Turbulent Sixties

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In 1960 the average family income was $5,600 and the price of a gallon of gas was 31 cents. The sixties were the decade of youth, as approximately 70 million baby boomers became teenagers and young adults and most of these young people wanted change.

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January 14
First-ever tuition increase proposed:  from $200 to $250 a semester for a full-time student.
February 22
The college’s student body has expressed their unwillingness to hold their spring dance at the Elks club because it remains segregated.  The dance itself is to be open to all students, regardless of race.  President Novak said the college favors “a strong policy of total integration”.
March 31
Seven members of the state board of trustees of Florida visit the college to study its Nursing Program.  The 8 year old program, which would later go on to win awards for excellence, is the first 2-year nursing program in the country.
May 25
The college offers its first summer program.

Emily Borenstein made headlines when she went back for her degree in1961 at the same time as her oldest daughter.

Emily Borenstein made headlines when she went back for her degree in 1961 at the same time as her oldest daughter. She graduated from Orange County Community College with an Associate of Applied Science degree in General Studies. Borenstein's poetry has appeared in poetry magazines in this country and abroad.

Borenstein went onto Columbia University when she earned her B.S. degree is in Comparative Literature with a minor in Psychology. Her graduate degrees are in English (New York University) and in Clinical Social Work (Columbia University).

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October 7
OCCC accreditation visit by Middle States Association of Colleges and Secondary Schools

Dr. William G. Dwyer, Second President of OCCC, 1960-1965

Dr. William G. Dwyer, Second OCCC President

TV used in OCCC Nursing classes

TV is used in Nursing classes

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November 1
New classroom building named in honor of E. Roland and Averill W. Harriman

John F. Kennedy and wife Jackie

1962 - President John F. Kennedy and wife Jackie

OCCC offers course in Bible Study

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Cigarette machines are removed from and banned after the Surgeon General’s warning is aired.
October 1
President Dwyer resigns to become President of another college.
December 4
After students complain of being ticketed, 68 new parking spaces are proposed.

OCCC Student painting a picture in 1966

Art class is held outside - May 4, 1966

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March 1
The OCCC College Association establishes a scholarship in memory of original trustee Charles C. Chappell.
March 4
The Warwick Advertiser publishes “A Salute to OCCC” in its editorial page, calling it “a truly great institution in our midst.”
October 29
The college’s association makes plans to buy land for a 60-space parking lot.
November 16
The college makes plans to expand its new Women’s Program of Study, which includes classes in clothing, jewelry making and silversmithing.  The program is called “trail-blazing.”  
December 1
Enrollment at evening-extension clasees reaches new peak of 2,559.

The College advertises its Women's Program

The College advertises its Women's Program

Samuel Cuddeback, Board of Trustees Chairman

Headlines from 1968

Headlines from the 1960's

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September 8
The college enrolls 1,031 new students, a new high.
October 12
Students reactivate a chapter of the NAACP to “attack local barriers to integration.”  Twenty four students join immediately.
October 31
The college proposes an off-campus extension branch at Port Jervis

The Collegian, a 36 foot, 12 1/1 ton mobile unit containing custome built displays is to be unveiled at the College's Open House on October 14, 1968

The Collegian, a campus on wheels.

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February 22
Evening courses are offered in Newburgh, sponsored by OCCC but held at Mount St. Mary's College
February 28
College enrollment reaches a record 3000 students
The college begins an anti-drug education campaign called "Operation Concern".
April 2
One hundred students protest, demanding a greater voice in policy-making. Students object to the removal of cigarette machines, among other things.
April 10
Four hundred students and teachers gather to mourn the death of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.
Nine college courses are offered at Port Jervis high school, all taught by prominent Port Jervis citizens.
Talks begin for a dormitory project at OCCC.
September 12
OCCC introduces its first distance learning classes: via the mailbox.

1966 Times Herald Record article about OCCC Counseling Center

OCCC Counseling Center director, Dr. Lawrence Keene, explains how counselors try to help students make their own "wise decisions" in this October 1966 article.

Students protest housing study delay

Students protest housing study delay in May of 1968

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