Early Childhood Development and Care Certificate

About the Program

Program Description

This program helps develop professional career skills preparing students for entry level positions in early education settings. Why begin your early childhood educator's career at SUNY Orange?

  • Relevant course work - 75% of the courses in the Certificate directly apply to Early Childhood Development and Care.
  • Hands - on field work - You will gain over 60 hours experience in early childhood environments by graduation.
  • Experienced faculty - Your instructors have much knowledge, expertise, and interest in early education.
  • Small class size - Individuals count! You are given careful, personal advising and attention.

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Student Learning Outcomes of the Early Childhood Development and Care Program

The successful graduate of this program will be able to:

  1. Demonstrate knowledge of physical, intellectual, language, creative, social, and emotional domains by incorporating developmentally appropriate practices in an early childhood environment.
  2. Apply theoretical and conceptual knowledge by effectively planning relevant stage and age level learning activities using varied curricula and lesson plan formats.
  3. Provide evidence of an appropriate early learning environment through a detailed floor plan, budget, advertising, personnel and parent documents.
  4. Understand, welcome, and include an unbiased appreciation for those diverse in the appearance, ability, and culture by providing equitable opportunities in the classroom structure and planning.
  5. Demonstrate effective communication skills through written and oral methods to colleagues and children.
  6. Develop and exhibit professional and ethical standards of integrity, confidentiality, personal growth, and teamwork with classmates and at field sites.

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