The following is a list of procedures for obtaining keys, telephone repairs and requests, maintenance requests and a link to the college stock room catalog.

Key Requests:

To obtain keys you must complete a Maintenance Key Request Form (PDF)*. When you have completed the form, have your Department Head sign the form and forward to Michael Worden. One key request form for each individual. After the request is reviewed and approved, the key is made. Security will contact you and let you know it is ready for pickup in the Security Offices in Middletown or Newburgh, depending on the location.

*If you need a more accessible version of the key request form, please contact Brenda Walsh at 845-341-4908.

Maintenance Orders:

There is specific web page accessed through MySUNYOrange for submitting maintenance orders. You can find a link to this web page on MySUNYOrange, located on the Employee page (tab) in the Service Requests portlet, or use this link: Maintenance Orders.

Phone Requests/Repairs:

For repairs to telephone service on the Middletown campus, please contact Brenda Walsh (4908) or Ilene Hauburger (4600). If you are requesting new service or program changes please do an e-mail or memo addressed to Mike Worden/Director of Facilities/Administrative Services. This is for centrex lines only, NOT VOIP (new phone system). If you are located in the Kaplan Building or have the new VOIP system, please call the Help Desk at extension 4749.

Insurance Certificates:

If you require an insurance certificate for an off campus event please contact Brenda Walsh at extension 4908 for assistance.

Copy Requests:

The copy center requires that you give them 5 business days to complete your requests. During peak times, beginning of semesters, exam periods, you must allow more time. When your order is completed you will be notified and your order can be picked up at the Middletown copy center. There are two copy form requests, one for Middletown campus and one for Newburgh campus. To print a request form for the copy center, you should click on the desired form, MIDDLETOWN COPY CENTER REQUEST, NEWBURGH COPY CENTER REQUEST and print. You should then fill out the request form as desired. The form along with your work should be sent to the copy center via interoffice mail or hand delivered.


We require at least one to two weeks notice before sending out a large mailing. This is to ensure we have the proper postage in the mail machine. Also, at times departments have large packets or boxes of envelopes. Please help Vicki by contacting her so she can have the proper equipment to pick up the mailings.

Stock Room Supplies' Catalog:

You can download and print the College Stock Room Supplies' catalog from the link below. If you are on the Middletown Campus send your requests to Don Decker or Mark Sheldon. If you are on the Newburgh Campus send your requests to Bill Hauburger. Any questions you can contact Don Decker at extension 4605.

View the latest version of the Middletown Stock Room Supplies Catalog (PDF 8/20/2018)

View the latest version of the Newburgh Stock Room Supplies Catalog (PDF 4/19/2018)