Economics 201-Macro-Economics

Topics include the central problems of every economic system, individual and family income, business organization and income, fiscal and monetary policy, the national income measurement, the banking system, the business cycle, international economics, and the economic role of government. 3 credits. Fulfills category A.

Economics 202-Micro-Economics

Topics include alternative economic systems, wages, interest rent and profits in our society, economic theory of business costs and revenues, determination of price by the forces of supply and demand, the psychological factors in economic behavior, ethics as related to our economic system and the nature of competition in contemporary American business. 3 credits. Fulfills category A.

Economics 203-Economic Development

Economic development is concerned with the efficient allocation of science resources in relationship to sustained economic growth over time with emphasis on such underdeveloped regions of the world as Africa, Asia, and Latin America. The economic, political, historical, cultural, and geographical factors which have contributed to economic underdevelopment will be analyzed, and these mechanisms, necessary to bring about improvement for the impoverished populations of these regions will be stressed. 3 credits. Fulfills category A.