Jointly Registered Teacher Education Program (JRTEP)

About the Program

Program Description

This is a jointly registered liberal arts/teacher education program between SUNY Orange and SUNY New Paltz approved by the New York State Education Department. Students who plan to transfer to SUNY New Paltz, obtain a NYS Teaching Certificate, and teach
in public school up to 12th grade will benefit from this program. Students who plan to attend a SUNY college other than New Paltz, may enroll in JRTEP. However, check with the transfer school to determine which credits will transfer. When entering the J.R.T.E.P. here, students are simultaneously accepted to New Paltz. When all requirements at Orange are successfully met, and all application procedures for New Paltz are completed, SUNY Orange students may transfer to SUNY New Paltz with full junior standing.

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The JRTEP curriculum provides academic preparation and life-enriching experiences for students who plan to:

  • teach at the Birth through Grade 12 level
  • become certified to teach in New York State
  • transfer to SUNY New Paltz (may transfer to other SUNY schools; check with transfer school).

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  • To provide a foundation of essential knowledge about the cultural, social, and natural worlds, and individual well-being
  • To encourage students to think critically, apply reasoning, information management, and quantitative skills
  • To supply educational opportunities for students to think creatively, apply theory and concept using practical and artistic expression, and communicate effectively both written and verbally.
  • To prepare students as successful Junior transfers to New Paltz in Early Childhood, Elementary, and Adolescent Education programs.

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Student Learning Outcomes for the Jointly Registered Teacher Education Program

The successful graduate of this program will be able to:

  • acquire a broad base of knowledge in their academic area of concentration
  • demonstrate developmentally appropriate practices in teaching methodology
  • understand, welcome, and integrate an unbiased appreciation of a classroom population that is diverse in appearance, performance, ability, and culture
  • plan effective, relevant, innovative lesson plans adhering to NYS Learning Standards and/or NAEYC Standards
  • grow in professional and ethical standards, collaborative teamwork, self-confidence, confidentiality, and personal achievement.
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