About Encore

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  • celebrates its second decade of service to our senior learners.
  • is modeled after Elderhostel and similar senior learning programs across the country. It was originally proposed by Gertrude Mokotoff, Professor Emeritus, SUNY Orange, who is also president of the Steering Committee.
  • is sponsored by SUNY Orange/Orange County Community College. The college allows the use of its classrooms and instructional spaces after all college academic needs have been met. SUNY Orange's president and many of its faculty teach in Encore.
  • creates new and exciting courses, special events and travel-learn opportunities from surveys of its members, the ideas suggested by members and potential instructors, and the Encore Steering Committee.
  • has a yearly membership cap and waiting list. Class size is also determined by the available facilities, course content (lecture/hands-on, etc.) and effective learning strategy requirements.
  • sponsors college-related projects like scholarships and special donations. This year's project is related to the college's "Going Green" initiative.
  • covers its other expenses through annual membership dues, members fees for additional courses beyond those included in membership, and fees for the various travel-learn opportunities.

Encore logo: circle and torch of learning