College Costs at SUNY Orange

Direct Costs— Payable to the College: 

College Fees
Tuition 2,200.00 2,200.00 4,400.00
Health Insurance 9.00 9.00 18.00
Technology Fee 150.00 150.00 300.00
Student Activity Fee , Cultural Affair Fee, Academic Support Fee & Parking 142.00 142.00 284.00
Books and Supplies (estimated) 750.00 750.00 1,500.00
Total $3,251.00 $3,251.00


Estimated Annual Living Costs for Full-time Student: 

Living Expenses
Student Living With Parent
All Other In-State Students
Out-Of-State Students
Direct Student Costs (above) $ 6,502.00 $ 6,502.00 $ 10,902.00
Room and Board 3,000.00 6,000.00 6,000.00
Transportation 1,350.00 1,350.00 1,350.00
Personal 1,766.00 2,466.00 2,466.00
Total $12,618.00 $ 16,318.00 $ 20,718.00


  • Tuition is based on the cost for the 2013-2014 school year.
  • All Direct Cost figures above are subject to possible change.
  • Double tuition is charged to out-of-state students and international students.
  • The above Estimated Costs are used by Orange College Community College to determine the need for financial aid. 
  • “All Other In-State Students” refers to dependent students living away from home and/or independent students living on their own.
  • If an independent student is living with a non-parent family member or parent who is supplying room and board, or a public entity the student’s Financial Aid budget will be adjusted accordingly.
  • Students who have costs for child care should submit proof of those additional expenses.

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