This booklet is distributed to all new employees and is updated on an annual basis to serve as a guideline for employees.  The Right to Know and Campus Security Act of 1990 and the Drug Free Schools and Communities Act Amendment of 1989 require colleges to implement and enforce policies as outlined by law, including safety and illegal drug use prevention programs and policies.  This legislation and other legal mandates stipulate that employees have a right to information about campus safety and campus policies, procedures and services regarding health, safety and overall operations.  This annual publication has been developed to fulfill that obligation.  Additional information of general assistance to employees also has been included. For additional information regarding material included in this booklet, contact Human Resources at ext. 4660.

Key Telephone Numbers

Affirmative Action 4662
Emergency Services from any Middletown campus office phone 9-911
Emergency Services from any Newburgh campus office phone 6-911
From any pay phone (no coin required) 911
Health Services 4870
Human Resource Office 4660
Information & Assistance 0
Maintenance Office 4600
Security Office - Middletown 4710
Security Office - Newburgh 4533