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SUNY Orange Set to Demonstrate Technological Training Benefits of “SimBaby” Simulation Manikin

MIDDLETOWN, N.Y. –SUNY Orange would like to add to its growing “family” of simulated training manikins, which offer the latest technological advancements in nursing education, by incorporating SimBaby into its curriculum. College officials and members of the SUNY Orange Nursing Department will hold an informative “Open House” at 7:15 p.m., Tuesday, Nov. 14, in the Orange Hall Gallery to showcase the features of this latest simulation technology.

Sim Baby is an infant manikin designed for scenario-based training in the care and management of a variety of infant in-hospital patients. SUNY Orange just recently incorporated its second Nursing Kid manikin (SimKid), representing a 6-year-old child, into its curriculum. The College initiated its simulation program by acquiring “SimMan,” an adult male manikin in 2004.

The Open House will feature a full-scale “Sim Baby” demonstration by representatives from the manikin’s manufacturer, Laerdal Medical, Inc., as well as a tour of the College’s nursing labs in which the simulation manikins are used. Admission is free and members of the local health care community are encouraged to attend.

“We’ve already seen the benefits of adding SimMan and SimKid to our curriculum. Now we are aggressively pursuing adding SimBaby to our program,” said Jean Halpern, a SUNY Orange nursing professor and coordinator of the College’s simulation program. “This is an important step in the continued evolution of our nursing program because this is the latest technology available. When our students enter the workforce, we want them to be the best practitioners they can be, and having SimBaby will insure that happens.”

A sampling of the training available on SimBaby includes “life-like” sounds, intravenous injection, fontanelle assessment, urinary catheterization and general pediatric patient care. This infant is unrivaled for clinical training in the basic elements of pediatric in-hospital care and also allows learners to practice the emergency treatment of pediatric patients.

The manikin allows faculty members to utilize pre-programmed training scenarios or create individualized routines, while students can target the key skills necessary to care for and manage a wide variety of situations they could face while attending to infant patients.

SimBaby’s price tag is approximately $25,000 and the college is actively courting corporate partners who may be interested in helping SUNY Orange acquire SimBaby.

For more information on the SUNY Orange nursing program or the upcoming Open House, call (845) 341-4107.

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