated skills in areas such as language arts, mathematics, sciences, performing and media arts, athletics, citizenship, and perseverance/effort. The program aims to promote education in a positive manner and encourage students to strive for a college degree. A total of 578 students were cited for their achievement this year.

Dr. Roberto Calderín, a member of the College’s Board of Trustees as well as a distinguished school and community leader, will serve as the keynote speaker.

Calderín was the first in his family to graduate from college. He has bachelor’s and master’s degrees from Fordham University, as well as a doctorate in Education. He also boasts a master’s degree from the City University of New York. Currently he is the principal of New Windsor Elementary School. Calderín is a longtime activist in civic and
Hispanic causes.

He has served on the boards of numerous community and civic organizations, was president of the first all-Latino Kiwanis Club in the state of New York and helped organize a Hispanic group that lobbies state legislators on education issues. He is the former chairman of the Orange County Human Rights Commission and co-chaired it first Joint Summit on the state of human rights and workforce diversity in Orange County. Calderín is an active member of the Orange County United Way as well.

He has received numerous citations and awards, including the T. Walsh McMillan Award for education leadership from the State Administrator’s Association of New York State; the 2006 Dissertation of the Year Award from Fordham University; and the 2006 National Distinguished Principal Award from the National Association of Elementary School Principals.

Sojourner Truth, for whom the program is named, lived in the mid-Hudson Valley after escaping from slavery. She is hailed as one of the most distinguished and highly regarded women of the 19th century. Born Isabella Bomefree (later spelled Baumfree) about 1797 in Hurley, N.Y., Isabella was sold four times, until she and her daughter were given their freedom in 1828. Isabella spoke low Dutch until she was about 10 years old and never learned to read or

In 1843 she changed her name Sojourner Truth to better reflect her chosen missions of traveling to show people their sins and telling them what is true. Sojourner Truth is often referred to as one of the most effective and powerful
speech-makers of her time.

Corporate funding for the program and awards banquet comes from Orange & Rockland Utilities, Provident Bank, Cellular One, Jubilee Multi-Cultural Arts and the Latin Jubilee Radio Show (WTBQ Radio, 1110 AM).

To learn more about this program, please call the Office for Student Services at 341-4000 or e-mail

2007 Awards Recipients

Orange-Ulster BOCES
Remy Lopez (Pine Bush High School, Satellite), perseverance/effort; Joshua Parilla (Minisink High School, Satellite), perseverance/effort.

Chester Union Free School District (all Chester Academy)
Cristina Alfaro, academic achievement; Luis Alfaro, language arts; Kareem Anderson, citizenship; Latazia Cannon, academic achievement; Alexy Derevyankin, language arts; Andrew Diaz, sciences; Eduardo Flores, language arts; Jillian Guerra, academic achievement; Matthew Hernandez, sciences; Aruba Iqbal, language arts; Rishi Patel, academic achievement; Lucy Ann Peña, language arts, Yaroslav Pidvysotski, academic achievement, Derrick Sharp, mathematics; Maria Vinueza, mathematics.

Cornwall Central School District (all Middle School)
Elise Halen Cuevas, language arts; Charles DePuy, perseverance/effort.

Florida Union Free School District (All S.S. Seward Institute)
Naomi Abel, language arts; Viviana Alers, language arts; Adam Leary, citizenship; Alexandra Lewis, mathematics; Andrew Millan, language arts; Katrisha Paul, sciences; Adriana Reyes, sciences; Terrelle Santiago, athletics; Chaka Velasquez, citizenship; Jessica Velez, language arts; Maegan Villaverde, performing & media arts; DeNiro Yorke, perseverance/effort; DiMitri Yorke Jackson, perseverance/effort.

