Employer Services - How Can We Help You?

The Office of Career and Internship Services offers several services to our community employers:

We welcome local and regional employers, including:

  • Third-party Recruiters: these include search firms and employment agencies
  • Commission-only Employers: these include organizations that do not pay a base salary to their employees

We no not permit:

  • Multi-level Employers (also known as Pyramid Employers): these include organizations that depend on employees recruiting others to sell products and services
  • Upfront Product Purchase Employers: these include organizations that require employees to invest their own resources - the purchase of supplies, products or services to carry out their business
  • Fee For Training Employers: these include organizations that require employees to pay a fee for training or placement

Orange County Community College Notice Of Non-Discrimination Policy:

Orange County Community College hereby advises students, parents, employees and the public that it offers employment and educational opportunities, including career and technical opportunities.

Orange County Community College does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, religion, creed, age, disability, sex, gender identification, sexual orientation, familial status, pregnancy, predisposing genetic characteristics, military status, veteran status, domestic violence victim status, criminal conviction or any other category protected by law. The College adheres to all federal and state civil rights laws prohibiting discrimination in public institutions of higher education.

Grievance procedures are available or questions on the non-discrimination policy can be directed to: Wendy Holmes, Civil Rights Compliance Officer, 115 South Street, Middletown, NY 10940; 845-341-4662; wendy.holmes@sunyorange.edu.


If you have a position within your organization that you would like to fill, the Office of Career & Internship Services can help you find qualified candidates. Just enter our Career Portal* and register your company with our office. Once you have been approved to use the online job bank you can post jobs online and search our database for qualified job applicants.

We share the job vacancy postings with the respective departments on campus, and they, in turn, announce the job opportunities to their students. Alumni and community members also have access to our job bank.


What is an internship?

Internships are typically one-time educational work experiences of fixed duration related to a student's major, or career goal. Internships provide students the opportunity to build upon, apply, and assess the concepts that are developed through the school's curriculum and to further their professional growth through meaningful "real-world" work experiences.

Colleges partner with the business community to offer students the opportunity to "try out" their major in the workplace. A meaningful internship is one that provides the students with the practical application of their college studies.

What are the benefits for offering internships?

  • Create a candidate pool for permanent employees
  • Students provide new ideas and new viewpoints
  • Prepare and train the region's workforce
  • Help employers meet the cyclical, project, or short-term needs without long term commitment
  • Highly motivated employees who can put educational knowledge to work
  • Assist the college in strengthening and enhancing departmental curricula in order to produce qualified workers in the future


Students, as well as the organization, benefit most from a well-planned internship; one that offers the student the opportunity to perform meaningful work, while providing them with a learning experience. A work assignment that allows the student to complete a special project can be of great value to the organization and provides the student with information to include in their professional portfolio. Students benefit from being assigned to a field supervisor who is able to guide and mentor them, who can oversee their work assignment, and agrees to complete student progress reports. The student will also participate in a weekly seminar, or individual meeting with their internship advisor, where they have the opportunity to discuss relevant work issues.


Accounting Procedures Business Management Human Services
CIS - Networking Early Childhood Education Electrical Engineering
Telecommunications Medical Office Assistant Office Assistant
Graphic Arts & Printing Criminal Justice Police Science
Arts & Communications Marketing  



Students on our campus are always looking for jobs, both part-time and full-time work while they attend school, and professional positions once they graduate. That is why we would like to give you the opportunity to schedule an appointment with us to come to our campus and set up a table to recruit students. On-campus recruitments begin in September and run through December 1. Spring Semester recruiting dates begin in January and run through May. Recruiting is available at the Middletown campus and at the Newburgh campus. Recruitments are scheduled 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. We provide you with a 6 foot uncovered table and two chairs. Please bring company information, applications, and vacancy descriptions with you. It is helpful if you bring a tabletop display as it draws the students' attention.

We suggest you schedule your visit at least two weeks in advance. If you let us know what majors you will be recruiting, we will make sure to notify the corresponding departments and their students. To make arrangements for a table, please call our office at (845) 341-4444 or email us at careers@sunyorange.edu.


The Office of Career and Internship Services sponsors a job fair each spring. Our upcoming fair will be held on April 12, 2018, from 1:00 to 5:00pm, Middletown Campus, Physical Education Building. This is a great opportunity for community professionals (with at least 25 employees) to meet with students, alumni, and community members. Each employer has a booth and is encouraged to bring as much information about their organization as possible. For more information on the 2018 Job Fair, please contact The Office of Career and Internship Services at (845)-341-4444 or careers@sunyorange.edu.

There is a fee for participation in the Job Fair.

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