Where we are:

  • President’s Climate Commitment - Summer 2007
  • Strategic Plan 2009-2014 – December 2008
  • Sustainability Master Plan – Latest Draft – November 2009
  • AASHE Membership and Sustainability Tracking, Assessment & Rating System (STARS) – January 2010
  • Approval of standing Sustainability Committee – January 2010
  • Completion of SUNY Orange Greenhouse Gas Report – Spring 2010

Where we started:

The creation of an ad-hoc Sustainability Committee in the Fall of 2007 met with an enthusiastic response from the college community. The original committee charge was revised in the Fall of 2008 as follows:

  1. Assist in the drafting of a 3-5 year strategic green plan, which will outline goals and objectives, with associated timelines, for the college to follow in becoming a more sustainable institution.
  2. Draft a job description proposal for a director or other appropriate position to oversee the College’s sustainability efforts, and to provide assistance and advisement to area coordinators in their formulation and implementation of sustainability initiatives until such time as that position is approved and in place.
  3. Promote sustainability at the college through various means, such as the scheduling of events, posting of relevant information, etc.
  4. Involve students and the community at large in the College’s sustainability efforts in appropriate ways.

From the first meeting, the ad-hoc sustainability committee sought to undertake measures which could be easily and quickly enacted in the College's movement toward building a "greener" campus. The committee also discovered many sustainable practices were well underway. Some progress highlights:

  • Recycling receptacles for glass and plastic containers have been placed in all major buildings, with plans to expand recycling efforts to include more locations and other types of materials.
  • The temperature setting of campus boilers is lowered during winter vacation to conserve energy and reduce emissions.
  • Electronic waste collected by the college is recycled appropriately through an outside vendor.

  • An agreement has been established with the SUNY Orange cafeteria that coffee would be sold at a discount to customers who brought their own beverage container.
  • SUNY Orange joined the National Wildlife Federation's Campus Ecology Program.
  • Preliminary discussions on how to best infuse sustainability topics into the college's curricula were started.
  • Sustainabilty was adopted as the theme for the 2008-2009 Global Initiative.
  • Planning for on-campus events for Earth Day/Week was initiated.
  • The possibility of having the energy purchased by the college come from more renewable sources is being investigated.