Program Expenses

Note: These program expenses are in addition to the normal tuition and fees charged by the College.

Uniforms - Radiologic Technology student uniform must be worn whenever class meets off campus at hospital clinical sites. The cost of uniforms are approximately $300 and is the students responsibility.

Books/other expenses - Medical books are very expensive. Faculty is constantly looking for the best books that will fulfill the course requirements at the lowest price. The cost of the books used in the program is approximately $800 (The greater amount will be spent in the first semester). In addition to tuition, books, transportation costs, and uniforms there is a fee for radiation monitoring of approximately $12.00 each semester. There are some miscellaneous costs of approximately $30.00 for name pin, radiographic markers, patches, etc.

In addition the following are approximates:

  1. Application for Radiologic Technologist Licensure $120.00
  2. Graduation fee (required whether one attends commencement) $55.00