College Sees 4.7 Percent Spike in Spring Enrollment from 2006; Numbers Up in Nearly Every Student Category

MIDDLETOWN, N.Y. – Enrollment for the ongoing spring semester at SUNY Orange is up 4.7 percent over last year’s numbers, marking the sixth consecutive spring that the College has enjoyed a spike in student enrollment. In addition, the student retention rate from the fall to spring semester was 68.8 percent this year, an increase of .6 percent over 2005-06.

The College’s raw numbers are up in virtually every category for credit students, including full-time and part-time day students, as well as full-time evening students. Additionally, there has been a surge in students in SUNY Orange’s vast Continuing and Professional Education program, as well as the College’s Community College in the High School (CCHS) and College Experience Program (CEP).

SUNY Orange is enjoying a 7.2 percent jump in re-admitted students (those who are returning to College following a semester or more of absence). The population of students continuing their educational program is up 2.2 percent. The head count of students at the College’s Newburgh Extension Center is up 6.4 percent over last spring with the Middletown total jumping 2.7 percent.

"Once again we are seeing increases in nearly every category, which shows that students continue to value their education and that, more and more, they realize the rewards of turning to SUNY Orange for their studies. We are able to provide a wide variety of programs and courses. That gives students flexibility and allows them to creatively find a way to continue their education,” said SUNY Orange President Dr. William Richards.

"The entire SUNY system is seeing an increase in enrollment, and nearly 50 percent of the students in the SUNY system attend a community college,” Richards added.

SUNY Orange is one of 30 community colleges in the State University of New York system, the largest state system of higher education in the United States.

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