Joining Encore

Encore is open to prospective members, 55 and older for an annual dues of $45. Membership is limited to 400. There is a yearly membership fee. Current members must renew their memberships each year. Prospective members may apply year round and will be placed on a waiting list if no space is currently available. To be considered for membership,

  1. Obtain a membership application form. Call our Encore office (341-4896) and leave your name and current mailing address.
  2. Wait for the membership application which will be sent through the mail.
  3. Complete and return the application to the address on the form.
  4. Wait for official notification of the status of your application. NOTE: If the current membership cap has been met, you will be placed on a waiting list.
  5. NOTE: Each year current members may re-register before new members . But the deadline for that re-registration is the date of the annual Members' Meeting in June. After that date, membership is open to all applicants on a first come-first served basis UNTIL our 400 membership cap is reached.