Goshen Central School District
Ryan Anderson (High School), sciences; Justin A. Brantley (CJ Hooker Middle School), mathematics; Maegan A. Cadet (Middle School), language arts; De'Ja Edwards (High School), perseverance/effort; Emily Fonseca (Middle School), language arts; Jean Rene Francois (High School), athletics; Anna Goyzueta (C Middle School), citizenship; Arielle Goyzueta (High School), language arts; Victoria Hale (Middle School), citizenship; Nancy Hernandez (Middle School), citizenship; Jennifer H. Kang (Middle School), language arts; Joyce Kang (High School), mathematics; Emilie Murphy (Middle School), citizenship; Jacqueline Ortiz (Middle School), language arts; Rebecca Paulino (High School), perseverance/effort; Amanda Plata (High School), language arts; Wajeeha Qureshi (High School), mathematics; Noe Ramirez, Jr. (Middle School), citizenship; Robert Roehrich (Middle School), citizenship; Alexandra Santiago (Middle School), perseverance/effort; Shannen Santiago (High School), mathematics; Josh Shih (Middle School), mathematics; Tomas Smith (High School), mathematics; Huntley Thomas (High School), athletics; Michaela L. Torres (Middle School), perseverance/effort; Erin W. VanDunk (Middle School), citizenship; Anthony J. Zelenka (Middle School), citizenship.

Greenwood Lake Union Free School District (all Middle School)
Zoila Andrade, perseverance/effort; Simone Burgard, athletics; Hensley Caraballo, perseverance/effort, Stephanie Purdy, athletics; Keyniah Robinson, athletics.

Highland Falls-Fort Montgomery Central School District
Juan Arias (Highland Falls Middle School), language arts; Adrian Baez (Middle School), sciences; Maria Estelle (Middle School), sciences; Saahil Fruitwala (Middle School), mathematics; Ambriea Harris (Middle School), citizenship; Jalen Hunter (Middle School), performing and media arts; Ben Johnson (High School), athletics; Cinnamon Johnson (High School), mathematics; Steve Lasaten (High School), athletics; Sarah Lopez (Middle School), citizenship; Ray McCourry (High School), athletics; Diana Moyano (Middle School), mathematics; John Njoga (Middle School), perseverance/effort; Julissa Nuñez (Middle School), perseverance/effort; Christopher Olave (Middle School), athletics; Luis Miguel Ortiz (Middle School), perseverance/effort; Rafael Paiva (High School), mathematics; Luis Quinteros (Middle School), perseverance/effort; Denise Rodriguez (High School), perseverance/effort; Jennifer Staten (Middle School), performing and media arts; Natisha Thompson (High School), perseverance/effort; Elvin Urena (Middle School), perseverance/effort; Jennifer Urrego (Middle School), performing and media arts; Emmanuel Vasquez (Middle School), athletics; Stephanie Velez (High School), athletics; John Walter (Middle School), athletics; Serena Weiss (Middle School), language arts.

