E-mail Policy

Effective Aug. 30, 2010, SUNY Orange will use e-mail as the official means of communicating academic and administrative information to students.  Most announcements will come to a student’s email in-box in the form of the "Student Grapevine".

Assignment of E-mail Address

SUNY Orange assigns an email address (@sunyorange.edu) to each registered student. This College issued email account will be designated as the student’s official email address when administrative and academic departments need to communicate with students.

College Responsibility

The College is responsible for communicating with students in a timely and accurate way about changes in policies, procedures and deadlines that affect them. The College will select the most appropriate method (mail, telephone, email) to convey pertinent information to specific groups of students. In some cases, email may be used exclusively. Routine announcements, administrative and academic dates and deadlines, and information of a general nature will typically only be sent by e-mail.

Student Responsibility

Students are responsible for receiving, reading, responding to and complying with official email communications sent by the College. Because information may be time-sensitive, students are encouraged to check their email regularly (daily, several times weekly) throughout the semester.

Students who opt to redirect their @sunyorange.edu email account to another personal email account do so at their own risk. The College is not responsible for e-mail that is not delivered to a forwarded address or for spam filters that may block e-mail messages. The student’s failure to receive or read e-mail communications does not constitute an excuse for missing College communications or meeting College deadlines.

SUNYOrange Student Grapevine

College information to students will be communicated twice weekly through the e-newsletter, the "Student Grapevine". The Student Grapevine, which will include announcements, schedules of events, and notifications of College deadlines, will replace most mailings, flyers and postcards that are currently distributed to students. An online version of the Student Grapevine will be posted to the College’s web site.