Admission to the program requires successful completion of Regents Biology, Regents English, and two years of Regents mathematics, all with a minimum grade of 75% or better. Chemistry is recommended. Students who do not meet these requirements are advised to talk to the department chairman to discuss alternate means of entry into the program. All developmental courses into which students have been placed must be completed before being admitted to this program.

(Note: AAS degree are primarily intended to prepare students for immediate employment; however, transfer opportunities exist in some areas. If you plan to pursue a four-year degree program, see department chair or advisor as soon as possible.)

After completing the program, and before it is time to apply for your ARRT and New York State License from the Department of Health, you must make a statement about your conviction record, if any. If you would have to answer "yes" to a question about a felony conviction, it would be prudent to contact the NYS Department of Health (518) 458-6476 AND The American Registry of Radiologic Technologist (612) 687-0048. Both of these MUST be contacted to determine if you are eligible for certification.