Support SUNY Orange PostcardWelcome

Thank you for supporting SUNY Orange Student Senate’s Lobbying Effort. In an attempt to get the state to fully support our school through base aid restoration, we have designed this postcard (PDF). We will be bringing the postcard to Albany on SUNY day in March. Our efforts combine with your personal stories will hopefully give our legislators the personal connection with our students and community members needed for their support.

Base aid is the name given to the state’s fiscal responsibility for running a community college. The college is fiscally supported by 1/3 tuition, 1/3 county aid, and 1/3 base aid from the state level. In previous years, the state has not held up their end of this agreement, and has only provided an average of 25% of their 33.3% responsibility. Orange County has graciously helped SUNY Orange to keep that extra financial burden off of our students, but in our current economic condition the county may not be able to help as they have in the past. It is now time to push for restoration of base aid for our school, so that tuition does not continue to increase.

You can help in this effort by clicking on the "Support SUNY Orange with your story" menu item located on the left side of the page. Furthermore, you can see example postcards from students and students' parents with their stories about SUNY Orange under the examples tab, also located on the left side of the screen. Once submitted, your story will help us to make the legislators in Albany see that Orange County Community College is an asset, not only to this state, but to Orange County and its community members as a whole. With your support we are hoping to make them feel compelled to provide us with the aid that is promised to us, and that we so desperately need to help our students.

Thank you again for your support.

If you have trouble accessing the postcard PDF, please contact us.