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N7963 - ESL Level 2 Grammar Module 2

This Level 2 class is the first of four levels, which when taken sequentially, will build on the skills needed to study on the college-level or attain proficiency in English. Level 2 is a high beginner level which concentrates on verbs in present, present progressive, past and future tense, as well as other points of grammar. 28 sessions/24 summer

Section OB

Start Date End Date Days Start Time - End Time Sessions Total Hours Semester
Wed, Jan 17, 2018 Wed, May 2 Mon Wed 6:00 PM - 9:00 PM 28 84 Spring
Location Building Room Instructor(s)
Middletown Library 221 Powell, N.
To find out more, please call Or email
(845) 341-9593

No Class: 3/19, 3/21

Price: $10.00

This section has been closed

- This course section does not require any books.


No Class: 3/19, 3/21