SUNY Orange Commencement


SUNY Orange will honor our graduates and candidates for graduation for the 2018-19 academic year during 69th Commencement Ceremony scheduled for Thursday, May 23, 2019 at 5 p.m. The ceremony will be held on the Alumni Green at the College's Middletown campus. This is the day for you to celebrate, along with family and friends, the culmination of all your hard work.

Message from the President


You are about to complete your degree requirements here at SUNY Orange, meaning you are ready to apply for graduation and register to participate in Commencement. I congratulate you upon reaching this most significant milestone.

I encourage you to take part in Commencement, even if you plan to transfer to a four-year institution to earn a bachelor s degree ... or more. Some people may try to convince you to skip Commencement for various reasons, but I would argue that you should participate for two reasons: you ve earned the right to be recognized for your achievement, and your attendance allows US to celebrate YOU.

Each year, I am truly moved as I watch our newly minted graduates circle the Alumni Green through a cordon of robustly clapping College faculty members and administrators. I know we all truly enjoy that very special moment and the chance to pay tribute to your accomplishments.

As you depart SUNY Orange for the next phase of your academic career, or as you embark upon a new or revamped professional path, I am confident the College has prepared you to tackle the challenges that await. The College's reputation as a rigorous academic institution will always accompany you and will serve you well, particularly in difficult economic times.

I wish only the best for your future. Enjoy Commencement and savor your successes, but most importantly, be proud of your accomplishments. You've worked hard to get here.

Best of luck from all of us at SUNY Orange.

Dr. Kristine Young