Colt Rock Radio Logo Fall 2013


Jay Rocket photo His name is G-Way. As a lover and creator of sound, he has been putting melodies where they don't belong since '94. When he's not caught up in the music world, he is either in class or hanging out with friends.


Mad Matt Mannion Photo I was always into radio when I was younger, listening to funny stories of their lives and playing music. I'm looking to eventually major in film but am looking through other artistic outlets along the way. I'll be playing mostly rock, have fun listening.


Jay Tee Photo Hey, my name is Ca'lea but you could call me Kay. I am a 20 year old Bronxite that migrated to the Hudson Valley. I'm currently studying communications and I hope to get in the field of Marketing, Public Relations, Advertising, or Journalism.

DJ Ms. Fierce

DJ Emmie Photo I was born in Bronx, New York, but was mainly raised in Middletown, NY. I've been involved in the entertainment business since I was an infant. But the place that gave me influence to go into the entertainment business was the Apollo Theatre. I've met a few entertainers like Bill Cosby, Chris Brown, Ne-Yo, Zac Levi, Kelsey Grammar, and many others. I've always wanted to work and promote for the big entertainers. But my Dad always said “you can't always jump to the top sometimes you must climb there.”


Curly Dee Photo Best Quality: kind
Favorite season: summer
My favorite hobby: being active
Favorite place to relax: my couch
Favorite food: steak
Favorite dessert: ice cream
What I enjoy the most: hanging with friends, watching football and WWE
Favorite colors: blue/black
Favorite television show: Breaking Bad
I'm most comfortable: talking about football
Favorite music artists: Rap, some pop and rock artists, Machine Gun Kelly, Ace Hood.

DJ E.T. Sawyes

The Beez Photo I like all kinds of music like Jazz, Opera, R&B, Urban, Reggae, Rock, classical, Country, and Oldies. I am a Human Behavior major. On a journey of finding and living a life of purpose, that will activate a latent human potential to lead the way into the future and leave a profound legacy and having a permanent sense of connectedness with all that is. A journey to activate a higher human potential that will make a powerful impact into the world as a whole.

DJ Kingjoy

Mongo Photo

DJ Kingjoy, an up and comer from Monroe, New York got his start in cinema but now is trying his hand at radio. He's going to play at least one Kenny Loggins song so be ready for that. He enjoys all genres except country so you're gonna have to listen in to see what he plays.

DJ Matty Boi

DJ Ceaes Ortiz Photo A long time ago DJ Matty Boi was born in Manhattan, but lived in one of New York's northmost burroughs, the Bronx. While raised in this very diverse county, Matt was exposed to a diverse set of music that expanded from decades ago. This music ranged from the origins of hip hop with Grandmaster Flash to what that genre later evolved with Biggie Smalls and NWA. During this time Matt also discovered house music, and even progressive rock artists like Pink Floyd. Soon after that Matt moved to the cold, but beautiful lands of Westchester. During this time Matt discovered video games, but more so the awesome soundtracks programmed into these games. This is where he found industrial and nu metal. After this Matt moved one last time to Orange County, but before leaving Westchester a mysterious man gave DJ Matt a demo compact disc with mysterious red lettering etched onto that disc case. The red letting shimmered as Matt out loud himself, “Daft Punk”. This reunited him with the house music of yesteryear as he moved. Ever since then with the evolution of technology DJ Matty Boi has been collecting music that moves the soul or hits the heart strings.

DJ Jeff

DJ Leene Photo

I've developed an addiction to all things political, musical, and pop culture. I talk too much for my own good so communications and broadcasting is where I feel most at home. I also wear glasses too big for my head most of the time.

DJ Yung Meg

DJ Jerri Photo Most annoying habit: when people chew with their mouth opened.
Best Quality: Outgoing
Most proud of: my caring for others
Favorite season: spring
Favorite hobby: softball
Favorite place to relax: The beach
Favorite food: sushi
One thing I would change about humanity: judgmental people.
My enjoyment: family friends, softball.
I'm most comfortable: on the diamond playing softball.
One celeb I would stalk: Beyonce
The things I'm most grateful for: my health, my family/friends, my talent, my life.
The things I admire in a person: outgoing, hardworking, accepting my fear of failure.