Middletown School District
Jorge Acevedo (Monhagen Middle School), perseverance/effort; Liz Agosto (Senior High), academic achievement; Karen Aldana (Monhagen Middle School), academic achievement; Taj-Monet Anthony (Senior High School), mathematics; Wayne Beam (Senior High), mathematics; Lisa Broughton (Monhagen Middle School), citizenship; Adriana Bruno (Senior High), perseverance/effort; Rayna Burke (Senior High), sciences; Johnny Campos (Twin Towers Middle School), academic achievement; Julisa Clarke (Senior High), language arts; Dimitris Coffer (Senior High), language arts; Richard Constant (Senior High), sciences; Fabio Cuero (Monhagen Middle School), language arts; Hailey Cummings (Monhagen Middle School), citizenship; Trisha Efiom (Twin Towers Middle School), language arts; Shaun Geary (Senior High), sciences; Maria Gil (Monhagen Middle School), perseverance/effort; Sofia Godinez (Twin Towers Middle School), perseverance/effort; Jessica Gonzalez (Senior High), perseverance/effort; Samantha Heater (Senior High), perseverance/effort; Jacqueline Holley (Senior High), perseverance/effort; Charlene Jackson-Duncan (Monhagen Middle School), sciences; Kinjite Jervier (Senior High), perseverance/effort; Kalika King (Monhagen Middle School), perseverance/effort; Becky Lee (Senior High), perseverance/effort; Debbie-Ann Linton (Senior High), perseverance/effort; Daniel Mendoza (Senior High), citizenship; Eleazar Mendoza (Twin Towers Middle School), performing and media arts; Levaughn Mitchell (Senior High), athletics; Devin Morales (Senior High), sciences; Kenneth Myrie (Monhagen Middle School), academic achievement; Phuoug Nguyen (Senior High), perseverance/effort; Nicole Noel (Senior High), perseverance/effort; Daisy Perez (Twin Towers Middle School), mathematics; Lina Perez (Twin Towers Middle School), citizenship; Macia Pickett (Senior High), academic achievement; Rhonda Plant (Senior High), language arts; Dominique Prioleau (Senior High), mathematics; Jaritza Ramirez (Senior High), sciences; Dominic Redmond (Twin Towers Middle School), performing and media arts; Jose Rentas (Senior High), sciences; Jose A. Rivera (Senior High), perseverance/effort; Eduardo Romero (Monhagen Middle School), perseverance/effort; Karina Rosas (Monhagen Middle School), citizenship; Shavel Samuels (Monhagen Middle School), mathematics; Jessica Sanchez (Monhagen Middle School), perseverance/effort; Winston James Scarlett (Senior High), language arts; Chelsea Scott (Twin Towers Middle School), academic achievement; Roxana Segundo (Twin Towers Middle School), perseverance/effort; Shivani Sharma (Twin Towers Middle School), language arts; Jasio Sierra (Senior High), performing and media arts; Sheena Simpkins (Senior High), athletics; Vivek Sood (Twin Towers Middle School), mathematics; Paul Strachan (Senior High), performing and media arts; Shannon Strachan (Senior High), perseverance/effort; Jourdan Taylor (Senior High), perseverance/effort; Jazmin Tejada (Monhagen Middle School), language arts; Ashley Ten Eyck (Twin Towers Middle School), language arts; Sasha Thompson (Senior High), language arts; Jasmine Torres (Twin Towers Middle School), citizenship; Jonathan Vazquez (Senior High), perseverance/effort; Alex Velazquez (Monhagen Middle School), mathematics; David Victoria (Twin Towers Middle School), perseverance/effort; Jasmine Warren (Senior High), performing and media arts; Simonette White (Senior High), citizenship; Roshane Williams (Senior High), sciences; Lindsey Wilson (Senior High), sciences; Ikea Wright (Senior High), language arts; Ammar Yaseen (Senior High), sciences; Melanny Zenteno (Twin Towers Middle School), perseverance/effort.

Minisink Valley Central School District
Sameer Altaf (Middle School), citizenship; Andrés Anderson (High School), citizenship; Valeria Bianchi (High School), performing arts and media; Jeremiah Biddle (High School), academic achievement; Faith Biggs (Middle School), perseverance/effort; Kelly Chu (Middle School), language arts; Brandon Corniel (Middle School), mathematics; Troy Davis (Middle School), language arts; Daniel Desplantes (High School), citizenship; Jean-Claude Dowden (Middle School), athletics; Francesca Duncan (Middle School), mathematics; Nicole Earl (Middle School), perseverance/effort; Alexander Garcia (High School), citizenship; Jessica Green (High School), perseverance/effort; Juan Guerrero (Middle School), citizenship; Jinette Hilario (Middle School), mathematics; Richard Hunte (High School), academic achievement; Ryan Hunte (Middle School), perseverance/effort; Samantha Irizarry (Middle School), mathematics; Desmond Johnson (High School), citizenship; Chelsea Lopez (Middle School), language arts; Kenneth Shane Lopez (Middle School), mathematics; Ruth Lopez (High School), citizenship; Elizabeth Medina (Middle School), sciences; Amber Mori (Middle School), athletics; Ashley Mori (Middle School), athletics; Obafunmi Oluwasusi (Middle School), citizenship; Junique Ortiz (Middle School), language arts; Christopher Perez (Middle School), sciences; Shellie Sampson (Middle School), language arts; Rhea Singh (Middle School), language arts; Jessica Soriano (Middle School), mathematics; Michelle Tellez (Middle School), perseverance/effort; Pelin Tian (Middle School), perseverance/effort; Richard Wilson (High School), citizenship.

