The Hip Seventies

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In 1970 the average cost of new car was $3,900 and the average cost of new house was $23,450. On April, 22, 1970 the first Earth Day was celebrated. A demonstration against the Vietnam War drew 100,000 people to Washington DC. The population of the U.S. reached 205 million and the voting age was lowered from 21 to 18. In the world of music both Jimi Hendrix and Janis Joplin die of drug overdoses. Popular songs in 1970 included "Let it Be" by The Beatles and "ABC" by The Jackson 5. Some technology happenings included the first jumbo jet going into service and the first computer chess tournament took place.

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Photo: students gathered to protest housing, politics, and parking

These students gathered to protest housing, politics, and parking in the early 1970's


Student enrollment is 4,014.
Speech courses are offered as part of new curriculum.

Photo: A bulldozer clears ground for the new OCCC Library in November, 1971

Construction begins on the new OCCC Library in November, 1971

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New curriculum offerings: Theatre and Data Processing
November 11
The sunken gardens are dismantled to make room for new library construction, pictured above.

Photo: Dino's, a popular student hangout in the early 1970's

Dino's, a favorite student hangout in the 1970's

Students washing a car


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Hugh R. Van Inwegen became the first OCCC alumnus to serve as a Trustee.
February 8
OCCC Soccer "A" team and "B" team win trophies at the February 18, 1972 indoor soccer tournament.
February 17
Parking becomes a more critical issue after a 500 space lot is absorbed due to the college expansion program.  The OC Legislature approves the purchase of land for a parking lot two miles away even though busing to the college would be required.
April 22
War Protest Day is observed at the college.
OCCC hosts a discussion for women’s issues including education, careers, and politics.  Day care is provided for children under 5.
May 7
Over 200 attend “Friday Night for Peace” at which anti-war Congressman, John G. Dow speaks.
May 13
160 OCCC protesters march for peace.
May 20
OCCC's Black Student Union takes the Collegian mobile van to Newburgh to encourage young children and teens to consider college as an option.

OCCC Soccer Coach Jim Migli receives trophies at the indoor soccer tournament in February 1972

Coach Jim Migli receives trophies for OCCC Soccer teams at the February, 1972 Indoor Soccer Tournament

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President Novak announces there will be a need for a Newburgh facility in the 1980's.
The first recipient of the college's new Malcolm X Scholarship, awarded by the Black Student Union, is named. The scholarship includes tuition, fees, and books.

Photo: Student, faculty, and staff carry books across the Alumni Green from the Sarah Wells Building to the newly built Learning Resource Center in 1974

Students, faculty, and staff carry books across the Alumni Green from the Sarah Wells Building to the newly built Learning Resource Center in 1974

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September 4
The college starts the fall semester one week earlier than usual to complete the semester by December 21.

Photo: Students play tug-of-war

Fun and Games

Photo: President Novak speaks at 1975 Commencement

President Novak addresses 1975 graduates

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Dr. Robert T. Novak, OCCC President, speaks at Commencement
The College celebrates its 25th Anniversary
New Curriculum offerings: physical and occupational therapy
The first student trustee, Mike Goodell, took a seat on the Board.
September 21
Five new buildings are dedicated: Bio-Tech, Phys Ed, Library, Commons, and heating plant.
OCCC hosts a "Salute to Women," which includes a debate on the Equal Rights Amendment and exhibits of women's history.
November 1
Students, dressed as suffragettes, distribute voter information on the Equal Rights Amendment.

Photo: Students taking a break

Students taking a break

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Dental Hygiene opened its first public clinic.
May 29
U.S. Diplomat and former NYS Governor, Averill Harriman, addresses 550 OCCC graduates.
November 1
Sugar, a 10,000 year old mastodon skeleton excavated in Sugar Loaf in 1972 is installed in the new Bio-Tech Building.

Photo: Nursing Student and Dental Hygiene Clinic

OCCC Dental Hygiene student works on a patient in the clinic (left)

SUNY Orange Nursing student (right)

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501 students graduate
May 25
First class of 22 student completes dental hygiene assisting program
July 16
Mrs. Christine Morrison dies at age 97
OCCC adds physical therapy assisting curriculum.
First Orange County Executive, Lou Mills, donates official papers to the College

Photo: 501 Students graduate in 1977

Commencement 1977

OCCC Citadel Newspaper

OCCC's Citadel Newspaper - December 14, 1978

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May 22 OCCC increases tuition by $150 a year.

Photo: President Jimmy Carter

President Jimmy Carter

SONY Walkman

Outside the Goshen Legislative Office, OCCC students protest proposed college layoffs

OCCC students protest outside the Orange County Legislature's office in Goshen

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