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Cyber Security

The cyber security program is created to address a growing need for trained personnel in the area of information security and assurance. This training will build students’ and employees’ capabilities in the battle against theft of identities and financial information.

The goal of the Cyber Security degree is to offer students the technical proficiency necessary to meet the challenges of the 21st century. SUNY Orange is equipped with state of the art computers and network systems which will help students enrolled in the degree develop the skills necessary to fill technical positions within law enforcement agencies, law offices, insurance companies, hospitals, government agencies, computer consulting firms and financial institutions.

Student Learning Outcomes:

  • Develop problem-solving skills relative to cyber security, computer crime, networking and information technology, and cyber investigations.
  • Identify common concepts relevant to the understanding of the criminal justice system and be able to assess and debate these issues and their relevance to cyber investigations.
  • Identify and understand criminological theories of crime, as well as computer and network vulnerabilities.
    Demonstrate proficiency in computer and networking technology.
  • Demonstrate the ability to identify and process a digital crime scene/incident.

SUNY Orange Community College has taken a leadership role in developing the Cyber Security curriculum. The Associate of Applied Sciences degree is currently available through SUNY Orange. Students wishing to register in this program and participate via the Interactive Television Training Rooms will receive their degree from Orange. Interested students should contact their home school Registrars office for assistance in the registration process.

Please note: Students whose home school is SUNY Ulster or SUNY Sullivan will be required to travel to Orange to fulfill several lab components of the program.

The Cyber Security program fulfills part of the SUNY Orange mission that relates to enrichment through the “highest quality education, enhanced citizenship, and the enhancement of students’ economic opportunities.”