Student Course Evaluations - Spring 2016

Course evaluations provide students an opportunity to share with instructors their feedback about their learning experiences. Instructors receive valuable information to assist them in enhancing their instructional methods.

SUNY Orange instructors administer the Student Feedback Form at the end of each semester.


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Department Instructor Course Number/Section
Course Name
Applied Technology P. Dressner EET110CD Computer Application & Graphics
Y. Lanausse CSS226CD Cyber Crime Investigations
J. Melendez CIT112ET Computer Hardware & Software
R. Witkowski CIT103C Management Information Systems
Arts & Communication: J. Galeno COM111JK Digital Radio Production
K. Kinney MUS101DL Introduction to Music
J. Martellaro MUS159EF Band
S. Miiller ART101DL Introduction to Art
A. Nickerson ART108EJ Design 2
ART125FG Sequential Art
Dena O'Hara-Whipple ART121DL2 Digital Photography 1
Behavioral Sciences: S. Coccia PSY 220 DL Developmental Psychology
PSY 220 DL2 Developmental Psychology
P. Guallini PSY 101 DL2 General Psychology 1
PSY 221 DL Child Psychology
C. Henderson PSY 101 QC General Psychology 1
PSY 220 QG Developmental Psychology
C. Graney SOC 101 I Introduction to Sociology
S. Mikijanic PSY 100 QD Psychology of Adjustment
L. Rios GEO 101 DL Elements of Physical Geography
Biology: M. Paradies BIO 112 GH Anatomy & Physiology 2
BIO 112 J Anatomy & Physiology 2
J. Zurovchak BIO 148 KM Environmental Conservation
BIO 141 H Diversity of Life
BIO 141 J Diversity of Life
D. Dhanabala BIO 111 EG Anatomy & Physiology 2
D. Dorwitt BIO 111 I Anatomy & Physiology 1
E. Kahoud BIO 110 L12 Lab Intro to Biology
R. Kanterman BIO 112 EE Anatomy & Physiology 2
Business: L. Fleming MKT 115 DL E-Marketing Principles
MGT 205 DL Human Resource Management
J. Vondras ACC 153 DL Financial Accounting
M. Larsen BUS 161 DL Computer Applications for Business
C. Thayer BUS 203 DL Business Communications
Diagnostic Imaging S. Winn RAD 219 DL1 Medical Terminology
English: S. Graff ENG 223 DL Contemporary Poetry
RDG 080 QB Reading & Study Skills 2
A. Laurencell Sheridan ENG 102 DL Freshman English 2
ENG 102H M Honors: Freshman English 2
A. Sandor ENG 222 DL Contemporary Novel
S. Shaw ENG 102 F Freshman English 2
ENG 211 EK Creative Writing: Fiction
C. Slichta ENG 240 QC World Lit:  Enlight to Modern
ENG 101 QG Freshman English 1
ENG 101 QJ Freshman English 1 w/support module
ENG 161 QM Tech Writing Module:  Human Services
E. Israel ENG 101 EF Freshman English 1
C. Ruckdeschel ENG 101 TJ Freshman English 1
R. Shust RDG 080 TJ Reading & Study Skills 2
Global Studies: A. Farah ECO 202 DL Micro Economics
K. Brabanec POL 102 EN U.S. Government State & Local
Mathematics: K. Reissig-Curry MAT 111 D Foundation of Elementary School Math
MAT 211 H Linear Algebra
S. Brien MAT 121 N College Algebra
K. Devora MAT 020 J Developmental Algebra
A. Lewis MAT 101 QK Elementary Algebra
John Niedzielski MAT 102 J2 Intermediate Algebra
Movement Science G. Dross PES 183 2B Spinning
Nursing: P. Cal NUR 101 AM1 Nursing 1
NUR 101 AHP Nursing 1
I. Castaldo NUR 202 BHP Nursing 4
A. McGlynn NUR 102 BGA Nursing 2
NUR 205 EF Pharmacology & the Human Body


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