Monroe-Woodbury Central School District
Hector Caraballo (Middle School), perseverance/effort; Ashley Carter ( High School), performing and media arts; Katherine Crisostomo (Middle School), sciences; Ugonna Eze (Middle School), performing and media arts; Brandon Figueroa (Middle School), language arts; Brianne Foster (Middle School), perseverance/effort; Messiah Francois (High School), sciences; D'Jara Galloway (High School), language arts; Jasmine Glover (Middle School), perseverance/effort; Melanie Harris (High School), academic achievement; Mya Hernandez (High School), academic achievement; Jason Hwang (Middle School), mathematics; Angela (Kun-Kun) Ko (Middle School), language arts; Katherine Kow (Middle School), language arts; Joanna Laskowaska (Middle School), perseverance/effort; Jennifer Lopez (High School), perseverance/effort; Christian Mariles (Middle School), language arts; Jessica-Ann Metellus (Middle School), language arts; Jeffrey Moeller (Middle School), citizenship; Dimitri Mylonas (Middle School), perseverance/effort; Nicolas Nieves (Middle School), mathematics; Nicolette Nuñez (High School), mathematics; Menesis Peguero (Middle School), perseverance/effort; Justin Porter (Middle School), citizenship; Simone Quartey (High School), language arts; Carlos Ramos (Middle School), language arts; Jo'el Ramos (High School), mathematics; Hugh Rhoden (Middle School), perseverance/effort; Ashley Roman (Middle School), citizenship; Zaheen Sarker (Middle School), language arts; Kumani Scott (Middle School), perseverance/effort; Sneha Shashikumar (Middle School), language arts; Dorian Skinner (Middle School), mathematics; Andres Torres (High School), sciences; Rostislav Udod (Middle School), language arts; Min Sun Wolf (Middle School), sciences; Shiya Wright (Middle School), perseverance/effort; Nicolette Zabala (Middle School), perseverance/effort.

