With the commencement of your employment, you will receive from the Payroll Department your time sheet, time sheet instructions and your pay date schedule.

You will receive an e-mail reminder from the Payroll Department when your time sheet is due. On the day time sheets are due, please e-mail your completed time sheet to the Payroll Department

After all time sheets have been reviewed, you will receive an e-mail from the Payroll Department. Your signed time sheet must be received by the Payroll Department prior to the release of your paycheck. If an administrator is not available to sign your time sheet, please forward it to the Payroll Department and we will arrange for it to be signed.

Employees must accurately report hours worked on time sheets. Our policy is to immediately and permanently terminate employees who falsify time sheets. This violates State and Federal law. The employee may be charged with forgery and petit larceny, one count for each time sheet. These are misdemeanor charges. If the pay illegally obtained is large enough, a felony charge of grand larceny may also be made.

The following documents are in the PDF format. If you have problems accessing these documents, please contact our office.

40 Hour Week

37.5 Hour Week

35 Hour Week