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Emergency Management

Graduates of the jointly registered Emergency Management A.A.S. program will be prepared to assess, plan, mitigate, respond and recover from emergency situations, using a multi-hazard planning approach. Students will also be trained to coordinate and evaluate resources and operations dealing with natural and human caused emergency situations.

The Emergency Management program was initially developed by Onondaga Community College in conjunction with the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) and the New York State Emergency Management Office (NYSEMO). The program incorporates courses offered through the FEMA higher education project. The courses are nationally recognized in the incident command and management system, and are updated to reflect any changes in the system. The degree was first offered only at SUNY Ulster. However, this is now a jointly accredited program, allowing students to obtain their degree from their home college.

The Emergency Management A.A.S. program offered through the Consortium prepares students to react to and be effective before, during, and after local, statewide, or national emergencies. The program will graduate students who have the knowledge, experience, critical decision making, and communications skills needed to be able to respond appropriately to emergency situations whether employed in such capacity by government, business/industry, or non-profits. Integration of the incident command system (ICS) into planning, response and recovery is emphasized throughout the program.

Graduates will be able to:

  • Communicate effectively a knowledge of emergency management content areas, including public safety critical incident command, emergency planning, emergency operations, exercise planning, emergency operations center organization and management, leadership, resource planning, and utilization of national emergency management operation guidelines.
  • Apply the knowledge base of necessary skills to be able to function within the New York State and national incident management system during a local, statewide, or federal emergency.
  • Demonstrate critical thinking, communications, and management skills by analyzing situations, determining proper actions, understanding the costs and benefits of actions, evaluating possible alternatives and unforeseen circumstances, and then taking appropriate actions as an incident manager.

    Please Note: This program is being redesigned and restructured. Beginning with the Fall 2013 semester, students will be able to register for these courses through cross-registration at the Consortium college hosting each class. All these courses are offered in an on-line format.

    Please contact the Consortium Administrative Assistant Specialist at (845) 341-4958 for further information.