Newburgh Enlarged City School District
Byron Acias ( South Junior High), sciences; Jane Ali (North Junior High), perseverance/effort; Jonas Allen (Balmville Elementary), sciences; Ashanti Atkins (Heritage Junior High), language arts; Brandon Baez (Gardnertown), citizenship; Milton Baker (Newburgh Free Academy), perseverance/effort; Anuj Bapodra (North Junior High), mathematics; Nathan Barrett (North Junior High), perseverance/effort; Zuri Beadle (South Junior High), mathematics; Zuleima Bello (Heritage Junior High), performing and media arts; Gina Benson (North Junior High), perseverance/effort; Chayla Bradley (Horizons-on-the-Hudson), perseverance/effort; Victor E. Bramble (Fostertown), mathematics; Daija Keyanna Bullard (Fostertown), language arts; Jeancarlos A. Bustamante (South Junior High), mathematics; Vanessa Buzeta (NFA), perseverance/effort; Blake Byrd (South Junior High), perseverance/effort; Talibah Byrd (Balmville), citizenship; Eveling Carbajal (Heritage Junior High), academic achievement; Chris Carter (South Junior High), mathematics; Jenna Carter-Johnson (Temple Hill Academy), citizenship; Lawrence Chappy (NFA), perseverance/effort; Jose Cholula (GAMS Tech), mathematics; Christina Clyburn (North Junior High), academic achievement; Efrain Collante (Vails Gate), citizenship; Angel Colon (New Windsor), perseverance/effort; Tzamira Cotton (North Junior High), performing and media arts; Qualyc Curry (NFA), perseverance/effort, Violeta Dávila (GAMS Tech), perseverance/effort; Alex de la Rosa (Heritage Junior High), performing and media arts; Adelyn Diaz DeLaRocha (NFA), academic achievement; Janeth Dominguez (South Junior High), mathematics; Silvia Duque (Temple Hill), academic achievement; Hayley Dyer (Heritage Junior High), academic achievement; Ajia Eberhart (South Junior High), language arts; Christi Ernest (Temple Hill), mathematics; Michelle Eusse (Heritage Junior High), academic achievement; Amber Evans (North Junior High), language arts; Matthew Farmer (South Junior High), mathematics; Vaugn Everet Figaro-Harper (North Junior High), performing and media arts; Mario Flores (Meadow Hill), citizenship; Carl Francois (Temple Hill), perseverance/effort; Reggie Francois (South Junior High), mathematics; Tevin Franklin (GAMS Tech), mathematics; Julio Fuentes (New Windsor), mathematics; Badar Gill (Fostertown), mathematics; Jennifer Gillespie (NFA), perseverance/effort; Kashala Granby (North Junior High), perseverance/effort; Cierra Hatchett ( North Junior High), perseverance/effort; Siidra Hayden (GAMS Tech), perseverance/effort; Shondéya Haylett (NFA), perseverance/effort; Toussaint Helm (GAMS Tech), language arts; Ines Hernandez (South Junior High), performing and media arts; Jonathan Herrera (Heritage Junior High), mathematics; Carla'ja' Herring (North Junior High), perseverance/effort; Xavier Holmes (GAMS Tech), athletics; Jonathan Iglesias (Temple Hill), mathematics; Courtney Irwin (Temple Hill), citizenship; Miriam Izaguirre (North Junior High), perseverance/effort; Kiana Jeffers (Vails Gate), language arts; Justice Kennedy (Horizons-on-the-Hudson), perseverance/effort; Justine Kennedy (Horizons-on-the-Hudson), perseverance/effort; Jacques Laine (Gardnertown), mathematics; Darilyn Leach (South Junior High), language arts; Grecia Lemus (Heritage Junior High), academic achievement; Ellen Lennon (NFA), perseverance/effort; Jospeh Lewis (NFA), perseverance/effort; Corrina Chanelle Little (Fostertown), performing and media arts; Dan Dan Liu NFA), perseverance/effort; Tiffany Lok (Fostertown), citizenship; Mariela Lopez (GAMS Tech), citizenship; Melida Lopez-Vazquez (South Junior High), language arts; Halleyka Lowe (Heritage Junior High), citizenship; Yeraldin Machuca (South Junior High), sciences; Benito Madonia (GAMS Tech), perseverance/effort; Laura Majano (South Junior High), language arts; Myles Mann (New Windsor), performing and media arts; Andrea Manzo (North Junior High), language arts; Darrn Marshall (Gardnertown), citizenship; Isabel Martinez (South Junior High), sciences; Jason McAllister (Heritage Junior High), citizenship; John McClain (NFA), perseverance/effort; Danielle McHolder (NFA), sciences; K'Sha McMillan (South Junior High), perseverance/effort; Konya McMillian (GAMS Tech), mathematics; Dondre Meade (North Junior High), perseverance/effort; Kamil Mehmet (North Junior High), perseverance/effort; Kenny Mejia (North Junior High), citizenship; Jamaya Melvin (NFA), citizenship; Juan Mendoza (North Junior High), sciences; Levi Miles (NFA), sciences; Richard Mitchell (NFA), perseverance/effort; Marisol Montes (New Windsor), language arts; Maria Muñiz (South Junior High), perseverance/effort; Louis Nani (North Junior High), academic achievement; Craig Nelson (NFA), sciences; Kyle Newman (South Junior High), citizenship; Jorge Ordoñez (NFA), perseverance/effort; Brock Ortega (NFA), perseverance/effort; Renato Ortiz (NFA), perseverance/effort; Troy Overton (New Windsor), sciences; Christian Panchame (GAMS Tech), mathematics; Randy Patterson (North Junior High), academic achievement; Shayna Peachey (Heritage Junior High), perseverance/effort; Haylei Peart (Gardnertown), language arts; Exabia Pointer (Meadow Hill), perseverance/effort; Jazmin Raby (South Junior High), perseverance/effort; Lorena Ramirez (South Junior High), perseverance/effort; Lourdes Ramirez (Fostertown), perseverance/effort; Jasmine Ramon (Heritage Junior High), language arts; Gabrielle Ramos (GAMS Tech), language arts; Karina Reyes (NFA), language arts; James Riordan (Temple Hill), perseverance/effort; Loida Rivera (South Junior High), language arts; Manuel Rivera (South Junior High, mathematics; Camille Rosa (Gardnertown), language arts; Crystal Sanchez (Vails Gate), mathematics; Ramon J. Santos (NFA), performing and media arts; Chanet Sawyer (South Junior High), mathematics; Kenya Schmidt (Heritage Junior High), academic achievement; Zachary Schuyler (North Junior High), language arts; Mark Serrano (GAMS Tech), perseverance/effort; Drew Serrette (Heriatge Junior High), citizenship; Giovanah Simpson (Horizons-on-the-Hudson), perseverance/effort; Veronica Slattery (NFA), athletics; Thomas Small (North Junior High), perseverance/effort; Alicia Smith (NFA), athletics; Brianna Smith (North Junior High), language arts; Maurice Smith (Temple Hill), athletics; Tashae Smith (GAMS Tech), perseverance/effort; Erik Smolinski (NFA), citizenship; Kassandra Sotelo (GAMS Tech), citizenship; Cearia Stackhouse (Temple Hill), academic achievement; Aubree Stevens (GAMS Tech), perseverance/effort; Torres Stewart (Horizons-on-the-Hudson), academic achievement; Brayan Taboada (South Junior High), perseverance/effort; Klarisse Torriente (North Junior High), academic achievement; Jhane Tutt (Balmville), citizenship; Michael Visbeck (NFA), citizenship; Tashinah Walker (Vails Gate), perseverance/effort; David Watks-Lawrence (Heritage Junior High), language arts; Abukari Wedderburn (NFA), sciences; Artie Williams (NFA), athletics; Ayyana Williams (Meadow Hill), performing and media arts; Brandon Williams (NFA), citizenship; Jalisa Williams (Vails Gate), performing and media arts; Patricia Williams (Heritage Junior High), academic achievement; DeShawn Wilson (South Junior High), mathematics; Iyonna Wilson (Balmville), perseverance/effort; Amanda Zambito (North Junior High), language arts; Brenda Zapata (Heritage Junior High), citizenship; Salvatore Zito (NFA), perseverance/effort.

