How To Start

Finding the money:

Grant applications develop in many different ways. Often, you will receive an email notification from my office alerting you to a funding opportunity. Or, you may find a funding opportunity from a colleague, seeing a presentation at a conference, or in a professional journal.

If you have an idea for a project you want funded, the grants office can help identify funding sources for your project. If there is not a currently open grant competition, your project will be added to the list of pending projects. When a funding competition opens, you will be notified.

Developing a proposal:

The Director of Grants will work with you to complete all aspects of the grant. There are certain elements, like designing or describing your program that could only be done by you. For those areas, the Director of Grants will provide technical assistance. Many proposal elements such as SUNY Orange history and structure of the organization are on file in the grants office, and are generally appropriate for any proposal. Building a timeline is also an important part of the process.

Internal Review:

Once enough details are clarified, the Director of Grants shares the proposed grant project with the Vice Presidents. Proposals are reviewed to ensure: alignment with strategic plans; adequate facilities exist; and the budget meets approval by the Grant Accountant. Occasionally there are questions posed, but nearly all grant projects are approved.

Electronic input:

Many grants from the federal government and foundations require electronic input. Most systems are user friendly, but the Director of Grants will facilitate electronic submissions. Generally, these need to be accomplished several days before the posted deadline to receive confirmation of submissions, and that the submission is error free.