Mission & Values


We are a community of learners dedicated to reaching out to all citizens of Orange County to enrich their lives through the highest-quality education possible. Intellectual rigor, personal commitment and enhanced citizenship distinguish a SUNY Orange education which will enhance students' economic opportunities, deepen their appreciation of culture and of their place in history while broadening their sense of responsibility in a democratic society.


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As community college educators our professional lives are informed by shared values of mutual respect, integrity in the rigorous and honest pursuit of academic inquiry, and a commitment to the highest standards of excellence in all we do. We further value a spirited dedication to service, a celebration of culturally rich campus environs, and the gathering to our community of the most varied mixture of maturity, ethnicity, patterns of thought, language and spirituality. Our sense of ethical and democratic responsibility bonds us to one another. All those who come here will experience at SUNY Orange a sense of belonging to a special community of learners and will speak with pride of our openness and inspiration in the creation of the strongest sense of local and global community.

Given our statement of values and missions as a community college, we will strive to enhance the diversity of faculty and staff, not simply to match the faces of our student body and those in the communities we serve, but that we expand our local horizons in which we live. The empirical study, "The Compelling Need for Diversity in Higher Education," conducted by the University of Michigan concluded the following:

  • For Students: diversity increases retention, job prospects, racial understanding, and satisfaction with college, openness to differences, and critical thinking
  • For faculty: diversity enriches teaching, service and research
  • For institutions: diversity improves the curricula, campus social interactions, and race relations

Due to these reasons we have put together the following statistics and plan for increasing our diversity over the next five years, 2005 -2010