Pine Bush Central School District
Amanda Allspach (Crispell Middle School), citizenship; Katlyn Amin ( Circleville Middle School), language arts; Christine Belzie (Circleville Middle School), perseverance/effort; Kenturah Benitez (Crispell Middle School), citizenship; Brian C. Brown (High School), citizenship; Steven Camacho (Crispell Middle School), language arts; Karl Casseus (Crispell Middle School), citizenship; Alejandra Chavez (Circleville Middle School), mathematics; Michelle Delacruz (Crispell Middle School), academic achievement; Laura Dominguez (Crispell Middle School), citizenship; Melissa Dominguez (High School), language arts; Bryan Downer (Circleville Middle School), perseverance/effort; Daniel Duvoll (Circleville Middle School), perseverance/effort; Amanda Fortes (Circleville Middle School), sciences; Peter Fortes (Circleville Middle School), perseverance/effort; Simone Francis (Circleville Middle School), citizenship; Andrew George (Crispell Middle School), sciences; Aysea Horton (Crispell Middle School), perseverance/effort; Sabrina Kee ( Crispell Middle School), language arts; Trevor Lewis (Circleville Middle School), citizenship; Kehiin Lopez (High School), academic achievement; Nikita Martin (Crispell Middle School), language arts; Voreece McCray (Circleville Middle School), performing and media arts; Jourdan Reid ( Crispell Middle School), citizenship; Richard Reid (Crispell Middle School), language arts; Shamika Rhines (High School), perseverance/effort; Andre Terry (Crispell Middle School), mathematics; Asia Thompson (High School), language arts; Deaunte Timmons (Circleville Middle School), mathematics; Jahstar Toussaint (Circleville Middle School), citizenship; Pierce VanDunk (Circleville Middle School), performing and media arts; Kassandra Wall (Crispell Middle School), perseverance/effort; Chelsea Weathers (High School), performing and media arts; Ryan Weathers (High School), language arts; Anisa Williams (High School), language arts; Deshaune Williams (High School), language arts; Cassandra Wilson (Crispell Middle School), perseverance/effort; Denisha Wilson (High School), citizenship; Latoya Wilson (High School), perseverance/effort.

