1. What is a student course evaluation?

A course evaluation is a survey asking students questions about their course, classroom and instructor.

2. Why should I complete a course evaluation survey of my course?

The evaluations provide students an opportunity to give valuable feedback to their instructors so they can create better learning environments for all students at SUNY Orange.

3. Do instructors actually look at students' responses and comments?

YES! Instructors read and care about what students report on the evaluations. Your feedback helps instructors in revising their teaching methods, changing textbooks, revising assignments and making other changes to help students learn.

4. Will my grades be affected?

Student course evaluations have NO impact on your grade(s)! Instructors do not get to view any of the results until after final grades are submitted. Additionally, all evaluations are completely anonymous. Completing the evaluations are voluntary, but they are an important opportunity to have a voice and impact the quality of teaching and learning at SUNY Orange.

5. When will I be able to complete the course evaluations?

At the end of every Fall and Spring semester, students may be asked to complete an evaluation of some of their courses. Part time faculty will administer evaluations in a minimum of one course, while full time faculty will administer course evaluations in at least 2 courses. Therefore not all of your courses will have course evaluations.

6. How long does it take to complete an evaluation?

On average, it will take students approximately 5-10 minutes to complete one course evaluation. Students may take more time, however, depending on the length and depth of comments that they make.

7. Will my responses by anonymous?

YES, your responses are completely confidential and anonymous.  Faculty will only receive the responses for their course AFTER student grades are submitted.

8. How is my anonymity maintained?

The Instructor will designate a student to hand out the evaluations in class. When all evaluations are complete the designated student will collect them in a sealed envelope and return them to the AVP Office. This envelope will be returned to the instructor only after grades are posted.