With the commencement of employment, Lab Tutors, Work Study students and select part-time Grant employees will receive from the Payroll Department a time sheet, time sheet instructions, time sheet policy (also on located below), and a pay date schedule (also located below).

On or before the day email time sheets are due, a reminder will be emailed to employees. If and when an email time sheet is not received when due, a request for either the timesheet or a reply stating that the employee did not work will be e-mailed to supervisors.

During the time sheet review process, employees and supervisors will be notified through e-mail of any and all time sheet errors.

After all e-mail time sheets have been reviewed by the Payroll Department, a request for a signed/approved version of the e-mail timesheets (employee and supervisor signatures) will be e-mailed to employees.

For the purpose of ensuring compliance with any and all laws and/or regulations regarding employee compensation, time sheets must be received by the payroll Department prior to noon on the Wednesday preceding the pay date.

Employees must accurately report hours worked on time sheets. Employees who falsify time sheets are violating State and Federal laws. If an employee is found falsifying time records, they will be disciplined according to their union contract. If an employee is not employed under a union contract, they will be terminated immediately.

If and when a signed and approved time sheet has not been received as stated above for more than three consecutive pay dates, Human Resources will contact the employee and supervisor. For a work study student, a meeting with a Financial Aid representative will be required for both work study student and supervisor.