Port Jervis City School District
Brianna Bowers (High School), mathematics; Joshua Brisita (Middle School), citizenship; Hazel Burbridge (High School), sciences; Kalissa Caesar (Nial A. Hamilton), performing and media arts; Hector Camacho, Jr. (High School), performing and media arts; Ashley Colon (High School), academic achievement; Vanessa Cummings (Middle School), sciences; Anthony Dipsingh (Anna S. Kuhl), sciences; Ana Duarte (Middle School), perseverance/effort; Erica Ellanson (High School), performing and media arts; Carlos Florentin (High School), citizenship; Lucas Florentin (High School), mathematics; Dajean Gonzalez, Jr. (High School), sciences; Nathaniel Hernandez (Middle School), performing and media arts; Sabrina LePage (High School), citizenship; Samantha LePage (High School), citizenship; Elijah Lewis (Middle School), athletics; Sandra Liranzo (Middle School), language arts; Mercedes Lopez (High School), language arts; Joevan Manley (High School), athletics; Robin Martinuea (High School), sciences; Darrick Mason, Jr. (High School), athletics; Amaris Morrissey (High School), perseverance/effort; Mona Mostofi (Middle School), mathematics; Kristina Nuñez (High School), mathematics; Daniel Obermeyer (Nial A. Hamilton), language arts; Maria Obermeyer (Middle School), sciences; Sierra Phillips (High School), sciences; Elizabeth Quiñones (Middle School), mathematics; Sarah Quiñones (Middle School), language arts; Brandon Rodriguez (Middle School), mathematics; Jonathan Rodriguez (High School), perseverance/effort; Kaitlin Rodriguez (High School), athletics; Sally Santiago (Middle School), athletics; Krushna Shah (Anna S. Kuhl), perseverance/effort; Imad Urrutia (Middle School), perseverance/effort; Jonathan Valdes (High School ), perseverance/effort; Marcos Valiente (High School), athletics; Jane Vasquez (High School), language arts; Namarie Vasquez (High School), mathematics; Roselene Vasquez (High School), mathematics; Rachel Vega (High School), language arts; Aneisha Williams (Middle School), performing and media arts; Khaliq Williams (Middle School), athletics; Russell C. Williams (Nial A. Hamilton), athletics; Syayra Williams (Middle School), performing and media arts; William Young (High School), performing and media arts.

Valley Central School District
Champaine Addison (High School), perseverance/effort; Krystina Armand (Middle School), citizenship; Marlena Bonilla (Middle School), perseverance/effort; Ian Broome (High School), perseverance/effort; Irene Calderon (High School), citizenship; Shadae Carter (High School), perseverance/effort; Emiliann Couto (High School), language arts; Candace Craig (Middle School), sciences; Yomailyn Cruz (High School), language arts; Angel Alberto DeJesus (High School), sciences; Fatima Gaye (High School), perseverance/effort; Ali Hasan (High School), language arts; Ashley Haynes (High School), sciences; Drew Jemison (Middle School), citizenship; Jamelah Kearse (High School), perseverance/effort; Joseph Maldonado (Middle School), language arts; Alexis Mandry (Middle School), sciences; Hakeem Maturine (High School), performing and media arts; Courtney Moore (High School), mathematics; Ada Oni-Eseleh (Middle School), citizenship; Jasmine Ortiz (High School), language arts; Chinonye Otuonye (Middle School), perseverance/effort; Sandro Rodriguez (Middle School), perseverance/effort; Venicia Salguero (Middle School), mathematics; Jonathan Tubens (Middle School), perseverance/effort; Alec Valenzuela (High School), perseverance/effort; Ryan Valenzuela (High School), perseverance/effort; Raul Vega (High School), perseverance/effort.

