Our Instructors

Encore is proud of its volunteer faculty who bring commitment, passion and knowledge to each course offering. These instructors come from our membership, the SUNY Orange faculty--including SUNY Orange president Bill Richards---and community experts. For example, during the upcoming school year, Encore welcomes Micahel Bertolin and his Prelude to the New American Wing, Metropoloitan Museum, NYC. Orange County Sheriff, Carl Dubois joins us for "Law Enforcement in Orange County"; Alan lewis offers " tree & Shrub Selection For The Home Garden." Linda and Edward Dubin teach "The Flight of the Vin Fiz", and the connection of Middletown, NY to the history of aviation.

New and veteran faculty continually propose new courses; their ideas come from members' suggestions and their own special interests. Many, but not all of our veteran faculty, are included below.

Photo: Dr. William RichardsPhoto: Anne Foland with quiltingPhoto: Marty SchwartzPhoto: Rosemarie WerkmanAlan Lewis

Pictured above: Dr. Richards, Ann Foland, Marty Schwartz, Rosemarie Werkman, Alan Lewis

Encore's recent instructors have included SUNY Orange president, Bill Richards, Professor Emeriti Chris Godwin and Peggy Abt, renowned historian Richard Hull. Like all of our volunteer faculty, they infused our classrooms with discussion, questioning and insights.

Photo: David DworkinPhoto: Richard HeppnerPhoto: Dr. HullPhoto: Stephanie Hulbert

Special guest speakers also add their expertise to Encore's learning environment. Above from left, David Dworkin led us in "Conductorcize"; Richard Heppner explained why 1969 was "The Last Good Year"; Beth Quinn, area professional writer, told us why she's "Re-inventing Myself As Granny"; Dr. Dick Hull taught us about Orange County's pre-Henry Hudson history; Stephanie Hulbert explained "Long Term Health Care."