Media Services: AV & Special Event Technical Support

Classroom or Special Event Technology Support Requests

minimum 1 week lead time when requesting Support or equipment for Special Events/Presentations. Any requests made with less notice may not be fullfilled pending equipment availability and personnel resources.

Any user scheduled to use a classroom with technology that is unfamiliar is encouraged to create a service desk ticket for initial assistance in their “new to them” classroom.

A technician will contact you to schedule to meet you prior to (or right before) your first session to brief you on the equipment and hand off. After initial briefing(s), users are encouraged to arrive a few minutes early to each class so that in the event of equipment issue, they can call our help desk if needed. If our first response phone support cannot resolve the issue, an on-site technician will be dispatched to your classroom pending department hours of operation.

How Do You Get Support For Your Event?

If you have an AV (audio/video) request, then be sure to complete (as detailed as possible) the AV & Event Support Request Form. Once the request is received they will be reviewed by ITS Dept management and assigned to ITS Dept personnel for follow up and coordination. 

NOTE: if the equipment is to be used in a specific building/room for any special event, then you must ALSO contact Central Scheduling to reserve the room for your event

The AV Support Request Form can be found at the link below (requires MySUNYOrange login).

Event Service Request for IT Support

DVD & Blu-ray

We encourage the use of the internal DVD player inside instructor computers to play DVD's for classroom showing.  

Most instructor computers do not have capability to play a Blu-ray Disc. Please utilize commercially produced DVD format for ensured compatability in the classrooms. A few of our larger Smart Halls and specialty Audio/Visual rooms are equiped with Blu-ray players. For information on room availability or to scheduling a room for your event please visit


A few rooms may still have lingering OLD TV/VCR carts or overhead transparency projectors. These items are not owned, supported, maintainained, delivered, or serviced by the Technology Department. You may use them "at your own risk". These items are being removed from campus as time and resources permit.