Warwick Valley Central School District
Terry Agbo (Middle School), citizenship; Davidta Brown (Middle School), sciences; Laketha Costello (High School), academic achievement; Guisel Cruz-Tenorio (High School), perseverance/effort; Phenicia Davis (Middle School), academic achievement; Shamira Gillian (Middle School), citizenship; Abigail Hintermeister (Middle School), citizenship; Fabian Justiniano (High School), citizenship; Jenna Lianne Murphy (High School), performing and media arts; Jormarie Nogue (High School), citizenship; Peter Pascoe (Middle School), perseverance/effort; Alicia Revels (Middle School), sciences; Ashley Smith (Middle School), citizenship; Asia Smith (High School), sciences.

Washingtonville Central School District
Amanda Arroyo (High School), citizenship; Salina Benitez (Middle School), sciences; Aileen Bidad (Middle School), mathematics; Clarissa Bidad (High School), language arts; Lillian Bonet (High School), language arts; Kelley Chang-Fong (Middle School), language arts; Kayla Chen (Middle School), mathematics; Guadalupe Colangelo (Middle School), mathematics; Vanessa Colon (Middle School), mathematics; Betina Dela Cruz (Middle School), sciences; Destinee DiDomenico (Middle School), citizenship; Alyssa Fernandez (Middle School), language arts; Stephanie Fernandez (High School), mathematics; Amanda Gonzalez (High School), mathematics; Ana Gonzalez (Middle School), sciences; Kristal Gonzalez (High School), perseverance/effort; Aaminah Jamal (Middle School), mathematics; Andrew Joseph (High School), sciences; Eric Ko (High School, performing and media arts; Artan Lajqi (Middle School), sciences; Lilly Lazo (High School), performing and media arts; Miguel Liriano (Middle School), perseverance/effort; Brianna Lopez (Middle School), language arts; Denzel Mac-Ocran (High School), citizenship; Daniel Magarino (Middle School), language arts; Amanda Maldonado (Middle School), language arts; Daniel Matteo (High School), citizenship; Cameron McLaurin (High School), performing and media arts; Brittney McLennon (Middle School), mathematics; Victoria Mendoza (High School), athletics; Carlos Mercado (Middle School), mathematics; Jose Morales (High School), performing and media arts; Siedah Morgan (High School), mathematics; Alexandria Muñoz (High School), performing and media arts; Francesca Muñoz (High School), perseverance/effort; Gabriella Muñoz (Middle School), sciences; Jyothi Nair (Middle School), sciences; Samantha Nguyen (Middle School), mathematics; Catherine Nolli (High School), perseverance/effort; Jitaek Oh (High School), mathematics; Cristina Ortiz (Middle School), language arts; Demi Padilla (Middle School), mathematics; Alexander Ramjattan (High School), performing and media arts; Klynt Ramjattan (Middle School), sciences; D'Yonna Riley (Middle School), mathematics; Jose Rivera (High School), perseverance/effort; Elyssa Rodriguez (Middle School), language arts; Heather Rodriguez (High School), perseverance/effort; Richard Rodriguez (High School), mathematics; Melissa Roy (High School), perseverance/effort; Amber Santiago (Middle School), performing and media arts; Ariel Santiago (High School), athletics; Sarah Shidid (Middle School), mathematics; Emily Siegel-Solonche (Middle School), language arts; Minah Theophilus (Middle School), language arts; Katrinah Ivette Tirado (High School), sciences; Michelle Vallejo (Middle School), mathematics; Katrina Villacorta (Middle School), language arts; Raphael Warnon (Middle School), language arts; Keri West (High School), citizenship; Jabari White (High School), performing and media arts; Karimah White (Middle School), language arts; Chauntee Whittington (High School), mathematics; Alyssa Wu (High School), academic achievement.

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