Rooms and Resources

Central scheduling makes all attempts to equitably coordinate college facilities to order accommodate for effective teaching and learning as well as service to our community. Many of our classrooms already have equipment like TV's, VCR's, and DVD players. If you are using a room that does not have a TV, VCR, or DVD player; central scheduling may be able to coordinate the delivery of those items to your classroom with ample notice.

For Middletown or Newburgh room specific resource information please contact
Kim Markle at (845) 341-4720.

Technology Enhanced Rooms

Smart rooms

Our smart rooms allow our instructors and guests to teach using a wide variety of media.  These include DVD, PowerPoint presentations, and more all displayed through a data projector usually mounted from the ceiling.  All of the computers include internet browsing capability, MS Office 2003 Suite, USB connection, and are outfitted with virus security protection.

Smart Classroom
A smart classroom is a classroom that that has one instructor station equipped with computer, internet capability, ceiling mounted projector, and screen.
Smart Cart
Some of our smart rooms have a semi-permanent unit in the room called a Smart Cart. These secured Smart Carts have similar equipment housed inside them as the smart classrooms. These rooms also feature a data projector and screen. For security reasons these carts are locked and require specific keys. Department secretaries on each floor can assist you with access. At our Newburg Extension Center, smart carts can be requested into your classroom through our Newburgh Campus central scheduling contact, Carol Classey at (845) 341-4537.
Smart Lab
A smart lab is a multi-station computer lab with internet capability, an instructor’s computer station, ceiling mounted data projector and screen.
Smart Hall
Our smart halls are large capacity lecture halls equipped with one computer station with internet capability, high definition data projector, and large automatic screen, complete with sound.  These rooms are ready to accommodate your own laptop.
The SMART Board is an interactive, electronic whiteboard that turns your computer and data projector into a powerful tool for teaching and presenting. Use your finger on the large touch sensitive screen to allow presentations from the front of the room. Use the pens from the SMART Pen Tray to write on the board and your notes are projected onto the screen in the correct color. You can save these notes on the computer or send them to your printer to be given out as a study aid.