Grants Office Services

Call or visit the grants office for help:

  • locating funding sources
  • interpreting grant guidelines
  • assembling a grant team when appropriate
  • creating timeline
  • writing portions of the proposal
  • technical support/editing the proposal
  • initiating/finalizing budget with the Business Office
  • reviewing personnel considerations with Human Resources
  • completing required forms
  • getting internal approvals and required signatures – department chairs, academic vice presidents, cabinet, and president
  • facilitating electronic grant filing

If you find a grant opportunity, please check in with the grants office before you put pen to paper. We’ll review the project together, to ensure your efforts are not in vain. Some questions we will consider are:

  • Is the college is truly eligible to apply?
  • Is your project clearly aligned with the stated funder’s goals?
  • Will the proposed program compliment the strategic direction of your department and the college?
  • Is the funding available sufficient to accomplish the project successfully?
  • Does the program require the college to commit funds as well?

(In-kind match requests are common, and generally easy to accommodate.)