SUNY Orange's Global Initiative

Fall 2016-Spring 1017: ISLANDS

What is Global Initiative?

SUNY Orange's Global Initiative is a college-wide interdisciplinary focus on a topic of global importance. Global Initiative seeks to expand students' horizons, bring academic departments together in collaboration and infuse a global perspective on its curriculum.

Global Initiative enables us to bring in speakers and events that call attention to important and often overlooked regions and issues in our world, and to help college members and area residents develop a more truly global awareness.

-Professor Michael Strmiska, professor of World History and current Coordinator of the Global Initiative.

We are hoping we can create something meaningful here at SUNY Orange. Global Initiative is a project that is collaborative. It is educational and it is intended to be inspirational, too.

- Professor Paul Basinski, Chair of Global Studies Department and past Coordinator of Global Initiative.

As an anthropologist, I believe that the Global Initiative is one of the most exciting educational events to be held at the College in the last several years. In our increasingly diverse and complex society, it is vital to a liberal arts education to become knowledgeable about worldwide, national and regional trends and developments which affect all of our lives.

- Professor Barry Kass, faculty member.


While the Global Initiative is rooted in the College’s International Studies Program, the project involves students, faculty, staff, and community members in a year-long focus including discussions, lectures, workshops and other special events.

Global Initiative 2007 - 2008: Latin America

Global Initiative 2009: Sustaining the Earth

Global Initiative 2010 - 2011: Asia

Global Initiative 2012: Global Health

Global Initiative 2013 - 2014: Africa

Global Initiative 2015: Water