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Course evaluations provide students an opportunity to share with instructors their feedback about their learning experiences. Instructors receive valuable information to assist them in enhancing their instructional methods.

SUNY Orange instructors administer the Student Feedback Form at the end of each semester.


Spring 2018 Student Course Evaluations

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Department First Name Last Name Course NAME: Section:
Arts and Communication Dena Whipple Arts and Communication Practicum ART 230 X2
Mark Carranceja Introduction to Media Production COM 107 N
Digital Video Post-Production COM 108 BC
Jarrett Galeno Introductxion to Digital Radio Production COM 111 JK
Colin Duryea Sound Design COM 225 EJ
Joseph Martellaro Band MUS 159 EF 1
Dana Salkowsky Foundations of Communication - Honors COM101H B
Foundations of Communication COM 101 D1
Gary Schuster Music Business MUS 109 IS
Malgorzata Oakes Intro to Art ART 101 QFG
Susan Miiller Introduction to Art ART 101 DL1
Behavioral Sciences Stephen Coccia Developmental Psychology PSY 220 DL1
Developmental Psychology PSY 220 DL2
Gary Pavek Child Psychology PSY 221 C
Introduction to Psychology PSY 111 D
Christine Henderson Developmental Psychology PSY 220 QG
Introduction to Psychology PSY 111 DL3
Cory Harris Introduction to Sociology SOC 101 DL
Samantha Kohn Introduction to Psychology PSY111 NE2
Chris Thurtle Introduction to Psychology PSY 111 DL1
Patricia Guallini Child Psychology PSY 221 DL
Catherine Graney Introduction to Sociology SOC 101 I
Raheem Maxwell Introduction to Psychology PSY 111 QF
Juan-Carlos  Piñeiro Psychology of Adjustment  PSY 100 TN
Carolyn  Peguero Spencer Introduction to Counseling Modified Hybrid PSY 260 EA
Biology Joseph Zurovchak Diversity of Life BIO 141 H
Diversity of Life BIO 141 J
Avian Biology BIO 146 G
Environmental Conservation BIO 148KM
Monty Vacura Introduction to Biology BIO 110 F
General Biology 1 BIO 101 G
Shelly Paradies Anatomy & Physiology II BIO 112 J
Anatomy & Physiology II BIO 112 EA
Anatomy & Physiology II BIO 112 N
Patricia Gould Intro to Biology BIO 110 TA
Joseph Sorrentino Intro to Biology  BIO 110 EI
Rachael Connington Anatomy and Physiology II  BIO 112 XS
Darlene Bowser Anatomy and Physiology II BIO 111 M
John Shepherd General Biology 1 BIO 101 K
Deborah Dorwitt Anatomy and Physiology I BIO 111 I
Business Lucinda  Fleming Human Resource Management MGT 206 DL
Josephina Vondras Financial Accounting ACC 153 DL
Sandra Weidner Intermediate Computer Keyboarding OFT 108 FG
Peter Racette Intermediate Accounting I ACC 201 EJ
Kristen  Koziak Business Law II BUS 202 QJ
Maureen Ann Larsen Computer Applications for Business BUS 161 DL
Clinical Laboratory Science Jane Innella Clinical Microbiology MLT 212 P
Theresa Dering Microbiology for Health Professionals MLT 106 EJ
Cynthia  Hallock Microbiology for Health Professionals MLT 106 LY
Computer Science and Technology Christian Golden Database Fundamentals & Design CIT 225 EF
Operating Systems CIT 118 AB
John Coombs Operating Systems CIT 118 NE1
Donn Lord Digital Electronics EET 104 O
James Melendez Computer Hardware & Software CIT 112 EF
Roseanne Witkowski Management Information Systems CIT 103 C
Management Information Systems CIT 103 NE1
Criminal Justice Timothy Zeszutek Police-Community Relations CRJ105DL
Robert Conflitti Understanding the Juvenile Offender CRJ 103 - TF
Diagnostic Imaging Michele Ascione Quality Assurance RAD 210 
Methods of Patient Care II RAD 108 
Sherrie Winn Medical Terminology RAD 219 DL1
Education Jennifer Mirecki Infant & Toddler Development and Curriculum EDU 202 FG
Language & Literacy Development and Curriculum EDU 109 M
Linda Standish Preparing to Teach Young Children EDU 105 BC
English Patricia Sculley Women Writers ENG 220 DL
Diane Bliss Ethics PHL 220 J
Freshman English II ENG 102 M2
Rosalsky Susan Freshman English II ENG 101 G2
Basic Writing Skills II WRT 040 M1
Alexandra Kay World Literature 1650 to the Present ENG 204 DL
Writing for Media ENG 130 DL
Sandra Graff Freshman English I  ENG 101 QD
Integrated Reading/Writing II RDG 090 QNP
Andrea Laurencell Sheridan Contemporary Short Story ENG 221 DL
Freshman English II ENG 102 DL2
Melissa Browne Tech Writing Module for Human Services ENG 161 DL
Mary  Warrener New Testament PHL 112 DL
Eileen  Israel Freshman English II ENG 102 EA
Rebeca  Rivera-Robayo Basic Writing Skills II WRT 040 I
Christina Nelson-Brozycki Freshman English II ENG 102 ?
Elizabeth Locatelli Frehsman English I ENG 101 EF
Global Studies Corie Knabl The Greek and Roman World  HIS 230 DL
Mathematics Elizabeth  Carris-Swan College Algebra MAT 121 J
Introduction to Statistics MAT 120 M
David Peterson Intermediate Algebra MAT 102 M
Introduction to Statistics MAT 120 EA
John  Rion Calculus II MAT 206 GM
Matthew Grobstein Elementary Algebra  MAT 101 QC
Elementary Algebra  MAT 101 QF
Ann-Marie Lewis Intermediate Algebra MAT 102 QJ
Karen DeVora Fundamentals of Algebra MAT 020 M
James  Liporace Elementary Algebra  MAT 101 QI 
Movement Sciences AnnMarie Boffalo Physical Fitness and Exercise Prescription PED 203 FG
Lab Fitness Assessment PED 204 FH
Chris Thurtle Substance Abuse and Health PED 111 DL
Gary  Dross Spinning PES 183 2B
Marisa Scandell-Colson First Aid and Safety PED 150 QHO
Elizabeth Kissam-Horaz Substance Abuse and Health PED 111 MN
Nursing Eartha Dickerson  Nursing 2 NUR 102 EMI
Laura Guerra Nursing 1 NUR 101
Suzanne Lindau Nursing 3 NUR 201 QAG
Nursing 3 Lab NUR 201 AM1
David Hattenbrun Nursing 4 NUR 202 BGA
Nursing 4 NUR 202 BMI
Dagmar  Strenk Nursing 4 NUR 202 E M1
Nursing 2 NUR 102 E M2
OTA Flo Hannes Clinical Practice I OTA 217 1AO
Science, Engineering and Architecture Megumi Kinoshita Physics for Science and Engineering I PHY 103 A
Acoustics PHY 108 F
Dustin  McCall General Chemistry II CHM 106 B
General Chemistry II CHM 106 D
Timothy MacMahon Organic Chemistry 1 CHM 201 D
Organic Chemistry II CHM 202 C
Nicholas Mania General Physics I PHY 101 B
Thomas Blon Astronomy AST 120 
Kathleen Rifkin Building Materials & Methods 2 Lab ARC 106 L1
Anthony Soricelli Earth Science GLG 101 BC

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